Justin Simmons, “There’s always room for improvement. That’s just our mentality each and every day we come out.”


Shout out to Justin Simmons’ dad, Happy Birthday, Victor! Moving on to your son and Willie Parks building up chemistry, “It’s been great. He’s literally like my brother. I come to him about everything both on and off the field, he comes to me with everything. It’s good that I know I can trust in him as far as studying the plays and really relying on him. Especially when we’re out there, it makes our chemistry that much stronger to play off each other and to make sure we’re right there with Stewart and  TJ. That’s the ultimate goal. We’re only one play away from becoming a starter and playing almost every snap. That’s the mentality that we carry into practice, the preseason, the regular season and postseason going forward.”

Not to bring up Seattle, ugh, but the Legion of Boom used to talk about what made them so special was their communication. Peyton Manning mentioned it, as well. The act of not just being able to speak well to one another, but know each other’s movements and thoughts, so they act as one. That’s what Denver’s No FLy Zone and Baby No Fly have, only better, because Simmons and Parks could be starters on any team. It’s scary to think about the perpetual machine Elway is building with the veterans bringing up the next group of starters in a beautiful and deadly defense. That’s a present for all of Broncos Country!

What is scary about BNF is they’re only entering their second season and Simmons has set a bar, “My goals are to continue to contribute both on defense and as special teams at a high level. A bunch of individual goals defensively and with special teams, but mainly to contribute at a high level.” He’s picked off quarterbacks, and blocked a kick. which is now against the rules because of his masterful job, so not sure how much higher he can take it. Wow.

Justin with the understatement of the day, “I feel like we’re doing really well. I feel like we’re competing—getting after the quarterbacks and the receivers a little bit, especially up front as well. There’s always room for improvement. That’s just our mentality each and every day we come out. We fix one thing little by little and gradually get better so by Week 1 against the Chargers we’re ready to go.”

Denver is now up to three fights in practice. Being competitive guys, duking it out to a certain extent is ok, but it disrupts practice and the flow of what they’re trying to do. At this rate, they may need to bring in a penalty box and sit them in time-out before someone gets really hurt. Simmons doesn’t sound thrilled, either, “Obviously we want to keep each other healthy, but when you’re out here competing at a high level, especially what’s being demanded out of us on both sides of competing, it’s going to happen. While we’re in that we just have to remember we’re teammates and keep each other up and healthy because at the end of the day we’re all Broncos. I know in practice it’s ‘O’ versus ‘D’ but at the end of the day we have to keep each other healthy.”

See the quick presser below.



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