Brandon Marshall dropping info on a smug Tom Brady* and who won that battle.


Brandon Marshall dropped some insight all three quarterbacks should listen to when it comes to blitzing. On his interception of Trevor Simian at practice, “It was basically just zone coverage. I saw when the tight end broke out, typically, that’s where the quarterback’s eyes are going it. That’s the blitz side. He wasn’t going to see me coming from the back side. I think quarterbacks are typically taught to throw where the blitz is coming from. I anticipated it, sliced the out-route, and that’s all she wrote.”

If you were wondering if he was happy, “Yes. It’s about time. It took long enough.”

“We’re going to stay aggressive. That’s what linebackers do—all day, every day. At the same time, it’s a passing league, we have to be able to finesse in the aspect of coverage. That’s what we work towards every day. Coverage is great. They’re going to isolate us. We have the ‘No Fly Zone’ in the back. If they go empty or if it’s a pass situation and the quarterback sees Aqib, Roby on the other side, he’s going to look at No. 54 and say, ‘OK, I’m going to try him.’ And it is what it is. I’m okay with that.”

Is it possible to add to the dislike of Brady*? The answer is, yes. Like there is no capacity to love, there is a bottomless pit of FUTB* loathing. “Actually, in the AFC Championship game, we played the Patriots. It was like a second down. Tom Brady broke the huddle, looked at James White and said, ‘You got No. 54. Get open.’ It was before the play even started. He didn’t even read the defense. He just said, ‘You got No. 54. Get open.’ I took it as a challenge. I was offended at first. Then, I covered him, he didn’t catch the ball. That’s what they do. They find their match ups and it is what it is.”

Not much flaps BMarsh, but that did, “I can’t believe he said that. He said, ‘You got Mo. 54. Get open.’ I was like, ‘Damn.’ It’s all good. I’m going to find the play for you, too. He didn’t catch it at all. He said it so loud like he wanted me to hear it. But that was the first, and last time. The first and only that I’ve heard. I’m pretty sure in the huddle they say we’re going to work the linebacker. But Brady said it loud. I looked at Brady and I looked at James White and thought, that’s how you feel? Okay.”

I wish BMarsh had laid some Derek Wolfe, I’m going to eat your children, on him, but he didn’t, “I was tired and then Danny Trevathan came on the next play. I didn’t have a chance to go say something. I’ll never forget that. I’m going to say something to Brady at some point. I’ll never forget that.” I think November 12th should be a good time to remind him. Maybe from behind on a blitz.

Who knows if #FUTB* changed his mind about Brandon Marshall.

“I hope so. You never know though. Out of all of our great corners and safeties, I’m OK with that. I’m not OK with being considered a weak link, but I’m okay with knowing that out of Aqib, Chris Jr., Roby, they’re going to try a linebacker. I’m OK with that.”

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