Day 5, Vance Joseph gives update on TC. (Think some players will be cut)


This nugget that Vance Joseph buried is in the middle, but it’s important. Tomorrow, he, John Elway, and the staff are going to go through the roster and talk about bringing in some help. Denver has about 10M in cap, which is a lot of wiggle room to make a trade or bring in a FA. Who sees the ax is the question because you can only have 90 and by September, 53, so whomever they bring in, should be with the intent of making the roster.

First scrimmage will be on Saturday. That’s when we should see some light between some players.

Moving on to the injury front, which why the need help…”DE Derek Wolfe had a small stinger in his right shoulder, Marcus Rios has a slight little groin (injury). He’ll be back Wednesday, hopefully  DE Adam Gotsis, C Matt Paradis, and RB Jamaal Charles “get them more team reps—Gotsis, especially. Matt, we’re going to go slow, but probably give him two per period. Jamaal, we’re going to sprinkle him in seven-on-seven and keep him out of the team drills because we don’t want to get him tangled. We’re going to start him seven-on-seven, more ending, then add team probably in the next week.”

On to the offense and QBs, he was happier, ‘It’s not that things aren’t going to happen. Things are going to happen, but how you respond is the key.’ Football is a game of adversity and a game of mistakes. That’s going to happen. They’re going to have bad days, but how you bounce back is critical.”

He wants to see decision making to separate the two which is why he was so disappointed yesterday with all the interceptions and dropped interceptions. He says games are won or lost in the red zone and that’s when you need good decision making. For today, Lynch was 2-2 and Siemian was 0-0. Which is worse? No score and no INTs, or 2 TDs and 2 interceptions? The better decision was no interceptions. The scoreboard likes 14 points. And so the debate will rage on since we ranked 28th in scoring in the red zone.

“You would think red zone is easy for a quarterback, but it’s not…every ball you throw that’s an air throw, it may be intercepted. That’s tough for a quarterback. Most of our practices are structured for the quarterback as far as situational football, backed up, red zone, no huddle and two minute. It’s for our quarterback to get better as a football together, being a smart football player.”

Heads up, pad days will be more running and shells will be passing.“We’ve got about 10 padded practices, so we have to take advantage of those days. We got enough shell practice where we can throw the football. But, running the football is priority, so when you’re wearing pads, it’s going to be heavier run than pass.”

While most bystanders rave about Garett Bolles, Vance is the party pooper, “He’s getting better. He’s getting better. Again, it’s not perfect, but he’s getting better. It’s going to take time for him. As a left tackle, it’s almost like playing corner. Block your guy. He’s there. Block your guy. That part he will overcome.”

The last drill of the play, “The idea is it’s the last play of the game from the eight-yard line, one play, no timeouts, go win it. It’s all about competition. Pushing our offense and defense to be competitive. Every drill is being ready. Every drill ends with a result, a winner and a loser.” And this was where both QBs had issues. Neither scored, sigh.

On FB Andy Janovich, who Brock Olivo raved about and said he’d like 22 of him, “He is very valuable to our football team from a physical standpoint. He is an old school fullback that can also carry the ball. That’s going to be great for Brock. He’s a big part of what we do offensively, special teams wise.” On how special teams have improved “I’m pleased. We have linebackers that are young, physical and can run. We have two receivers in Latimer and Fowler that are great teams players, along with Carlos Henderson. With Isaiah McKenzie being added as a returner, I’m pleased with that position. We have some young guys who take pride in that job. That’s important.”

See the full presser below.



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