Emmanuel Sanders, “in this city, the past four years, it’s championship or nothing.”


Number 1o is ready to go. Emmanuel Sanders has been working intensely this off season. Missing the playoffs last year has every player coming into this season with a chip on their shoulder and we know what happens when the Broncos have chips on their shoulders… they bring championships.

On the intensity of this year’s training camp compared to last year, “We missed the playoffs last year. Being in this city, the past four years, it’s championship or nothing. Last year, even though we won the Super Bowl the previous year, last year was bad by not making the playoffs and not being productive. We have John Elway as our GM, and intensity is what they’re preaching. ‘Championship Habits’ is what they’re preaching because we have to get back on top and that’s what we’re doing. How do we do that? By the intensity that we do out on the practice field and everyone understand that.”

I will tell you what happened? You lost CJ during the season and when that happened the Broncos started to slide down the slope.

On last season’s fast start and why this year will be better “It did. Results show. We started out the season strong last year; 4-0, but something happened. We have to get back and figure out what happened. Obviously, we don’t know, but all we can do right now is continuously work hard and see where the chips fall during the season. I think everybody is dedicated.” What also happened, is defenses learned the offense and QB and Kubiak never changed.

In today’s practice things did get heated. Last year E got into it with CHJ, but today his counterpart DT got into it with the all pro cornerback. I love the No Fly Zone and their attitude. This is good for the WR’s, it makes them better. Remember, at the end of the day they are brothers and as long as they don’t lose sight of that and share the same goal the team will be fine.

On team balance in practice transferring to games, “It’s been balanced. The defense is talking smack. We’re talking smack. We’re scoring touchdowns and defense is catching interceptions. That’s how you kind of want it. During the season, you go against other teams and hopefully it’s balanced as well—the defense is doing well and we’re doing well and we’re rolling and it could be like my first year here in 2014 where we were putting up points. We give our defense 28 points, more than likely, that’s a win for us. That’s our goal. That’s our objective on offense.”

Bring on the dances in the end zone! I see touchdowns in the Broncos’ future. Mike McCoy’s scheme is bringing a lot of trickery to the defense during training camp and that’s a good thing as E told the reporters during his presser today. Thank goodness Elway made the change. Kubiak’s offense was a snooze-fest. Even when it wasn’t working, he still stuck with the same terrible O lineman after Mack ate him for dinner and didn’t play Lynch in the last game of the season. McCoy  has a brilliant offensive mind and will bring the attack offense we need. I loved what I heard today from E.

On the offensive scheme creating increased competition in practice, “From my perspective, I’m always competitive. I’m always going to compete no matter what system I’m in. As far as this system, I think for  Chris, and what he was saying was, this system is a lot more complex, a lot more difficult. We shift. We move. You have me in the slot, then No. 3, then No. 1, sometimes in the backfield. That right there confuses a defense. That’s the reason he says, they’re not just saying, ‘He’s not just lined up on the left side. He’s not just lined up on the right side. They’re moving him around.’ It makes it more difficult. I guess it brings more competitive out of him.”

I wonder what DMac from the fan would say about this quote?

On the quarterback competition, “Same thing. Both of them want the job. At the end of the day, I feel sorry because only one guy can win the job. With both of them being incredible guys, I want the best for both of those guys, but at the end of the day, it’s the NFL. The best man is going to win the job and we’re going to see. I’m watching just how you guys are to see who’s going to step up and who’s going to stand out and say, ‘Man, this is the guy right here that could lead us to a championship.”

This is the quote of the presser: “I was like, if he can make those throws consistently, he could be the guy for the job.” E was all about Paxton and the velocity of his throw. You know that got E’s attention. Let’s all be honest here- E cares about E. He wants TD’s and yards.  Whatever QB is going to make E look good and make the highlights on the networks then that’s who E wants.  Sounds like Lynch to me. “Paxton was very comfortable today. That shake route I ran in the red zone, that ball had some velocity. It was on the money—toe tap. It was just a beautiful throw. I was just like, if he can make those throws consistently, he could be the guy for the job. Then I see Trevor come back and he’s throwing off his back foot, a perfect throw. Both of them want the job. We’re going to see. We’re out here on the practice field. It’s easy, but we’ll see during the preseason games. That’s who’s going to determine who the starter is; who can ball during the game. Practice is practice. You have to be able to take that to the game.”

My aforementioned comments state exactly what McCoy is and what Kubs was not. On the offense attacking more than last year
“I love that. We’re not even in attack mode right now. We’re huddling up and calling plays. Mike McCoy is competitive. He’s walking up to me, scheming, right now just at practice. I can only imagine during the game how he’ll be scheming. We’re not even in attack mode right now. Once we’re able to go no huddle, speed up, and use this altitude to our advantage, that’s when we’ll be in attack mode.”

Bennie, drop the ball in end zone with no defender in sight against the Titans? Smh…On who is leading in the competition at the third receiver spot “I think Bennie  has that job right now. Bennie doesn’t want to lose it, but that’s Bennie’s job right now to lose if you ask me. He’s the one playing in the slot majority of the time.” CHJ said in his interview that Bennie and Trevor have chemistry and anytime Bennie was on the field, Siemian looked right for him.

It was great to hear that the rookie WR’s were doing well on their routes and Tyke didn’t have to pull any aside as E mentioned. This could be a sign of improved leadership in the locker room which bodes well for this season. On the rookie wide receivers, “I was just telling Isaiah. Most of the time, rookies come in and you hear Tyke yelling, ‘You’re in the wrong spot. You’re in the wrong line. You’re doing the wrong thing.’ But, now, Tyke isn’t saying anything and that’s awesome that rookies can come out and know they’re assignment because that’s where it starts first. I think they’re doing a good job.”

Broncos training camp is so good it’s like a soap opera. In fact the infamous Fan radio station which covers the Broncos in Denver  even has a hashtag dedicated to it called  #TheDecision concerning who will be the starting QB.

On putting pads on for the first time on Sunday, “I always say, ‘When you put the pads on, that’s the difference between the boys and the men.’ So, we’re going to see who the men are.”

I am looking forward to E and DT making a lot of touchdowns this season!

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