Day 4 TC, Vance Joseph, “That was a man’s man practice.”


Quick injury update: Ron Leary is dealing with a groin issue, De’Angelo Henderson and Donald Stephenson have a small low sprains, but will back tomorrow. Here’s the thing that’s worrisome, all these little dings on this daily growing list, adds up. None of these players will feel better. Because of the sport, and constantly being hit, you never reach a point of being healed. Unless it’s a broken bone or some injury that being continually hit won’t effect, it’s a nagging injury for the year. Ones that oftentimes really drag a player down by week eight. Hop and Don aren’t first string, Leary is concerning, injuries sidelined him in Dallas.

Just going to jump to QBs first and get them out of the way. They had a bad day, a very bad day and Vance Joseph wasn’t happy. He doesn’t think facing off against the best secondary should matter when you have Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders. I’d guess that Paxton Lynch and Trevor Siemian weren’t looking for them often enough. “Make your reads—we have good receivers. They win against anybody. When you say that, it’s not about the overall secondary, it’s about the matchup. No. 88 and No. 10 can win. Find them and throw the ball to them.”

The thing about first pad day is getting used the speed. Up until now, the defense wasn’t full speed, today they were and obviously the QBs weren’t ready for it. The defense picked off all three QBs, knocked down passes, dropped interceptions, sacked them and scored a few pick sixes.“Did I like what I saw? Not really. Both guys had issues today. I didn’t like what I saw today. Honest. They both struggled today.”

Lorenzo Doss did what Doss has done the last two off seasons: find the ball and give QBs a bad day. Joe Woods said he’s a four leaf clover in finding the ball. All three QBs need to rip that clover out of his hand. Vance, “It’s hard to throw the ball in the red zone because DBs understand it’s only two routes: inside and outside. There are no deep balls. So the throw against Aqib and Chris and Doss is tough. Even Roby sits on routes. He has four yards to the ball, he’s not going anywhere. You saw when he picked it, it was going to be a touchdown. It’s tough to throw the ball in the red zone. So running the ball is a must for us.”

While VJ wasn’t happy with today’s passing, it does give them all a chance to learn. No one learns from being perfect, you learn from mistakes. Tomorrow is an opportunity to see how they improve. Paxton Lynch stayed 15 minutes after practice and worked with DT. Yesterday it was Trevor Siemian with E. To me, this should be a daily occurrence, there just aren’t enough reps with the first team to go around.

As an aside, Terrell Davis asked both John Elway and Vance Joseph if Trevor Siemian had a leg up because he has more experience. Elway was more diplomatic in his, no, but Vance wasn’t. He gave an emphatic, No.

Based on a few guys having some issues including Watson, Leary and I believe even Walker was puking, some need to step it up. That altitude will kick your behind. “That was a mans practice. We added a couple team periods in there. Putting the pads on—you talk about conditioning, but that really starts when the pads come on. You play football in pads, and those pads make a difference. Even those pants they wear, it makes a difference. Adding some team periods, adding some more ‘move the ball periods’, it’s going to allow us to get in football shape.”

I wrote when Ray went down, they could use Walker outside and in and that’s what they’re doing. Am I sight seer? No. I’m a Seminole and actually saw every game and knows what he can do, which is why I was dancing around the house when he was drafted. “On first and second downs, have the ability to play inside and outside. Obviously with our outside linebacker’s numbers down, he’s working outside with Coach Pug for the next couple weeks so we can have some depth there. On third downs, he can go inside and do his job that we drafted him for. For him, it’s defensive end. It’s what he played in college. As coaches, we can scheme so he’s an end in his mind and the offense sees him as an outside linebacker. That’s our job. ”

It was good to hear that Connor McGovern has been doing well because Denver doesn’t know exactly what shape Matt Paradis is in. He’s yet to do more than walkthroughs and non-contact hikes.  “McGovern has played well. He’s played really well at the center position. A bunch of guys, but those guys hit my mind.”

Vance continued his almost daily lovefest on Domata Peko, “Peko has been in the four-three system his entire career, so I knew bringing him here, being a 34 nose, it was less penetration, but more being stout on blocks. He’s a big man, he can do it. He’s very, very, very intelligent when it comes to formations and run game. He’s going to help us big time.”

“I wasn’t here last year, so I can’t tell you what they were. But Davis has been really, really consistent. I’ve been around a lot of good inside linebackers, but as far as leadership, commanding the huddle, toughness and coverage, he is a really, really good player. And  Marshall, I think is back to being himself. Again, I wasn’t here last year, but I’ve seen from the spring until now. He’s had a great spring and is having a great camp.”


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