Part 7 in our NFC West Love/Hate player series.

Congratulations, Larry Fitzgerald! We have an unanimous decision, we all love you. After that, our tastes diverge, as usual.


Arizona Cardinals

Stuart @StuTheUKBronoco — Patrick Peterson – LOVE
An amazing corner. Very few QBs throw his way and I think most of them that do regret it when they look back at film the day after. Larry Fitzgerald – LOVE Impossible to hate Larry Fitz. Amazing hands, extremely loyal and puts up good numbers despite poor QB play. Deone Bucannon – LOVE The first real hybrid between safety and linebacker that I took notice of and the guy is a footballing beast. The new breed of linebacker is becoming faster, the tight end position is getting faster and safeties are getting bigger. I think as time evolves more and more Deone Bucannon types will be drafted and will play key roles in defensive development as formations change shape and coordinators look for an extra advantage.

Graham @GrahamTiedtke — Like: Patrick Peterson. Peterson is one of the elite cornerbacks in the league today. On the very first play of Peterson’s preseason career, he intercepted Chargers QB Philip Rivers and returned it for a touchdown. He can also play wide receiver and is effective on special teams, but his main gig is at corner. Love: Larry Fitzgerald. This guy deserves to be on a contender. He has made a lot of plays in his career with pretty poor quarterbacks to throw him the ball. Fitz is definitely one of the most respected guys in the entire NFL. It hurts me to see him in a bad situation in Arizona. Hate: Dan Dierdorf. While I admire his long haul of broadcasting, he was just another annoying commentator.

Jules @ABroncoNole — Dislike Kurt Warner. There’s something about him that rubs me the wrong way. Like: This is cheating because when Pat Tillman played, he did not register more than a, oh, he’s cute, thought. After he joined the military, he became THE best kind of man’s man. How can you not love a football soldier? LOVE: Larry Fitzgerald. Great receiver, tough guy and great human being. One of the best guys on any team. What a shame he’s been wasted in a second tier team. He’d have rings on another franchise.

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18—  Love/Like: Larry Fitzgerald,  he’s one of the best to play the game. Hasn’t had that much help from the QB position, but has still been dominant. Conrad Dobler, a tough as nails lineman from their days in St. Louis, the type of guy you want protecting your quarterback.  Hate/Dislike: Kurt Warner, I find him over-rated, his good is good, but his bad was horrible. If it weren’t for the “bags to riches” story of his career, I don’t see him in Canton. He wouldn’t get my vote, that is for sure.  Dan Dierdorf, I couldn’t standing him broadcasting games, half the time it sounded like he was eating and you could just imagine food stuck to the glass in front of him in the press box.

Los Angeles Rams

Stuart — Aaron Donald – LOVE Easily the best defensive tackle in football. Todd Gurley – LOVE Definitely the running back I would choose to start my new franchise. Absolutely brilliant. Alec Ogletree – LOVE Fantastic player, could get into 31 of 32 teams starting front 7’s in football. He’d be in rotation in Denver.

Graham — Like: Kurt Warner. Warner took 2 teams to the Super Bowl, after spending time in NFL Europe. The combination of him with Torry Holt, Isaac Bruce, and Marshall Faulk, was deadly. However, I don’t consider him a Hall of Famer. He is a Hall of Gooder though. Love: Deacon Jones. The man who invented the term “sack”. Who really knows how many sacks Jones finished his career with? No one does. The reason is simple, though. The term wasn’t even used before Jones made it a stat in his playing days. I loved listening to Jones in interviews. You could tell he was a mean guy on the field and the rules back then were a lot different. Hate: Sam Bradford. Ok, I don’t hate the guy. I hate that he couldn’t stay healthy and live up to his draft position for the Rams: #1 overall in 2010. Now a Viking, Bradford was inconsistent after starting only days after being traded from Philadelphia to Minnesota, due to the injury to Teddy Bridgewater.

Jules This team has a smorgasbord of players from the past, to love. Picking three is tough. I can’t, so I’m just going to toss some names out there. Rosey Grier, Roman Gabriel, Kevin Greene, Eric Dickerson (some of these names I’ve used before), Deacon Jones (who baptised a lot of quarterbacks with fire), Merlin Olsen, Marshall Faulk and Fred Dryer. LOVE THEM ALL. 

Kevin —  Love/Like: Deacon Jones, I never saw him play, but the footage I’ve seen he was phenomenal. Tough, mean and nasty, just what you want out of a defensive lineman.  Kevin Greene, another cut from the same ilk as Jones. just hard nosed linebacker. Hate/Dislike: Troy not so big game Holt, it irks me when gives give themselves nicknames, it’s almost as bad as Tom Brady wearing his logo hat.  Kurt Warner, again, overrated.

San Francisco 49ers

Stuart — Patrick Willis – LOVE Absolutely loved watching him play, as good as any inside linebacker who has played the game. Hit like a mack truck and covered like a safety, an absolute beast. Justin Smith – LOVE Absolutely unblockable on his day. Honoured at both DE and DT and his run of 5 straight pro bowls are impressive, but its his on field nastiness that I loved. Michael Crabtree – HATE 100% ass-clown. I’m looking forward to him meeting the breaker of chains twice this year.

Graham — Like: Jerry Rice. The GOAT. How can anyone not respect Rice because of what he did on the field? He tore teams up. He owns record for the 3 main stats for a wide receiver: catches, touchdowns, and yards. He even finished his career with the most all-purpose yards in NFL history. The only reason he’s not in the “Love” category for me is because when he was a Bronco (2005), he never came to sign autographs. I didn’t know who he was at the time, but looking back, it is disappointing. Love: Joe Montana. Montana played in an era where running the football was more popular than it is today. The NFL is a passing league now, but looking at Montana’s stats, you would think that he played today. He finished with over 40,000 passing yards which is phenomenal. Watching highlights of him is truly a sight to see. Hate: Terrell Owens. Can you see a trend with my “Hates”? Another loudmouth player. He was selfish while in the NFL: demanding the football and crying to his quarterbacks. But, he did have a soft spot…for his teammate….for his quarterback, Tony Romo.

Jules — LOVE; Jerry Rice. When Denver signed him, even though I figured he wouldn’t be great, was still so excited because forever there will be photos of the greatest receiver of all time wearing a Broncos uniform. Don’t @ me, my opinion, the GOAT of GOATS. Plus, he had the stones to go on Dancing With The Stars. A leader no matter what he does. LOVE: Primtime. He was why the niners won the SB, he had one of the best seasons any CB has ever had, still shocking they didn’t open the bank and keep him. Like: Anquan Bolden, that guy has some sweet hands and it doesn’t seem to matter who’s throwing the ball. Too bad he’s not a few years younger, I’d want Denver to sign him. Runner-up Mike lupati. Yes, sending some love to the All-Pro Guard. I have a soft spot for Samoan linemen and he was among the pest to play.

Kevin —  Love/Like: Ronnie Lott, one of the best safeties to play the game. Simply outstanding. Jerry Rice, the best to play the position. His hands and feet were great, but his work ethic and drive are far better.  Hate/Dislike: Deion Sanders, yet another team he gets a mention, I might have missed one or two. One would think if he were so damn great, one of them would have locked him up and not let him go elsewhere.  Joe Montana, yes he has 4 rings, yes he played great in the Super Bowl, but there are plenty of other QBs I’d rather have. Montana, Tom Brady* and Terry Bradshaw have 13 rings* between them, and I’d take Dan Marino (0 rings) before any of them.

Seattle Seahawks

Stuart — Bobby Wagner – LOVE 100% love this guy! My favourite player in today’s NFL and is easily 2nd best inside linebacker in football behind Keuchly. Walter Jones – LOVE Outstanding left tackle. Every team in today’s NFL would love a Walter Jones on their line. Only a hand full of teams can boast such a player. Russell Wilson – LOVE I personally love Russell Wilson. Shorter guy but still gets the job done. 4th round draft pick and already a Superbowl winner (sore subject). Unbelievable performances in the playoffs and seems to be able to pull a win out of thin-air.

Graham — Like: Marshawn Lynch. A tough runner. Gotta admire him fighting for yards, and running away from defenders. Looking at you, 2011 Saints. Beast Mode!!! Love: Russell Wilson. Love his playing style: a quarterback who can run and throw on the run. He transforms his receivers into players you actually hear about more than once a year. Hate: Richard Sherman. I’m glad Sherman is in the NFC West rather than the AFC West. I wouldn’t be able to stand his complaining and yammering.

Jules — This team used to be in the AFCW, so ugh, when looking at players from the past to like and the current ones beat us.  Like: Doug Baldwin because without him torching our defense, we wouldn’t have the No Fly Zone. I also like the guy. Richard Sherman. Weird, I know, but I loved hating him because deep down inside, I loved his intelligent and planned out brassiness. He takes stereotypes and turns them on their head and I appreciate that, plus that dude could play some ball. He and Champ Bailey helped put cornerbacks in the spotlight and that’s a big plus. Of course have to pick hometown boy, Cliff Avril, even though his safety set us up for a rotten game. Someday, I’d like to see both DeMarcus Walker and Cliff in the same NFL game.. and like Walker, I saw him play in high school.

Kevin —  Love/Like: Steve Largent, another great and graceful Wide Receiver who never really played with a great Quarterback. Marshawn Lynch, love his grumpy off the field attitude. Great, powerful back to boot. Hate/Dislike: Peter Carroll, just seems sleazy, like a bad used car salesman just comes off as dirty and fake. Friendly acting, but will cheat you out of your shoes. At least Belichick comes off as a grumpy bastard.  Richard Sherman, loud mouth moron.

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