WR Bennie Fowler is hoping to be WR3 and knows being reliable is the key.

Broncos Wide Receiver Bennie Fowler is entering his 3rd season in the NFL (all with the Broncos). He realizes he has to continue learning what it takes to be a receiver in the league and to get better every day to exceed his 2016 season, where he caught just 11 passes for 145 yards and 2 touchdowns in 13 games.

“I’ve learned a lot. I have to be consistent and reliable,” Fowler told the Denver media Saturday. “That’s what I plan on being and that’s what I’m working to be.”

Fowler credits coach Joseph and OC Mike McCoy on a good job preparing quarterbacks Trevor Siemian and Paxton Lynch. “They’re both playing well. I think Coach Joseph and Mike McCoy are both doing a good job in rotating them so we don’t just get a rhythm with one quarterback. They’re both playing well and this system fits them both well.”

What is the quarterback competition looking like in the first few days of training camp according to Fowler? “They have up and down periods. One might have a good period in seven-on-seven and one might have a better team period. They should just take it period-by-period and continue to learn and then grow.”

Broncos coaches and players have raved about Fowler and it looks like he is in the lead to take the 3rd wide receiver position. Fellow receiver Emmanuel Sanders thinks so.

“I think Bennie has that job right now,” Sanders said. “Bennie doesn’t want to lose it, but that’s Bennie’s job right now to lose if you ask me. He’s the one playing in the slot a majority of the time.”

Fowler reacted to the comments made by Sanders and his coaches: “It feels great. They have a lot of confidence in me and I have confidence in myself. I just have to continue to be consistent and make plays for this team.”

A big part of being an athlete is what you put into your body. Fowler and #1 receiver Demaryius Thomas made a unique change to their diet. “Me and DT have been vegan for about three weeks. We’re doing the vegan diet. Just my conditioning.”

About how going vegan changed him on the field, Fowler mentioned that he is working hard to be on the field more, as the team’s 3rd receiver. “It has changed a lot. I have to be ready to play 60 plays a game and that’s something that I’ve changed and I’m preparing for. I’ve lost 10 pounds. D.T. has lost some weight. We both feel good. We feel fast. We feel light. It feels good.”

Fowler sees the speed of training camp as a good thing. “It keeps us fresh. It keeps everybody’s minds fresh. It doesn’t keep our minds on the grinds of camp. We get to come out here and enjoy every single day. We got the music going, plus the competition with the No. 1 defense in the league.”

Keeping the mind fresh is important, as well as keeping the body fresh. Fowler will look to being at his best for the 2017 season and contribute as best he can with the opportunities he is given.

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