Garett Bolles on the run game, “You better back out of our way because we’re coming.”


Garett Bolles is an intense young man who talks fast, talks a lot and drops tons of info. I suggest you watch his video below to get everything he says. One thing is for certain, he is taking to the Broncos like bacon to a cheeseburger. He often talks about this team being a family and they’re all brothers. For someone who had a troubled stretch in his life, the camaraderie of the locker room can be exactly what they need and crave. It’s good to see this.

I was wrong about this guy, I didn’t want him drafted because I wanted a RB, wanted someone younger and a better pass protector than run blocker. Not that I didn’t want him per se, it was I didn’t want a OT in the first round. Very rarely do they start, plus figured a new QB would need better protection and a run game. That needed to be said because on draft night, I wasn’t thrilled and I was wrong. I’m now pulling hard for him.

Bolles repeats something that Emmanuel Sanders said, that the offense will be better, “Our offense is going to be there; I promise you guys that.  Coach McCoy wants to run the ball. If we can’t run the ball, we’re going to throw the ball and get DT and Sanders on the edge and go win games.”

“We want to run the ball. You better back out of our way because we’re coming. That’s how we are. We love to run, we’re going to grind in the dirt and that’s where it starts—in the trenches. We have the best defensive line and our offensive line is going to get there, where it needs to be. Right now we’re just working on one thing, one day at a time. When the time comes, we’ll be ready for week one.”

Menelik Watson has been teaching him that, “Just consistency. He’s such a great leader…He’s been in this league, the NFL, with the best pass rushers in the NFL. I’ve got to be ready to take on the best of the best. We have Shane Ray, Von Miller, Kasim, all those guys and Shaq when he comes back healthy. We have the best on our team. ..That’s one thing that we want to work on every single day is come out, me and Menelik—just work on our steps and make sure we’re square to the line so that we can take on that pass rush.”

Training Camp, “This isn’t college anymore; I’ll tell you guys that right now. We have great leaders out here. I get to go against Von [Miller], who is a dear friend to me like you all know. He’s the best and I’m so grateful to have him (Miller) and the people around me. Like I said, we’re a family and the fans come out here and cheer us on… We have great leaders on this team. Not only that, we have great support around us with fans, our coaching staff and this great organization that Mr. Bowlen created. We’ll be ready to go.”

On what he thinks of the quarterback play so far, “They’re great quarterbacks. Either one of them can lead our team and it’s going to come down to the wire but I love them dearly; they’re great friends. They both have their strengths and they’re both great in what they do… My quarterback is like my wife, if you touch her then you’re in trouble.”


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