Aqib Talib – Relaxed and ready for work.


As a firm, but fair practise drew to a close, a relaxed Aqib Talib put a few things to bed and answered a few questions. It’s clear the team is motivated to put last season behind them and strive forward as a 3 headed unit to reach Super Bowl 52.

When asked about the differences from last training camp to this one he replied, “It’s regular. Last year it wasn’t regular. We came back lackadaisical. This year, it’s regular. It’s that anticipating the first game of the year. Like you said, there are a lot of expectations of ourselves. A lot of guys are hungry. That’s what every team in the league is right now, except for the Super Bowl Champions. Well, maybe the Super Bowl Champions are. It’s regular to us, last year that wasn’t regular. We’re getting back to where we want to be.”

It seems to me last year’s camp was full of distractions from all the post Super Bowl celebrations and too many players believing their own hype.

From Talib’s further comments it seems Coach Joseph is running a tight ship and keeping players motivated

“I just go by the script. Coach (Head Coach Vance Joseph) runs the show, we just go by the script. Our day isn’t over yet. We don’t get off work until 8 o’clock. I don’t know about you guys, but we’ll be here until 8 pm.”

“We feel like we’re the best. We don’t even go to the dance. We don’t even go to the tournament. That definitely motivates us. That’s why we all had a great offseason. That’s why we’re all here early. Everyone made their weight. Everyone made their conditioning test. That’s why we pushed ourselves this offseason, so we can get into the tournament.”

Social media is awash with Bronco doubters at the moment, so it was a question I think Talib was anticipating. As quick as the question came out he quickly replied,

“All we can do is go out and play. People are entitled to their own opinions, right? We have our own opinions; they have their own opinions. I guess we’ll see. The only person that knows is God.”

From the outside looking in, the Broncos lacked leaders last season and it’s clear some veterans have taken it upon themselves to be someone the rookies and younger guys can look up to.

“I’m talking at all times; individual drills, meeting room, lunch in the cafeteria. That’s what I’m here for. If I can help, I can help.”

And like a true leader, when asked who won practise. “That’s up to y’all. I feel like the defense did great. We did great.”

What a guy!

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