Part 5 NFC South: Love/Hate, we loved the Panthers in SB50 and hated the Falcons 4Q in SB51

For the first time in our rankings, we have a consensus opinion. It didn’t happen during the uniforms series and so far not for players, until now. We agree on one guy, on a team we don’t like. 

Atlanta Falcons

Stuart @StuTheUKBronoco — Julio Jones – LOVE Marginally the 2nd best receiver in football and in my opinion there’s nobody tugging on his coat tails. Desmond Trufant – LOVE A fantastic shutdown corner. He’s right up in the top bracket of corners and deserves every success. Tony Gonzalez – HATE I have a lot of respect for his career but he broke Shannon Sharpe’s records and I hated watching it happen.

Graham @GrahamTiedtke — Like: Devonta Freeman. The Falcons found a gem when they drafted RB Devonta Freeman in the 4th round of the 2014 draft. He has been one of the most exciting players on the Falcons offense since Mike Vick. Although he shares the backfield with fellow RB Tevin Coleman, he should still see most of the carries. I would say I love Freeman, but that goes to the Falcons best player. Love: Julio Jones. Jones is unstoppable. He’s crazy. He’s insane. All of those are good things in this case. Jones can jump high and catch a badly-thrown ball and make the quarterback look good. It’s a good thing, however, he doesn’t have to, as the Falcons have MVP quarterback Matt Ryan throwing him the ball. There’s a reason he was drafted 6th overall in the 2011 draft. No one can stop him (except, maybe, Tom Brady and the Patriots). Hate: Michael Vick. Dog fighting. Need I say more?

Jason @CaliOrange&Blue – Dislike-Mike Vick: some may say he did his time and reformed; I still call him a POS that destroyed dogs for fun.
Liked-Roddy White: honestly feel he played the game the right way, talented but never over the top or in your face
Very fond of-Keith Brooking: talk about a hard hitter, Brooking made it dangerous to come over the middle as a WR

Jules @ABroncoNoleLOVE, Deion Sanders. Yes, I used him for Dallas, too. LOVE: Devonta Freeman. First, he’s a Nole, second he’s fun to watch, third I won FF with him and fourth, the Falcons were so dumb not to RUN THE DANG BALL AGAINST THE PATRIOTS*. Why don’t coaches know this? LOVE: Warrick Dunn. Atlanta hit the jackpot on these three ‘Noles. Dunn was a dynamic and multi-talented player who then went on to own a piece of the Falcons and run a charity to donate houses to the poor. A truly stand up guy. Smart team, if they ran the stinkin ball against..

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18—  Love/Like:  Warrick Dunn, great player, better human, has done so much good through his foundation.  Julio Jones, best receiver in the game, period.  That Super Bowl catch he made should have gone down in history as a key play to a Falcons win. Unfortunately it didn’t. Hate/Dislike: Deion Sanders. I don’t buy his act/shtick and that could be said of others on this page. Showboat, loudmouth, and while he’s a great player wouldn’t make my all-time team. Tired of the act. Horrid on tv, go away.  Mike Vick  just a POS, and people will argue he did his time, and yes he did some time, but he had the Virginia DA in his back pocket and had state charges piggy-backed on to federal charges so, no he didn’t do all the time a regular person would have. F-him.

Carolina Panthers

Stuart — Luke Keuchly – LOVE 2nd best inside linebaker in football. An absolute joy to watch highlights and film of him.
Greg Olsen – LOVE Very reliable pass catcher and route runner and an outstanding 3rd down option. Steve Smith – LOVE Outstanding receiver and personality on the field and of course off it.

Graham  — Like: DeAngelo Williams. Seems like an all-around great person. I respect someone who supports Breast Cancer Awareness like Williams has. It’s really cool that he wears pink in his hair for awareness and for his mother, who, after battling cancer since 2004, passed away from the horrible disease in may of 2014. Love: Luke Kuechly. Really respect Kuechly’s play. I consider him near the top of the NFL’s linebackers. Kuechly, only 26 years old, already has 693 tackles in his 5 seasons in the NFL. He is a player I would love to be on my team. Hate: Cam Newton. Newton is a whiney baby. He cries and moans when he doesn’t get a roughing the passer penalty called against the defense. It was quite hilarious at the Super Bowl 50 presser when he just looked plain pissed all the time. His body language disgusted me, but at the same time, I thought it was hilarious. He also should learn to dive for the ball when the game’s on the line. 🙂

Jason –Dislike: Cam Newton: what a satisfying Super Bowl that was, when the Broncos destroyed and humiliated this cocksure QB
Liked-Jake Delhomme: class act, talented QB, loved his accent, and should have won a Super Bowl. Poor, poor Panthers, amirite?
Very fond of-Luke Kuechly: truly a rising star, his injury last year was scary, but he’ll be back and stronger this season

Jules LOVE: Kevin Greene. Hair on fire player, a real warrior. LOVE: Kelvin Benjamin. Dude is big and tall and has great hands. If he was healthy in SB50, they may have won because they sure needed an extra receiving weapon against out NFZ. LOVE: Luke Kuechly. He plays like a demon, but he’s so likable it’s tough to get mad at him even when he’s sacking your QB.

Kevin — Love/Like:  Jake Delhomme, underrated and still loved here in NC. See a couple of 17’s each and every month and even more in the fall.  Will put Steve Smith/Greg Olsen/Luke Kuechly in a 3 way tie here. Olsen is an amazing tight end, Kuechly is the best ILB in the game and Steve Smith has the fire I want players to play with.   Hate:  Rae Carruth, maybe the biggest piece of trash that will grace this section on any team. Just horrible.  Dislike: John Kasay , that kickoff out of bounds doesn’t begin to compare to Carruth, but that bone-headed mistake gave the Patriots a SB.   Cam Newton’s style. All that money and he doesn’t own a mirror. Better QB than dresser. He dives for footballs in the Super Bowl better than he dresses.  Just another me me me player.

New Orleans Saints

Stuart  — Drew Brees — LOVE Unbelievable person and i’m glad he won a Superbowl. He does a lot outside of football and that makes me happy. Will Smith – LOVE Fantastic and loyal player. Superbowl winner and people like Will Smith deserve to win things. Jimmy Graham – LOVE Amazing tight end/ wide receiver and he won me a fantasy league 2013

Graham — Like: Drew Brees. The NFL has become a passing league and Brees has become one of the best in the league. He also seems like a good person: He appeared on “Steve Gleason: A Football Life” and helped Gleason, who had to retire from the NFL because of ALS, climb Machu Picchu. It seems Brees has a good heart. Love: Brandin Cooks. Cooks is an explosive receiver who, in each of his 1st two seasons in the NFL, caught over 75 passes for over 1,100 receiving yards. Now with the Patriots, Cooks looks to do even better with another one of NFL’s greatest quarterbacks. Hate: The Saints Defense Under Gregg Williams. Oh, Bountygate. It’s a shame there’s cheating in the NFL. It’s a shame there’s cheating in sports, and in the world. The Saints’ defense under Gregg Williams disgusted me once there was proof of a bounty program involving the defense. Players were secretly paid money to injure their opponents, and got an extra amount of cash if they knocked them out. Sad. Pathetic.

Jason – Dislike-Kyle Turley: dirty nasty SOB, Turley was a horrible person to play against as a defender Liked-Jeremy Shockey: I honestly forgot Shockey was a Saint and a Giant, he was an entertaining dude to watch. Very fond of- Drew Brees: thank goodness the Chargers let go of him, or our success in the West may have been lessened. Brees is outstanding as a AN, accurate and so quick to throw.

Jules — Not much of a Saints fan. Eh. Like: Picking Archie Manning because without him, there would be no Peyton and no SB, or NFZ, etc. Plus, Archie played like his hair was on fire. Like Drew Brees because he’s a nice guy. As a player, not sure why, but he leaves me cold even though he throws a lot of yards. HATE: Darren Sharper you freaking rapist, scum.

Kevin — Love/Like: Archie Manning, underrated on his own, one of a dozen or so players that would have had 4 or more rings had he been on the Steelers. Father of a pair of Hall of Fame Quarterbacks. I swear he could sell his sperm on ebay for a ton of cash.  Steve Gleason, helluva  a special teams player that has been given a bad break and has fought and become the modern face of ALS.  Hate/Dislike: Darren Sharper, walking piece of filth. Gregg Williams, another walking piece of filth for different reasons. Simply does not deserve to be in the NFL, just a loud mouth with a Napoleon complex that will be kicked in the nuts if I’m ever face to face with him.. and #fytp aka Tracy Porter, lucky  Reggie Wayne was running a half-assed route.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Stuart  — John Lynch – LOVE A fantastic safety who was also fantastic in the booth after retirement. Warren Sapp – HATE I despise the man. He’s top of my hate list. Aqib Talib – LOVE 20% of the no fly zone and he has played his whole career with his hair on fire. Killer instincts you can’t teach and an arrogance that is always nice to have wearing your jersey.

Graham  — Like: John Lynch. One of the nicest players I ever had the honour of meeting. If someone new to the NFL asked me about the Safety position, I couldn’t not mention Lynch. He was an extremely hard hitter and took control of the defense. Now, if only he played his whole career for the Broncos! Love: Mike Evans. Evans is a big receiver for the Bucs (6’5″, 231). That’s REALLY big. He plays even better than that though. Evans can jump: at the NFL combine, he jumped a 37-inch vertical. That’s pretty damn good. He also helped me win my fantasy football league this last season. Hate: Warren Sapp. Sapp is just a loud mouth. He’s annoying. He is in the Hall of Fame, but the reason I hate him is not due to his play. It’s because, when he was on NFL Network, he never shut up and always interrupted everyone else. It seemed like he was trying to be one of the “cool” people. He really should be humiliated by how he was on TV.

Jason  – Bucs-Dislike: Warren Sapp-thug on and off the field, made perfect sense for him to finish his career as a Raider. Liked-Keenan McCardell: a product of UNLV, that’s why I dug him. And got himself a SB ring here, too! Very fond of-Jameis Winston: he seems poised to really take over this team and take them places

Jules—Never liked this team, but since Jason Leicht took over and then drafted Winston, I’ve flipped.  this is too easy, LOVE: JAMEIS WINSTON. Shocker, I know. And Warrick Dunn, again because of above. HATE: Warren Sapp. What a nasty, awful human being and player. Enough said.

Kevin — Love/Like: Derrick Brooks, Outstanding person and player. One of the best to play over the past 25 years.    John Lynch  I could simply copy and paste from Brooks. It will be interesting to see what he does with San Fran, but he was one of the better color guys on TV so he will be missed there.  Hate/Dislike:  Jameis Winston, not a fan, not impressed.  Warren Sapp, love the player, and actually liked the commentator, just not a great guy.


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