Todd Davis, “I try and bring them to the ground no matter what it takes.”


Todd Davis is a name you might not have heard much of in the past, but this upcoming season you will get to know the LB. Davis might be unknown for some, but that’s because he was behind future HOF Demarcus Ware, Von Miller and first round pick Shane Ray. As an aside, he wears the green sticker, which indicates he’s who the Defensive Coordinator sends in calls to and then he relays it to the rest of the defense, if needed. He also checks to make sure everyone is lined up where they should be. It’s a big role that he has handled the previous two seasons.

After a not great practice from the offense Sunday, the O came back with some grit and Davis loved it! “I definitely love it. I think that’s something that our offensive line definitely needs. I think that they’re coming out and they’re showing us that they want to fight this year. I’m definitely excited, I love the push back, I love seeing them willing to fight and I’m all good with it.”

Davis is working on his technique and it’s showing up in practice. “I’m just trying to take them to the ground. I’m trying to not let them loose. Whenever I get my hands on them, I try and bring them to the ground no matter what it takes.” PFF shows he didn’t miss a tackle all last season.

One of the reasons the No Fly Zone is successful is the fact they have played together for a few years and know what each other is thinking. This is key to their success. Davis mentioned how he and Brandon Marshall’s’ chemistry is improving and how it will elevate their play during games. “Every year it just elevates. I think we have a really good chemistry and I think every year it gets better. I think now we’re getting to the point where we know what the other one is thinking. We’re able to play off of each other really well and I know it’s going to continue to grow from there.”

Davis loves what Joe Woods has brought to the defense this year after the departure of Wade Phillips. “I think we have a little bit more flavor this year. I think Joe Woods comes in and adds that flavor that we need in the defense—that spark, that intensity and that youth. I think with him (Woods) it’s going to be a great defense. There’s differences and there’s similarities. I can’t give you all of the info but you’ll see come week one.”

The defense has a big chip on their shoulder and with the beefed up D line we will be able to stop the run and attack. This is going to be fun to watch!
“That’s definitely the number one thing. We’re still going to be aggressive and we’re going to come after people.”

Why does the press ask about the QB’s? The players aren’t going to say how they really feel. Sigh. “I think we just play our game. We don’t really change our game depending on the quarterback. They both look good and they both look solid. You can tell that they’ve both worked hard in the offseason getting ready for this moment. I’m excited to see how it all plays out. They both look good so I’m excited.”

Sorry to say, but our tight ends have been joke. The last time they were relevant is when Peyton was here and we had Jacob Tamme and Owen Daniels. Let’s hope what Vance Joseph has had to say comes true, same for Davis. “They’re not only great blocking tight ends but they can run routes really well. I’m excited for the tight end group this year.”


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