Emmanuel Sanders believes in the Championship mindset.


Terrell Davis caught up with Emmanuel Sanders yesterday after Training Camp and asked him a few questions. As Sanders enters his eighth year, he knows what it takes every year in TC, so was surprised when he said, “this is probably the hardest Training Camp I’ve ever been a part of out of all eight.” Wow. Vance Joseph is keeping them short and not “live”, so this is a big testament to the defense.

He said the, “No Fly Zone is giving  me headaches”. That when you go up against these guys it really is about, “Iron Sharpens Iron”. “I’ve got a tough job ahead of me” in facing those All-Pro, Pro-Bowl Defensive Backs and he’s also going up against some dang good linebackers’, too.

Right now, he’s focused on making sure he’s in shape and he thinks he is.

Of course he was asked about the QBs. He said with so much new, “their heads are swimming”; however, he has seen what the offense could potentially be. He did say that you can’t make the same mistakes if you want to start and he said, “I Told Paxton to watch film and don’t make the same mistake twice. Paxton looked me in the eye and said he was going to correct it”. “Even Trevor”.

When asked about who has the leg up on slot, he said, “it’s Bennie’s job to lose” and that Broncos Country, “they’re going to see a playmaker. I’ve been working with him every day”. So, E is telling Paxton how to play and Bennie Fowler, too. Maybe Broncos need to sign him up as a coach.

As far as missing the playoffs, he said that “Championship mindset every day” is being pushed. He said even without a pass heavy offense he was able to get 14 TD’s, so, “just watch out, next season we will be #1, just watch”.


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