Phrase of the Day: Counter Plays

The Phrases of the day are counter plays.

You will see two examples, one that is an inside counter off of a trap action and the other is an outside counter.

In both examples, you see the initial movement out of the RB is to the left, and then he cuts back to take the hand off from the QB.  With the inside version, he moves upfield. With the outside versions he moves more  lateral waiting for his LT/LG who are pulling and cleaning up whatever crosses their face. The right side of the line blocks down in both of these versions and the generally have angles on the players they block. The plays can be flipped to be run to the left hand side of the offense as well. The left guard is the key blocker on the inside counter trap because he’s trap blocking to playside. If the DT was a little bit wider that is who he would be trapping, but in this case it’s easier for the guard to wash him inside since he has the angle on him.

The counter is a misdirection run that works the best after you’ve established a run game, because the initial action looks the same. The LBs first read is the RB, and the misdirection gives the RB the advantage, because the LB usually reacts on that first movement. They have to play it safe to an extent or they take themselves out of the play on their own and the lineman responsible for blocking them heads down field to pick up someone else.


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