Part 6: We rank the AFC South players we love or hate.

Houston Texans

Stuart @StuTheUKBronoco — Brock Osweiler – HATE I don’t understand why he would leave. He had the perfect teacher in front of him and all he had to do was pay attention and beat out a 7th rounder sitting in 3rd. Instead he chose money. I’m glad he did because when he finally got his shot he showed no experience of ever playing QB. Yes he got a playoff win and then got traded to the Browns – lol Brian Cushing – LOVE Outstanding inside linebacker. Plays hard and holds the team together. DeAndre HopkinsLOVE Tied 3rd best receiver in the NFL at this moment in time with Odell Beckham and Mike Evans. Can exploit any coverage with his excellent route running and electric pace. Hands covered in glue, hardly drops a pass.

Graham @GrahamTiedtke — Like: Arian Foster. Being able to witness a player like Foster was great, because of what he did as an undrafted running back for the Texans. It’s a shame he couldn’t stay healthy. In an interview in December of 2014, Foster was interviewed and chose to answer questions in a British accent. That is another reason I think he’s great. Great sense of humor. Love: Andre Johnson. Johnson was the best part of the Texans’ offense since he joined the team as the 3rd overall pick in the 2003 draft. Aside from Johnson, there really hadn’t been much to be happy about with the team until DeAndre Hopkins was drafted. Hate: DJ Swearinger. I’m not a fan of players who smack talk a lot. They should let their play do the talking instead of psychology. The one thing I won’t ever forget is Swearinger’s hit on former Broncos WR Wes Welker. That day, I deemed him “an incredibly dirty player.”

Jason @CaliOrange&Blue –  like: David Carr-man he got a raw deal as first Texans qb, ruined by a bad line. Always wonder how good he could have been. Fond of: Deandre Hopkins-an awesome competitor and WR, never lets bad QB play get him down, just goes out and tried to perform best with what he has. Very fond of: JJ Watt-just an amazing football player that doesn’t rest on his laurels, he is always trying to get better and be the best. Dislike: Pacman Jones-before being an idiot on the Bungles, he was an idiot on the Titans. Not the most talented but talked as if he was
Liked: Eddie George-classy guy and a hell of a running back. Cool guy in the media/interviews as well. Made for an exciting Super Bowl too
Fond of: Mariota-forever tied with Winston, he’s poised to take his team far soon, especially with new weapons around him

Jules @ABroncoNole— need you ask? LOVE: JJ WATT. He’s this generation’s version of Howie Long and that’s a very good thing, very good.  HATE: Jacoby Jones. I want to slap him, when I see his face, want to slap John Fox, too. Instant twitch. I want to dislike Vince Wilfork, he played for that team, but he’s just so dang likable and the guy could play some football.

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18—  Love/Like: Andre Johnson, look at the #’s he put up in that stale archaic system without a QB, then imagine if he played one. Owen Daniels, will give him some love here since he came to Denver and helped bring a ring.  Hate/Dislike: DJ Swearinger got what he deserved when 18 got that taunting penalty/fine

Indianapolis Colts

Stuart — Peyton Manning – LOVE The GOAT – nothing more to say. Dallas Clark – LOVE Peyton Mannings safety valve many times a season and all around nice guy. Jeff Saturday – LOVE What a guy! An outstanding center and brainbox to keep up with all of the audibles and fake calls. Every great QB needs a good center, just look at Manny Ramirez

Graham — Like: TY Hilton. Hilton has quickly established himself as the Colts’ #1 WR after the departure of longtime Colt Reggie Wayne. He’s the 1 Colt I would consider cheering for. Love: Pat McAfee. Punters are people too! Have you ever watched his interviews? I can’t help but laugh everytime I see him. He’s got a great sense of humour. Dislike: Peyton Manning (ONLY as a Colt). Now, this is only because he was the enemy. I only hated him because he was so good at what he did. It shocked me when he joined the Broncos, and I was able to witness and be proud of what he brought to the team that I love.

Jason  – dislike: Reggie Wayne-sure, talented outlet for Manning, but never really fan of his attitude. Like: Andrew Luck-if he played behind a good o-line and had management that cared about him, this guy would put Br*dy to shame and rule the AFC. Very fond of: Peyton-one of the GOATS, hell of a QB and man on and off the field. The epitome of professionalism.

Jules — I’m thinking this may be another time we all agree on one player we all love. PEYTON FREAKIN MANNING. Never been a Colts fan even when he played, so am going to cheat and use Earl Morrell, again. Any QB who can show up on teams, step up when HOF QB go down and win a ring, gets my vote. Next would be Eric Dickerson. How can you not pick such a prolific rusher? Not many are in the 10,000 yard club or All-Pro and Pro-Bowl, & HOF. That man destroyed defenses, including ours, which I’m going give him a pass on, not his fault he was a stinkin Raider for a year.

Kevin —  Love/Like:  Edgerrin James, great back, better person, has done a ton off the field.  Will give Brandon Stokley some love. The Slot Machine.  Will thrown an honorable mention in to Hunter Smith just for walking down Deion  Sanders. I’ll throw a shout out to Jacob “Fort Worth Tamme”, one year when he was barely in the league Dallas Clark got hurt and Tamme came and he wasn’t exactly Dallas, but he close, hence the name “Fort Worth”, he saw the comment on twitter and seemed to enjoy it.  Peyton Manning is a given. Hate/Dislike: Jim  Irsay,  the billionaire buffoon, he’s too dumb to block me on Twitter so I’ll keep lighting his dumb ass up with daggers. Reggie half-ass Wayne, The most over-rated WR that Peyton Manning played with. I have a pinned tweet that says “The difference between Reggie Wayne and Quincy Morgan? One played with Peyton Manning”.  I stand by it, and I’ll take his Denver #87’s over this mouthy bum. Both of them. Decker and Sunshine.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Stuart Julius Thomas – LOVEHATE Love him as a red zone threat, hate him for being money hungry enough to want to leave a good thing in Denver. For a big tight end he can’t block his way out of a wet paper bag. Malik Jackson – LOVE HATE Same as Julius Thomas, choose money over possible success. Fantastic player in the trenches, makes everybody else on the line look better. Telvin Smith – LOVE If Telvin continues on this path i think he’ll be the best defender in the AFC South for many years.

Graham — Love: Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. It’s as simple as this: the combo of Taylor and Jones-Drew was just a fun tandem to watch. Hate: Justin Blackmon. It’s a shame that a talent such as Blackmon just couldn’t stay out of trouble off the field.

Jason  – Dislike: Byron Leftwich-nothing more than a talented QB that can’t get it in the NFL,poor guy. *editor note, he’s a really nice guy, hope it’s just his play you didn’t like* Like: Malik Jackson-feel bad the Broncos didn’t want to keep him, but still like this guy. Fond of: Allen Robinson-probably a superstar if he didn’t have Bortles throwing to him!

Jules LOVE: Mark Brunell, Tony Boselli, Rashean Mathis and Jalen Ramsey. all Loves. When Mark and Tony were playing, I’d see them all the time at Publix like it was NBD. If you were in line behind them, they’d say hi, how’s it going? Nice men, with nice families and the Jags haven’t been good since they left. In addition, He and Mark own the Whataburgers in Jacksonville. That right there, is worth extra love. Rashean is like Mark and Tony, so friendly. Doesn’t matter where he’s at, he’ll talk. He, too has a great family. And Jalen is Jalen. He could be a baby No Fly in Denver.

Kevin —  Love/Like: John Henderson, I was a fan of Big John dating to his Tennessee days.   Tom Coughlin,  puts the grump in Grumpy old man. Old school football coach.  Hate/Dislike:  Tony Boselli, just didn’t think he was that good or anything special, and Pete Prisco looks dumb whining for him to be in Canton. Fred Taylor. It’s hard to pull  like a Gator.

Tennessee Titans

Stuart — Wesley Woodyard – LOVE Brilliant linebacker. Loved him as a Bronco. Brian Orakpo – LOVE I wanted the Broncos to draft him, he would of been perfect on the right side of our linebacker crew. Chris Johnson – LOVE CJ2K was so much fun to watch. I thought his combine 40 record would last forever but hey, records are there to be broken.

Graham — Like: Michael Griffin. You always had to know where Griffin was on the field at all times while playing the Titans. He could pick the ball off while also making tackles. Love: Steve McNair. Nicknamed “Air McNair”, he was a dangerous threat on the Titans offense because he could run the ball as well as throw. Hate: Albert Haynesworth. Really don’t like him because he basically threw his career away all for money. He signed with the Redskins in free agency gathering a huge contract, and tanking the rest of his career away. Sad.

Jason  – dislike: Pacman Jones-before being an idiot on the Bungles, he was an idiot on the Titans. Not the most talented, but talked as if he was.
Liked: Eddie George-classy guy and a hell of a running back. Cool guy in the media/interviews as well. Made for an exciting Super Bowl, too. Fond of: Mariota-forever tied with Winston, he’s poised to take his team far soon, especially with new weapons around him.

Jules — Not a fan of this team, not in Tennessee or Houston. Picking anyone, is liking picking oatmeal. I’ll go with Derrick Henry because he’s from Yulee. That’s it. Can’t think of anyone else I have enough emotion for.

Kevin —  Love/Like: They came from Houston, so I’ll go back to Houston. Earl Campbell, one of the toughest backs to play the game. I’ll roll with Marcus Mariota just hoping he and Decker rattle the Colts cage this year. Loved their owner Bud Adams going double barrel middle fingers.  and O.A. “Bum” Phillips, funny funny man and another good old school football coach.  Hate/Dislike: Jeff Fisher, an overrated joke. Nice mullet Jeff. Cortland Finnegan, another mouthy show off. Loved watching Andre Johnson whip his ass.

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