Vance Joseph gives TC Day 7 update.


A calm and relaxed looking Vance Joseph approached the podium after day 7 of training camp to address the media. I enjoy watching Joesph on the podium because he never dodges questions or acts nervous, he projects confidence and he looks like he enjoys being the head coach.

Joesph quickly addressed the injuries and the state of the roster. When asked if he was happy with the roster Joesph replied, “Yeah, yeah we’re happy. You know it’s still early and we got 90 guys and in camp we’ve had some injuries, but yeah we’re happy, lots of guys are making improvements every day.”

When asked about the injuries to Wolfe and Leary, he quickly stated Leary “should be back tomorrow” and that Wolfe “is fine guys. I mean he was fine 2 days ago, it was more precaution, but he’s having a hell of a camp and he’s engaged everyday and he’s working hard.”

Some good injury news came out after a question by Andrew Mason (@MaseDenver) about Matt Paradis. VJ replied to his question “Matt looked good you know and we’re going to go slow with Matt, but obviously having Matt out there is a huge deal for us. We’re going to work Matt and Jamaal Charles at the same pace, we’re going to work those guys slowly into the team drills and hopefully increase them as the games start.”

Matt Paradis’s center spot is being well looked after while he’s on the mend by second year player Connor Mcgovern. Joesph seems very impressed by the young man. “Connor is doing a great job guys. I mean he’s carried us because Matts been out for the entire spring and some of the training camp, so Connor’s done a great job playing center and now some guard. He’s competing for playing time and i’ve been proud of him.”

As well as the center spot being discussed, the left tackle position that belongs to Garrett Bolles after 1 week of training camp was also in discussion. “We switched (Donald) Stephenson and Ty (Sambrialo) to get Stephenson some left tackle 1st team reps along with Bo, (Garrett Bolles) so that hadn’t been settled ok. Its still those 3 guys battling for the left tackle spot but Stephenson has done some good things in training camp so we gave him a chance to go over to left and jump into that competition to be the left tackle.”

With a lot of the attention going to the offensive line from the media questions to Vance Joesph it seems that the most unsettled area of the field is starting to take some sort of shape and key battles being trimmed to 2 or 3 guys. The left guard position and the abilities of Max Garcia didn’t go unnoticed either. “Left guard left tackle, they’re like corners, their footwork their eye placement some guys just like playing left like Max ( Garcia ) he just likes playing left and so is Allen ( Barbre ) hes a left guard you may say its not important your footwork your eye placement your power hands and feet but it matters to some guys so hes going to stay out left.”

As well as the above questions, as always, Joesph was asked about camp fights and the QB battle. When asked about the 3 little dust-ups  and if he is going to talk to the players  he replied ” Yeah you do guys and you don’t want that because the games not played that way, but i understand that guys are competing and we don’t want cheap shots because this is our team mates, so we need to practise in the right way and competing in the right way are important to me.”

I’ve saved Siemian versus Lynch til last mainly because I think it’s a foregone conclusion who will get the starting job despite Broncos media thinking other wise and I love the brutal honesty shown by Joesph whenever he gets asked about the Quarterbacks.

When asked about the inconsistency shown by both quarterbacks, VJ paused before answering “I think every player is going through that in training camp, obviously the Quarterbacks are the big discussion. Every player, if you grade the film, has had good plays and bad plays but the quarterbacks’ bad plays everyone sees them and that’s an interception – that’s the position, but I’m ok with that because we’re learning, we’re teaching and we’re competing.”

With 9 days before the 1st preseason game, it’s clear there’s a lot of work left to be done with this offensive unit. On the plus side, when they get the better of the defense on any play, Joseph knows how good of a victory that is as his offensive unit is going up against the best defensive unit in the NFL.

See the presser below.


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