Vance Joseph gives update on Day 1 of Training Camp


Denver Broncos Head Coach Vance Joseph says RB Devontae Booker will have surgery tomorrow and be out six weeks. They didn’t want to let the injury go because the bone could die. It was a fracture he could have played with, but felt it wasn’t best for his health. He says it won’t affect camp because they “have five guys who are working here.”

One of the keys that many have said the QB needed to do was show he could handle the huddle and that it gave  incumbent starter Trevor Siemian a leg up in the QB competition.  According to Joseph, “Both guys were in command of the huddle, communication was pretty sharp, the concepts were there.” He thought it was a really good day for the first day of camp.

When asked about how different the QBs are, he replied that, “Paxton’sgot a big arm, so those guys with those big arms have to find their way as far as being aggressive with the ball. Obviously Trevor’s played more football, I think he’s more conservative by his personality. That’s not a bad thing. I think they’re both different guys, it’s obvious when you’re watching them play they’re both different but they’ve both been productive players.”

Oh, Vance, you crack me up. Yesterday you said you didn’t want conservative play from a QB and today you say it’s not bad a bad thing.  Which day is the truth?

With that said, “Until we block better, it won’t matter who plays.” Truth in that statement. Von Miller was eating up the tackles. Got would be sacks on both QBs.

DeMarcus Walker had a heat issue. Lost his fuel too quick. VJ thought it was funny that a FSU guy would have that issue. I can tell you first hand that coming from steamy, sea level Jacksonville to a dry mile high is brutal on the body. It’s natural to drink lots in Florida because you sweat it out so quickly, but in Colorado it’s easy to become dehydrated and suffer some flu-like symptoms from the altitude. Joseph says he’ll be fine tomorrow.

New LG Allen Barbre, will be adding needed depth and also will be an elder spokesman out there who will “absolutely compete” to be a starter. He knows what to do, who to block. It’s under front, run power.

Chad Kelly can’t do anything until six weeks into the season, right now he’s on the shelf. Bummer, was hoping he’d play just one drive in preseason so someone would take him. If you had some pie in the sky idea he’d be some conquering hero this season, step away from the koolaid.

Jared Crick came into practice looking bigger, Joseph says he plays so hard, he’s a tough guy, add Kerr and Peko, we’ve got some big guys. He thought everyone was really good. Not a lot of busted plays.

Joseph says he misses coaching, but he knows he has coaches to do that and will decide when to jump in. That is what you want from a HC. Someone who delegates. A HC who knows he hired these guys for a reason: they’re expects in one area, let them do their jobs.

The conditioning test was to gauge where the players are, not a punishment. Smart idea.

On Sunday, they will be in pads which he said was critical, a true evaluation starts with the pads, including for the QBs, determine who can feel it and not just see it.

See the full presser below.


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