Day 2: Vance Joseph gives update on Training Camp


Hopefully, Head Coach Vance Joseph is upbeat after the first practice in pads, as he was today.  The reason may be because he, “feel great about the energy the last two days.” He said they’ve kept the field short to keep players from having injuries.boles

As Garett Bolles and Ty Sambrailo rotate first team reps, the focus is on the entire Offensive line and it make VJ happy be cause, “I’ve been impressed with everyone without pads.

As far as the DL, “Peko has been really, really stout as a Nose”. Give me three cheers because in a 3-4 scheme if you can have a plug at NT, it helps the entire defense. We want teams to throw against us, easy three and outs, but pounding the rock, tires them out and sets up more injuries, plus it allows the offense to control the clock better. So, go call me Team Peko! Vance also mentioned Jared Crick and Kerr.

As far as the Vonster. “Von has been tremendous” as not just a pass rusher, but a run stopper, too. It’s scary to think he believes he can get better. I hope the AFCW QBs and Brady* has a pit in their stomachs thinking about it.

Joseph had a good things to say about new addition, Stevan Ridley, who had 1,200 yards and 12 TD’s in one season. He said, “he’s in shape, can run, can catch, is explosive, what we want in a back”. Which is good because he wants 2-3 half backs. That is a sign, he’d like a balanced roster.

If you think the competition for WR is close to being finished, he dashed that hope right away, ‘It’s way too early”. He did pick out Isaiah McKenzie. Which is odd because later Emmanuel Sanders said Bennie Fowler has been playing slot and he thinks he’s who is WR3. However, it could be VJ just wanting to give Isaiah a pat on the back for motivation.

When asked about Demaryius Thomas and Chris Harris, Jr dust up in practice, he said he loves it because if, “those guys work, everyone follows”. Translation: its no big deal you have these little skirmishes because it means they’re in to it.

He likes seeing the improvement on the OL, says they need “4 guys because in our division, every team has two edge rushers”. Oh, and if you’ve wondering what’s going on with Donald Stephenson, he’s been playing RT. So, if you’re making a list of who makes the 53, pencil in four tackles.

WIll roll the questions about QB into one spot so you can speed fast if you don’t want to read what he said. When asked how Paxton Lynch was doing he said, “Paxton is Paxton. He’s playing ball. He’s improving every day. Both guys are improving every day. Our offense, I love it because we’re in attack mode all the time. That’s my vision for it.”

Sanders later said they’re not in attack mode because they’re huddling, wait until they don’t. YES! When asked about the pump action fake for a 40 yard TD, “Paxton is Paxton. He can run, so I wasn’t surprised. He made a bunch of those in the Spring”. He went on, “For a young QB like Paxton, if things break down, he can run. As a defense, you hate that guy because you’re playing man to man, you can’t account for him. So, if the play breaks down, he can take off and make the play with his legs.” When asked how he felt about 6’7″ QB taking off, sliding, etc. he said good, live to see another day.

As far as the offensive scheme, he believes if you have an, “attacking offense, it leads to less snaps, leads to scoring more points, so you can free on defense. He wants points scored. This goes to how happy he is that both sides are being aggressive.

He also tipped his hand, maybe, on wanting three TE’s on offense because he mentioned Virgil Green, Jeff Heuerman and AJ Derby by name. He said, “Virgil is steady, he’s a run blocker, pass catcher.”/ He said Jeff Heuerman has had a “helluva Spring” he’s been good the last two days and AJ is a pass catcher, mover. SO, they have three different types which helps an offense. Meaning we have a Y, F and U. Please. let them all stay healthy!

He’ll find out later today how Devontae Booker did during his surgery this morning.

For full presser, see below.

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