Von Miller, the Chinese Dragon, drops some knowledge on nicknames, social media and more.


Meet Von Miller, Broncos Defensive Captain. Vonster should be a Captain this year, he’s overdue. Von has showed leadership on and off the field and the team needs it and I have no doubt Von will deliver. Every day they ask a position team to go sign autographs and Von has gone over every day and greeted the fans. “Every year we’ve got the crowd out here and I love interacting with the crowd—getting them to clap and throwing water on them. I should bring a water gun out here so I can spray them. I love interacting with the crowd. They come a long way just to watch us practice for two hours.”

Part of practicing championship habits is the mantra of next man up. Two of our star pass rushers are injured and Von explains it gives other guys an opportunity. Stars are born in moments like these. Have you heard of Tom Brady? “We lost Shaq and Shane, now that gives us a chance to get Dora in there, to get Kasim, to get Ken and all of those young guys in there. Every day they get a little bit better.”

Von’s leadership is apparent and he coaches up the rookies and if he really likes you might get a nickname. “Isaiah McKenzie, that’s my son, ‘little crawfish’— his nickname is ‘little crawfish’. You’ve got the lobster—little crawfish is his nickname He’s going to do a lot of good stuff for us this year so I’m proud of him.”

Sounds like DeMarcus Walker might have a nickname too…”If you’re able to really harness the force young Padawan, and really take advantage of your opportunity that you have, there’s not too many defensive tackles that get to go play outside linebacker and move around.”

*editor note: at Florida State University he was called Mamba Mode, sounds better than Padawan*

Championship habits is the theme that is written all over Dove Valley to inspire the players. Von is leading by example. “Every single day when we get a break, I go work. I’m not going home, going to get lunch or taking a break. I’m getting in the facility all day.  I feel like all of the greats did that. DeMarcus (Ware) did that. He stayed extra and did some ab work. Peyton did that.”

Von loves what he’s seeing on the O-line and especially from Garett Bolles. “Garett is going to be great for us. When he goes out there, he already has that mentality that he wants to work. I see him before the play telling  CJ, I don’t want a chip, I don’t need any help. If you’ve got an offensive lineman like that, he’s trying to win. He’s not out there just trying to not get beat. To have that mentality at a young age is incredible.

Khalil Mack told Peter King from Sports Illustrated that he wants to get 30 sacks this season. Mack’s comment was all the buzz on social media the other day. Von says he could pull it off. “He’s a great player. He was at the Pass Rush Summit and just watching him play, it’s definitely doable. There’s not too many offensive lineman that can block him. You’ve got to get 10 in that first month, which is doable. You get two and a half, two and half the next game, two and a half the next game after that.

Bolles refers to Von as a Chinese Dragon, I think Von is more of a Jedi. “We were talking one time and he asked, what do you think about when you’re rushing. I told him, I just get the Chinese Dragon and I just go. You try to be unpredictable and still have force and movement at the same time.”

Von is very active on social media, specifically Instagram. He wants to provide a window for his fans on what goes on behind the scenes. “I could go to his Instagram page. That’s the type of content I’m putting out. It’s for all of those guys so they can see exactly what I’m doing behind the scenes. It’s kind of like a behind the scenes-behind the scenes thing.”

Von loves to put out content and build his platform. His impressions are very important to him. “It’s not just Instagram, it’s all of social media. [Executive Vice President of Public and Community Relations Patrick Smyth] Pat always says you have a huge platform. You have to take advantage of that.  Social media is where it’s going to come from first, especially for athletes. I just try to take advantage of my platform.”

A recent post from Von Miller’s instagram-one of my faves- was Von posting the opening credits of Game of Thrones. Many Broncos players are big fans of the series. They have a message for the AFC West– Winter is coming…

See the full presser below.


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