Derek Wolfe, “We give max effort and then take rests and then max effort and quick rest.”


Thursday was the first day of training camp 2017, for the Broncos. There was a noticeable absence at the facility:  DE Derek Wolfe. Wolfe was sent home from practice due to food poisoning from seafood.

“This is my first day. I had a rough night the other night,” said the star defensive end. “I caught some kind of food poisoning or something. From 10 p.m. to 2 a.m. I was just stuck. They let me go home and I got an IV and got myself together. I’m back today and I feel great.”

Due to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, teams are limited in practices. There are no longer two-a-day practices at full go; however, walkthroughs are permitted, but even so teams have to fit in as much work as they can with the time they are given. Wolfe isn’t worried about Friday’s shorter practice.

“We give max effort and then take rests and then max effort and quick rest. As long as we’re playing hard in between the lines for those plays, we’re getting all the conditioning we need.”

Wolfe doesn’t sound worried about mistakes made in practice. “We’re just clicking. Everything is just clicking and when someone makes a mistake they fix it right away. That’s how we were the season we won the Super Bowl, everyone was just clicking on all cylinders and that’s how it feels right now.”

It’s only the second practice of the 2017 training camp. The team will have plenty of chances to work on their craft, and Wolfe isn’t worried.

Last season, Wolfe generated 5.5 sacks for the Broncos, along with 38 tackles and 4 pass deflections in 14 games played. He looks to increase those totals in his 6th season with the team.

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