Mike McCoy, “It’s a very competitive day every day on the practice field going against a great defense.”


Coach McCoy had his first presser since training camp started and it was the most revealing of all the pressers in my opinion. We get a feel of where the offense is and how they want an attack style offense. McCoy was asked how is the team adjusting to the new scheme:

“Every day we’re learning. We’re throwing a lot at them.  .The offensive line is starting to come together with different combinations we’re working up there. The skill guys are making some big plays. We turned the ball over too many times. We had a red zone period early where we didn’t have clean enough execution in the passing game. So we’ll go in, evaluate the film and learn from it.”

There were a lot of pick sixes in practice today from both QB’s and in the red zone, which is a big no, no. What McCoy looks for is how the offense responds to a turnover because it’s going to happen in games. “That was what we told the entire offense after the red area period. There’s going to be a time during the game that we may not get off to the fastest start you’d like to. You always want to go down on that opening drive and get points, but it doesn’t always happen that way. It’s how you respond and we came back and made some plays.”

One of the key points McCoy addressed during his presser is the fact the offense is going up against one of the best defenses in the NFL and the best secondary in the NFL. “The talent level we have on both sides of the football if you see the way our secondary and our receivers compete every day in the passing aspect of it. We’ve got a great defense we’re going against every single day and that’s going to make us better. The offensive line going against someone like Von as a guy coming off the edge, it’s going to make you better. Playing against this defense should make our offense better in the long run.”

McCoy said it was an easy decision to come back to Denver and mentioned DT and Virgil Greene as the only two that were here when he was coaching. “It’s such a great organization and it was an easy decision when I had to make that decision to come back here. The only guys that are left, I hate to say it, on offense are DT and Virg. Everyone else has changed. It’s fun to be out there and to compete against our defense every day. As an offense, you’ve got to show up every day.

Training camp is for finding out where you want certain players and what placement is best for a specific player. Yesterday, they had CJ fielding punt returns. However, if you tell E to do that he will refuse from what I hear. “Whenever you come in, we’re trying to put a system in place for the long haul. Not just the offensive line—we moved Emmanuel around a little bit today during the practice to put him inside, to put him outside, to put him at ‘X’ and move those guys around. We’re going to try and find the right combinations for all of our schemes. There will be certain times when you play at a certain tempo of the game where a guy is going to have to play right and left in the formations and move around. We’re learning so much about our team and that’s what the preseason and training camp is for.”

Good thing McCoy is pleased with the running game. We need CJ and Jamaal to remain healthy. I believe this is our golden ticket to the post season, especially in the red zone.

“The one thing I really am pleased with is the way we run the football in the short amount of time, with the number of schemes that we’ve thrown at them, the way they’ve come off the ball and they’ve worked together and communicated together. We’ve just got to keep getting better every day. That’s the most important thing right now and that’s going to be our focus every day.”


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