Ron Leary, “I need to hone in on my technique and knock some people around.”


Guard Ron Leary  believes the more time the Offensive Line spends together, the faster they’ll gel. “I think the biggest thing has been that we have a lot of new faces on the o-line. Getting everybody together on the same page and learning the playbook together, it’s all brand new. We have a new o-line coach. The more we do together the better it we’ll be as an o-line.try to do everything as a group. We were a real tight group in Dallas and that’s what we’re going to be here. The more we do off the field the better you play on the field together. We’re getting together a lot and doing a lot of stuff together, and just always talking ball and talking about life in general. I think all of that is going to transfer. ” Please, let this happen. John Elway has had two issues: the OL and RB.

While he had Peyton Manning he was able to focus on the rest of the team and let him make up for all the gaps in both, but now is the time to get those two things going because that mind is busy saving ESPN, making commercials and singing in Irish Pubs.

So glad to hear Ron giving lots of love to recent addition, Allen Barbre “He’s a veteran. I knew about him just because the past couple of years we were in the same division. I watched him play and he’s a great player. He brings even more leadership to the o-line. You can never have enough leadership and veterans on the o-line, so he’s a great addition.”

With adding some extra beef on the DL with NT Domata Peko (and Zach Kerr), to help stop the run, it’s now up to Denver’s new OL to find a way around him. That in turn will help them against other defenses.“He brings a lot. I played against him last year so I already know what he brings to the d-line. When they brought him in, I was happy because I know that he’s a great guy, a great player and a great leader. We’ve had some great battles and they’re only going to get better but it’s going to help both of us—the o-line and d-line get better and get ready for Sunday’s.”

On T Garrett Bolles “I’m still trying to figure him out myself. He’s a good kid, he loves the game and he’s always happy. You need that little juice sometimes especially when you get into the dog days at camp. He’s still learning. We have to reel him in sometimes a little bit but I love him. He brings energy to the group and I’m glad he’s here.”

Besides building chemistry , he thinks there’s one thing left,  “Just a better understanding of the playbook. It’s a playbook we all have to get used to. It’s new to all of us. Some of the mistakes we were making earlier in OTAs you don’t see them now or if you see them, it’s on one day and then it’s done with. Just knowing the playbook better and once we get the playbook down, we’re going to be able to play a lot faster. When you play faster, you’ll play better.”

On running the football well in practice

“It’s big. They’re preaching that we want to be a physical team that’s going to run the ball. I think that’s a challenge to all of us that we need to be physical. I need to hone in on my technique and knock some people around. ”

Dallas had Zeke, hoping he thinks our RB by committee can do the same, because it’s not all on the OL. “We can run it the same way we ran it at Dallas. We’ve got the ability to run it here. Dallas, we were that, but I’m in Denver now. I love Denver, I love the line we have and we’ve become closer and closer. If they want us to run the ball, we’ll take that as a challenge and run the ball.”

See the full presser below.

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