Domata Peko shows he’s embraced his new team.


Denver Broncos Nose Tackle Domata Peko spoke briefly with the press today. Straight up, I love Poly Power and was thrilled we added another Peko to the family, but when he embraced the loss of missing the playoffs like he was part of it last year, my heart went, pitter patter.

“Everyone is out here just trying to get better. We had kind of a bad taste in our mouths last year, not making it to the playoffs. This year, we’re back and we’re coming back here trying to get better, improve ourselves and try to get back to the Super Bowl. It starts now. Sharpening each other up, getting better and competing.” That’s embracing your team, feeding off their vibe and it’s a TD in my book.

Most players aren’t a fan of Training Camp, so who knows if this is true, but I bet he’s glad to get out of Cincinnati.  “It’s been great. Anytime you’re on the field, you’re not really looking at the clock. You’re just trying to improve on your craft and that’s what we did today. D-line was getting better, and it felt really good out here. I think it’s like 75 (degrees), you know? It’s a great day out here in Denver and it’s good to get back to football.”

Of course he had nice words to say about our fans since he was stuck with Bengals for so long, “Shout out to Broncos Country. They’re out here cheering for us and that’s why we play the game. We play for them. It’s exciting to be here in Denver to play for a great organization.”

Next time, I hope they put him in front of the video camera because we need more Peko.

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