Paxton Lynch on being more comfortable in the new scheme: “I can kind of be myself a little bit more.”


If you saw or read Vance Joseph’s presser than you know he said Trevor was a conservative guy in play and personality. Their two pressers today underlined it. Maybe the newness has rubbed off for Siemian and not yet for Lynch, but this guy is like the sun, which fit in with the quote of the day.

His sleeveless answer was the RT of the day.

“I was always had them out at Memphis, the coach said, ‘Son, trees don’t grow in the shade, so you have to let them be out there. Let them grow a little bit. I’m trying to let my trees grow a little bit. I’ve just always cut the sleeves off of my shirt wearing them under my pads and what not. I’m trying to let them grow and get a nice tan because I know the season is long. In the winter, I can’t tan as much, so I have to get it on now.”

At the beginning of practice he had a couple rough throws, when asked if it was nerves, “I wouldn’t say it was it was nerves, I just think people were kind of excited to get out there.” He settled down quickly after a couple poor passes.

One thing has been said repeatedly since McCoy and Musgrave were hired is that they tailor around what their QB can do and make them comfortable. On the Dan Patrick show, John Elway said the same. That a system needs to be fit to the QB, not the other way around. Which is why swapping from a WCO to an Air Coryell off shoot, indicated a move to make Lynch the starter. It’s an aggressive intermediate to deep pass heavy offense that must have a bold, strong armed QB to succeed. It’s run from the shotgun.

Based on many judging Lynch from last season, this is good to hear about how he feels this season.“Honestly, it feels like night and day. I feel way more comfortable out there with those guys. I can kind of be myself a little bit more. Last year, I just felt like I was tip-toeing away trying to learn things and figure everything out at once instead of sitting back and getting a plan and sticking to it. But now, I think I’ve gotten a little bit more comfortable. I found a regime to stick to and a plan to stick to, and it’s worked pretty well. I feel like through OTAs and even through the first day, I’ve continuously gotten better every day.”

Instead of starting the first day of Training Camp going easy, Vance Joseph put them in the RZ and kept them there. Good thing, too because Denver was awful in the RZ and 3rd downs last season. “It was tough with those guys. Obviously, we got a good defense over there. When you get down there to the red zone, you’re going to have to take some chances with the ball and throw it into some tight areas. I think that Joseph did a good job of letting everybody get their feet underneath them and not having them run all over the field by keeping us down in the red zone.”

So, he scored, I believe, four times in the RZ taking chances, Kyle Sloter did twice, both being aggressive with their big arms. Meanwhile, Siemian let his conservative style rip and didn’t. That may be the key to Denver’s RZ and third down woes last season. You need to be assertive, and he wasn’t. It was no fluke McCoy or Vance wanted to start out with the worst part of Denver’s offense last season. Nor when Elway said you’d see quickly a separation. In this area, it was clear. Will that continue in pads? Who knows, but not stalling out in the RZ against the number 1 defense, is pretty big.

His thoughts on having so many current and former quarterbacks around, “It’s great honestly because they push you to be the best guy you can be. But they also get how you see things and the way you’re viewing things. They have a lot of great advice for you. If you were to mess something up, you have those guys who are a lot smarter and wiser than you”.

Over the last year, Lynch has often told stories about his childhood pretending all kinds of scenarios, so of course when asked if he could imagine starting the first game he had a ready answer, “I visualize a lot of things having to do with my football career, but I’m just worried about right now and trying to make this team better and make myself better. Whatever happens on that Monday night, I’m ready for it. I visualize Monday Nights. I visualize Super Bowls. I visualize all that stuff, so you could say that’s a yes.”

On how RB C.J. Anderson has helped learn the new offense
“[RB] C.J. [Anderson] is basically another quarterback out there on the field. Like you said, he’s been in this offense before, so whenever you need help or to talk something through, C.J. is always there to help you. I know a lot of these guys are the same way. We all do a good job of communicating with each other, quarterback to quarterback, but also, quarterback to receivers, running backs and o-lineman, too.”


All through college and last season, he has been exuberant when a teammate scores, he explained why, “I’ve just always been a guy who gets excited because he’s playing football every day. I know there are a lot of people who would want to be out here doing this day in and day out. I like to go out there and have fun and show people that I’m having fun and get guys around me to have fun. I’ve just always been taught to go celebrate with your teammates. Don’t be the guy in the end zone by yourself when all your teammates are trying to celebrate with you and you’re doing some crazy stuff. I just like celebrating with the guys around me because they helped me succeed.”

This is what you want in a QB, a guy who’s excited he gets to play. Who loves it. Its no secret I adore Jameis WInston. Why? Because of above. He radiates a love for the game, he gets excited to play and revs up those around. Lynch has the same qualities and it is half of hat it takes to succeed in the NFL. It separates the potential elite from the rest of the pack.

See the full presser below.

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