Lorenzo Doss keeps it simple “On defense we just work to do our job.”


Cornerback Lorenzo Doss praised his coaches from first year Defensive Coordinator Joe Woods, to Marcus Robertson, the Defensive Backs Coach to the Assistant Defensive Backs Coach, Johnnie Lynn by saying “Just listening  to them” will prepare you to make big plays in training camp, “when the opportunity presents itself, you have to make the play.”

Even though it was the first if many padded practices ending it with a pick-6 was big, Doss said, “we were just doing our job.” He added, “we had stopped them from scoring and everybody was in good position.”  He mentioned the intensity and the competition, “We love to compete with each other and blow up the intensity. We’re here to compete. We have a great offense and we have a great defense. Competing is our number one goal.”

Tough practices will only make the team more prepared for the AFC-West and the rest of their opponents on the 2017 schedule. He praised the offense, “They are a great offense and they’re going to bounce back. They have great players. We’re just working each and every day”   He kept it fairly simple. “On defense we just work to do our job. Every guy has a job to do and we’re working for it.”

One of many competitive days ahead. The goal is to make the weekly practices the toughest part of the week by having to top knotch units battling against each other then feeding on the opponents on game day.

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