Kasim Edebali makes fun of his German sense of humor.


Broncos linebacker Kasim Edebali is having a good time at training camp in Englewood. In a quick Q & A on Sunday, he was grinning ear-to-ear.

He knows it’s important to be loose and have fun. Asked if he thinks he’ll recruit anyone else on the team to join in on his fun, Edebali said he has to get the biggest name in the Broncos second level of defense.

“You know I gotta get Von [Miller] because I know it’s gonna be popping all over social media.”

Edebali, a 4th-year linebacker who spent the past three seasons with the New Orleans Saints, joked: “I was over there [Germany], and nobody got my jokes. I’m going to America. Maybe they’ll laugh at my stuff.”

Hopefully, the linebacker can get some teammates to laugh at the same humour that he uses to keep his mind fresh, while still putting his mind on the field. That shouldn’t be too difficult, as Miller has a colourful personality, and is a leader who will step up and say something if necessary to keep Ken focused.



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