Chris Harris, Jr. drops a lot of information about the defense and offense.


CB Chris Harris, Jr. loves that the practices have been shorter than other teams because it gives them a chance to get their “legs up under us, to avoid injuries and to make sure everyone is ready to go for that first game”. He feels coming out right away with ten three hour practices is why other teams have many injuries.

As a defense on keeping things so far in the RZ, he thinks it’s good because that’s where games are won. “That’s how I made my name, not giving up touchdowns”.  “We take that serious, we’ve gotten better at it since the OTA’s.” That is a jump up and down comment right there.

As far as the hangover from the SB, “We started over from scratch, a little reset with Joe Woods. “Start over, have new goals. Win every day.”

CHJ likes having the offense attack. “We need that, we need to get a lot more competition, than the past. I like Mike McCoy I love his offense scheme, it’s great,  It’s great, they make me think, put me in motion, make me do a lot of things. Different sets, try to confuse us. I think once the QBs grasp it, they’ll have the same success that guys in this scheme have had in the past.”

Of course he was asked several questions about the QBs. He said both are a little up and down right now, both said said they’re starting off a little slow. “It’s hard, man, they’re going against us. The top secondary in the league. We’re not going to make it easy on them. As Camp goes on they’re going to continue to get better.” The preseason is where he thinks one is going to stand out.

When asked about going up against a scrambling QB, “We’ve got to cover longer, we see Paxton, you know you gotta cover, the LBs have to keep an eye on him. That’s the difference. He can do that. We seen that today. He had a nice little run today (40 yard TD). Just taking off, out ran a couple linebackers, couple D-linemen, so he brings that different effect to the offense, and Mike McCoy knows how to use those guys, perfect, too.”

The QBs are trying win a job, they’re playing tough every day. Mike and McCoy and his scheme, he loves it. He likes what he’s seen from UNRFA Marcus Ros, and thinks DeMarcus Walker “definitely has a lot of talent.” He believes he’ll be used this season on  3rd down, situational plays .

He doesn’t think anything about Roby wanting to better, aspiring to be a PRo Bowler is motivation. CHJ wanted to get as many accolades as Champ Bailey.

Steven Ridley, ” He runs hard, has great vision, can catch the ball out of backfield. Great competition.” He really likes 33, De’Angelo Henderson, said he impressed because “he comes downhill.” He wants to see how he does in pads.

“Von is best in the league.” CHJ gave a little, hmm insight when he said that Miller couldn’t play every snap last season, he had to come out due to fatigue. Now, he’s challenging him to play every snap. Thinks he could see 850-900 snaps. Smiling, yet? I am! More Von is more cowering QBs.

As far as a third WR, Chris says that Bennie Fowler has good hands and he and Trevor have great chemistry. He doesn’t know how it is with Paxton, yet. “Trevor loves to find him. YOu can see from last season any time Bennie came in, Trevor always, he always would look for him.” He likes the competition, “I’m going to make them better every day. He should be able to take on the slot receiver.” This echoes what Emmanuel Sanders, as well. That Bennie is their prefered slot. Another good day of information from the players.

When asked again about the differences in the QBs he said Paxton is a running QB, Trevor is a pocket passer, so you get two different looks. As far as throwing motion, “Trevor has a kind of Brett Favre kind of sling it throw (arm kept down)  and Paxton’s is taller, he’s tall, so you can see the ball coming a little bit more. So, it’s different, especially for a corner.” If Trevor could combine the slingy throw of Brett with his strong gunslinger arm and mentality, combined with an extra year of experience, he’d be the one and no competition would be happening.

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