Virgil Green, “We want to have tough guys on both sides of the ball.”


Part 1 of dumb questions…The reporters must bored because they keep asking about camp skirmishes as if they’ve never heard of them before,  “It’s a physical sport, things happen. If we didn’t have guys that had their adrenaline running out here every day, then you really don’t trust the guys in the locker room. We want to have tough guys on both sides of the ball.”

Here’s Part 2… Dear, Patrick Smyth, could you ask the “reporters” to stop with all the QB questions? It’s ridiculous, all the players are going to say the same thing until McCoy names one. The poor guys must be sick of it. I am and I care who’s chosen, but good Lord, there’s only so much we can take. What does the press think, someone is going to yes, yes he’s better, or yes, I’m sick of this?  I’m sure the last part of his quote is true, but being asked, I say, no way. “I don’t think it frustrates us at all. Our jobs are tough enough as it is, we can’t be worrying about somebody else’s job because we’re mainly concerned with our jobs and doing what we have to do to be on this team.”

Part 3 of another, really, question: do you like the goal line period? Oh, the part where we get to score as TEs? Gee, no, we don’t want to do that and get our names in lights. “I do like the goal line period. That’s where you score points and defense tries to stop you. It’s good to get down there and get a little physical and get your hands dirty.”

On the off chance you didn’t know, Mike McCoy makes TE’s happy, “Whatever they need us to do. We’re going to call so many different plays, so many different concepts, the role is to do your job. There’s so much asked of us so we have to be ready to do whatever they want us to do.”

In case you think this offense is a pile of garbage, you’re wrong. That was last year, ok. “Day in and day out we’re doing some good things on offense. There’s always room for improvement everywhere at every position. I think with having Mike here and the things he wants to do; I do think we will put up a lot of points this year.”

There are a slew of TEs and in case you were wondering, they’re making plays, big and small, including some TDs. So be happy, Virgil is, “I think we’re really good. We have tough guys all across the board. Young guys that want to compete and want to go out there and not just do well offensively, but on special teams as well.”

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