NT Domata Peko continues to build the love in Denver.


Domata Peko has quickly become one of my favorite players. How can you not like this guy? He uses the word love, often, which I love because it shows his passion for the game. Not to mention, he can take on two guys which opens up our entire defense. With Shane Ray out, this is huge.

Vance Joseph — “Peko has been solid. He’s what you want in a nose guard. He’s a big man who can hold a point. He’s got some quickness to rush the passer on pass downs, but his job is to take up two gaps and he can do that.”

“It’s exciting to come in here and be a part of this great group of guys that’s been competing together for years… today, it was really physical and that’s what we love about camp. It’s a good time to get better, sharpen each other up and compete. There’s nothing like coming out here and playing football again. You only get so much time to play. I’m tired of watching baseball and there’s no more basketball, so now football is here and it’s an exciting time around here.”

He was asked about that team in Ohio, which he sidestepped answering, so good for him. He’s on a new team and he wants to look forward not behind. That includs finally donning pads, “It’s awesome because football is not played in just jerseys. It’s played in pads. When you get the pads on, you’re actually out there doing football things and playing the game that you love to do. I’m excited to get back to hitting guys, hitting running backs and trying to sack quarterbacks. That’s what I do. That’s what I love to do. I’m excited to be here, live my dream and pursue a championship.”

I’m guessing he was asked about what it’s like having to chase a QB since yesterday Lynch busted out a 40 yard TD. “Lynch has some long strides and he runs like a deer once he gets outside that pocket…it really helps with your gap integrity and your rush lanes. You’ve really got to be on point, keeping contain and pushing the pocket. It really helps us out when you have a guy like Lynch running around there. It’ll help you out for the future because there’s guys like Cam Newton and guys in this league that can run. Rodgers is always quick with his feet and running around so you’ve got to be on point with that and it’s good practice.”

He had great things to say about rookie DE DeMarcus Walker, warming my heart even more, “I like how he’s playing. He’s really quick, he’s agile and he brings some good moves in there on the pass rush. Also just getting off blocks, I’ve seen some good stuff from him. It’s only day three of camp so we’ve got a long way to go and we’ve got to keep pushing each other. It’s an exciting time to be a Bronco.”

It’s good to hear that both sides of the line are trying to help each other because the game of football starts up front, without those mamjamas doing their jobs, the rest of your team can only do so much. Unsung heroes. “Right now in camp, we’re competing with one another but we’re also trying to coach each other up. Me and Leary always talk after practice. We work on our techniques and always ask each other questions. That’s what it’s about. It’s about getting each other ready because when we play on Sunday, we’re not playing against the Broncos; we’re playing against other teams so we want to sharpen each other up and get each other better. It’s been a great process.”

Rookie undrafted free agent NT Tyrique Jarrett, has had a couple players mention him here and there throughout the Spring and Summer, Peko adds to it, “He’s doing good, man. The big fella, I like his size and his aggressiveness. He’s really a tough guy and I just try to teach him as much as I can, take him under my wing and just show him how we work out here. He’s coming along, him and the rook (DeMarcus Walker). They’re doing great”

See the presser below and get ready to smile.

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