CJ Anderson, “My legs are a lot fresher this year than what they’ve been in the past.”


The scheme fits the offense. CJ made the point during his presser because the players were drafted under Gase’s scheme and Kubiak only had one year to draft. Let’s all be honest here for a second. We all know the scheme was Peyton Manning’s scheme! “I just think the scheme fits us well because that’s a scheme that we were all brought in here with, whether it was as undrafted free agents or a draft pick.”

CJ was biking 25-30 miles twice a weekend and would even bike to Mile High Stadium. This year is different, because CJ stuck with the same workout and did not change it up. In the past, he would get bored and switch it up or stop after a few weeks. The rumblings from training camp is that CJ looks to be in the best shape he’s ever been in. “I’m enjoying it. It’s something that I haven’t done in two years. It feels good to get back into it. I’m just glad my coaches trust me to run that and to prove that I can continue to keep doing that. It’s special. It’s something in my game that I knew I had and something I worked on all offseason. I just want to keep working and hopefully I’m running comebacks and trying to take  DT’s job next.”

CJ’s attitude is one of the best I have ever watched in the NFL. Team player and will do whatever is asked for the team. Which brings me to the question if he will be offensive Captain. I have said in the past that CJ should and will be a Captain. I hope his teammates vote for him this season.

CJ watching film from different teams in the league and teams they don’t even play against every year, is a direct result of working with Peyton Manning for years. This is a “Peyton” thing to do. Peyton would watch tape on Russia’s gymnast team if he knew he would get a kernel of wisdom out of it, to which he could apply to football. CJ has a high NFL IQ and is key to our offenses success. “You look at it all. Our defense is playing the run a little bit different now, too, that I learned…That’s the type of guy I am. I have always been a cerebral guy. Definitely putting that in. And then going back to our offense in 2013 and 2014, looking at things of that nature and seeing if that correlates at all.”

The silver lining of losing CJ for most of last season is that we now get “fresh legs” CJ this season.“I actually just feel better this year. My legs are a lot fresher this year than what they’ve been in the past. I don’t know if that’s because of the injury and I got to take some time off then actually put a game plan together, but another reason I got to stick with a certain game plan and not change it up like I usually do.”

CJ telling the Broncos’ two safeties Ward and Stewart to go a little harder on him but to remember that he’s still their teammate. Love hearing things like this from the players. “I’m a physical guy. If you’re in the way, I’m going to run into you. I haven’t had them on since October, so I definitely love to feel that feeling. I tell TJ and Stewart give me a little bit more. Don’t give me a Mike Tolbert game like feel, but give me a little bit more. I tell them just give me a little bit more so I can feel that, so I can get used to my legs turning over and running through contact and doing somethings that I haven’t done since October.”

Please do not give CJ preseason reps. CJ does not need it, he’s a Super Bowl Champion. “Whatever they say, I’m there. I’m out there. I was just on special teams the other day. That’s the type of player I am. I’m out there. If they say I have to play one through four, then that’s just what I have to do. I never look at an opportunity as a bad thing. That opportunity is that opportunity to get better and that’s how I always felt.”

Henderson couldn’t ask to be in a better position as a rookie to have vets like CJ and Jamal as mentors. On RB De’Angelo Henderson “Great vision. I’m interested to see if that carries over when the pads come on, but wonderful vision. Definitely in the play book, asking a lot of great questions.”

QB Paxton Lynch, “He’s doing way better compared to last year. You can see the jump. A lot of it is he’s more comfortable. He’s putting a lot more time into it, too. It’s a little different when you’re having a quarterback battle and then you don’t do what you want to do to win the battle. But then you might get out of the playbook and never realize that you might be up anytime like he was last year. This year he understands that it’s still the battle but win or lose, he has to still in the playbook and be ready.”

On how running the ball helps the quarterbacks “It is a scheme for us for getting downhill. I think that fits a lot of our game in that role myself… also think the way we’re used in the passing game is that other extension of the running game. So if we’re not running the ball well, but catching the ball on the back field and keeping the defense honest, we’ll still open up some lanes for us to run the ball.”

CJ believes both QB’s are having good days and Paxton has made a huge leap this year. Paxton mentioned that having CJ out there is like having another QB on the field. Point for Lynch. Brownie points count right? On the quarterback competition “Both of them had a good day. I caught two touchdowns from both of them, so they’re doing good to me.” On what will separate the quarterbacks “Maybe if I catch more touchdowns from one then the other that’s how I look at it. I caught a nice touchdown pass from Trevor the other day and day one I caught another one from Paxton. It’s like a win-win.”

RB Devontae Booker missing time “It’s huge. He has some skill sets that I can’t do and that Jamaal probably can’t do. When you lose that aspect, we try to fill it in. We do the best we can to fill it in, but we never do it like Devontae. A lot of those reps that he’s done during OTAs are his plays. Going on into training camp and in to the season we’ll just try to fill it in.”

Two things need to happen this season for success. One, CJ needs to stay healthy and be there for the team through the season and post season. Two, become a Captain. I believe that the loss of CJ last October hurt the Broncos more than they want to admit. His leadership off the field was missed and his NFL IQ on the field is priceless. With one of  two young QB’s set to start, CJ is a vital piece in having a successful season.




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