TJ Ward had to hit Emmanuel Sanders because, “it was 4th & 12 for the game.”


The defense was more assertive, “I think we just came out a little more aggressive. I think they got the best of us yesterday. We had to get them back today.”

Vance Joseph said TJ Ward only pushed Emmanuel Sanders, Ward may see it as a harder shot, but needed, “No, it was fourth-and-12 for the game. I had to make that play.” Glad to see that even in practice Ward is in 5th gear and always focused on winning.

Asking a defensive player if they keep score will give you this answer, “No doubt. 3-1. They’re definitely three behind us and they have to catch up. It’s all good though. There’s a lot of camp left.” The offense thinks it’s 3-1 to their side, so maybe that’s the real driving factor. A lot of TDs were scored on Thursday and Friday, time for the defense to show who’s Boss.

When people freak over four days of practice with this new offense and young quarterbacks having a rough go, be glad because, “I’m making it hard on both of them. I’m not cutting anyone slack. I have no favorites in this race. I just want to see the best guy get the position. I’m going to do everything I can to make each one of them better. That’s the beauty of this camp.” Yes, it is. Game day won’t be any easier.

Ward thinks it wasn’t much different between yesterday and today, “We went shells yesterday. I feel like shells and pads are the same thing. I guess a little for the interior guys, but not for me. Just a little more weight on my legs running.”

He was a little ill the day before but he’s ok now, “No, I got a little virus from Wolfe I think. He passed it around because he’s out there living in the wild. I’m alright now.” Did he eat the seafood, too? Hint: it’s called SEAfood for a reason. If you’re eating it 3,000 miles from the sea, you’re eating frozen food and eater beware.

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