Day 4 Training Camp – Defense is 3-1 according to CHJ


It’s clear from the appearance of Chris Harris Jr after day 4 of training camp, the Denver defense enjoyed full pad day. The Denver defense is a very well oiled machine, missing a few cogs for sure, but nevertheless, still the best D in the NFL. Denver’s offense has a new co-ordinator, new coaches across the Oline and at QB so the Defense should be winning the week comfortably as the Offense finds its feet.

When asked about putting the pads on for the first time, Harris Jr smiled and replied ” This is when the real football starts, when you get the pads on, the receivers have been playing finesse football with no pads on and we can’t touch them for so long and it feels so good to finally be able to have a placement to where you can punch somebody and having things like that and then go ahead and hit them. This is my element, this is what i love.”

With the offense really struggling today, Harris was asked about balance because at the end of the day, they are both on the same side when it comes to gameday.

“I mean, they’re playing their best and there will be days like this. Yesterday they had a good day, but our D Co-ordinator wasn’t here, he’s back today though, so I think that evens itself out and I think we’re 3 and 1 outta the four practice days.”

I love seeing the defense with its swag still in place and the offense has no better place to learn than on the practice field across from this relentless juggernaut of a unit that is the Joe Woods lead defense.

Chris Harris Jr also provided the world with the quote of the day. Whilst talking to Troy Renck of @DenverChannel and asked about the QB’s, Harris said ” We want to take them out into the deep water and drown them. We had our minds ready today”

If that doesn’t inspire you as to where this defense is compared to last year, then I suggest you check to see if you’re still alive because those word had meaning and feelings. This unit is primed to drown a lot of quarterbacks this year.

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