AFC East Love/Hate, well except for the Patriots* hate, hate, hate

This division is truly awful except for the Dolphins and only because the fins have never been smarmy. Lukewarm, bad even, but not a team you can despise or its leadership.

Buffalo Bills

Stuart @StuTheUKBronoco — Marshawn Lynch – HATE He loves the Raiders. Is there anything else worth saying?
LOVE Fred Jackson is a jack of all trade back who along with CJ Spiller provided many a dominant running display
Marcell Dareus – LOVE Dominant defensive tackle who must give offensively linemen nightmares

Graham @GrahamTiedtke — Like: Jim Kelly. Kelly led the Buffalo Bills to 4 straight super bowls in the 90’s with wide receiver Andre Reed and running back Thurman Thomas. I was too young to be able to watch Kelly play, but seeing highlights has been a blessing. He was a great quarterback, even if the team did lose all 4 of those Super Bowls. Love: Takeo Spikes. Spikes was a hard-hitting linebacker who spent 4 seasons with the Bills (2003-2006). It’s incredible that, in his first year in Buffalo, he recorded 126 tackles. I loved watching him play because of his ferociousness. Hate: I would say T.O but he only played 1 season in Buffalo. Can’t think of a player I hate on the Bills.

Jason @CaliOrange&Blue – Jim Kelly—Astounding QB, and took his team to 4 Super Bowls in a row! Granted, he didn’t win one of them, but still, getting there 4 years in a row is exceptional. Glad too that he’s recovering from his cancer scare.  Fred Jackson—Man, it felt like he played for about 50 years. Never put up huge numbers, but reliable hands, ran hard all the time, and was hardly ever unavailable injury-wis. LaSean McCoy—A recent addition to the team, he continues to excel at RB from either behind the QB or out of the backfield.

Jules @ABroncoNole— I don’t like the Bills. Never have, they’re oatmeal. Plain, cold, oatmeal. So, I’m cheating. Like: Marv Levy because he was a fantastic coach in the league. Love: Brian Moorman because I know him. He’s a great guy, and runs a wonderful charity, plus he was a hell of a punter, who was in a Pro-Bowl with Peyton Manning. Like the next two because they were Seminoles. After them, eh on the whole franchise. Karlos WIlliams/Mario Williams. Yeah, I know they’re not great, but it’s because they played for a crap team in a blizzard area.

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18— Love/Like:  Jim Kelly, great QB, better fighter. Obviously a winner, even if he was 0-4 in Super Bowls. Bruce Smith, he’s in the Hall of Fame, but easily one of the most underrated  players of the past 2-3 decades.  Hate/Dislike:  Doug Flutie, Always rubbed me the wrong way. Maybe it was the Boston College part of him.  Gregg Williams, Piece of human filth.  A cocky  scum bag that doesn’t deserve to teach the game of football on any level. Roger Goodell’s two of Roger Goodell’s biggest mistakes during his tenure as NFL Commissioner was allowing this  piece of feces and fellow piece of feces Mike Vick return to the league.

 Miami Dolphins

Stuart — Cameron Wake – LOVE A true pass rushing end who was a joy to watch disrupting many a play and making QB’s uncomfortable for full games
Jay Ajayi – LOVE A former Boise State powerback and entered the NFL despite being British. Hopefully many more Europeans will get a chance to show the world how good we can be. Wes Welker – LOVE Gutted for him not to win a Super Bowl despite his Patriot success and Super Bowl 48 debacle.

Jules — This one is really tough. When you grow up with fanatic Dolphin parents, you end up knowing a lot about them. HATE: Dan Marino, I met him long ago and he was a flaming hemorrhoid. Great arm, jerk personality. I’m going all old school with players from the perfect season, ever.  on my LOVES: Mercury Morris. Yes, his life spiraled out of control, but he was an electric RB. Earl Morrall. He doesn’t get the credit he deserves. In their perfect season, without there would be no SB because people forget that he and Bob Griese split the season. He filled in twice when Johnny Unitas was injured, leading to two trips to the SB in three years. Paul Warfield, my mom adored him, she thought he played like liquid gold and she was right. He was smooth, powerful and worth his weight on that. He and Morris were a threat on any play.

Graham  — Like: Mercury Morris. I never got to watch Morris play, but I love the name “Mercury”. Of course it’s not his real name but that is what he was known as. Love: Jarvis Landry. Landry is an explosive receiver who I have had the privilege of having on my fantasy football team a couple times. Love his hair, too. Ha. Hate: Brent Grimes. Maybe it’s just that I don’t like his wife, Miko. He needs to tell his wife to stay off social media…

Jason  – Dan Marino—Probably one of the best QBs to never win it all, he put up some huge numbers as a QB for many years, setting a multitude of records in the process. Zach Thomas—When the Broncos got to play the Dolphins, I remember being scared of this linebacker. He was excellent in the middle of the field, laying out crossing WRs all the time. Randy McMichael—Excellent receiving tight end, he was a reliable outlet for the Dolphins during his time there.

Kevin — Love/Like: Dan Marino, one of the greatest to ever throw a football. He’s dinged by many for not having a ring, but you can’t legally fix stupid.  Simply one of the best, and has done a ton of off-the-field work via his foundation for years.   Zach Thomas, underrated middle linebacker that was hell on offenses. A lot of times the smartest guy on the field.    Hate/Dislike:  Mercury Morris,  I never saw him play, and as long as it’s not the Patriots*, Colts, Raiders, Chiefs or Chargers, or someone else I really dislike, I’m okay with a team going 19-0 and just to shut this fool up.  Bryan Cox, just another mouthy punk.

New England Patriots*

Stuart — Rodney Harrison, Tedy Bruschi, Julian Edelman – ALL HATE Not jealousy hate or its cool to hate the Pats*. But these 3 individuals are just on my hate list. Add Danny Amendola to this list too.

Graham  —Like: Julian Edelman. Fantasy football purposes only. Truthfully I don’t like any Patriot* but Edelman has been a great asset for me in the fantasy football world. *editor note, he could win you a 100M and you still must hate him, he’s a sleezy manwhore Patriot** Love: I really can’t think of any Patriot* I like even a little bit. Hate: Tom Brady (duh). From his cheating to his whining, there’s absolutely no way I could like him. It drives me nuts seeing him on his ass, whining about being hit.

Jason – P*triots The All Hated List. Br*dy–#FYTB, you UGG wearing, Ref badgering, cell phone destroying, evidence hiding, whiny POS pansy…I could really go on and on. Tedy Bruschi—cocky for someone with not too much talent, that’s taken that to a new level in the media. Aaron Hernandez—don’t mean to pile on the dead here, but he was just a bad, bad dude. *(He was a gator, what else did you expect?) *


Kevin — Love/Like:  I don’t think I can use the word like much, but Drew Bledsoe would be one, mostly due to his post Patriot* days and the fact that he won their first AFCCG after Brady* was knocked out. He never gets the credit for that.  Vince Wilfork, funny dude. Hard worker, great player, but the man has a sense of humor. Showing up too practice and a charity softball game in cutoff overalls and work boots.  Of course this is when he was a Texan, but when it’s Boston* you have to stretch.   Hate/Dislike:  This list should be about 1000 names deep starting with Robert “I own one shirt” Kraft down to  low level employee nicknamed “The deflator.” But THE Mike Vrabel was a whiny douche, and Julian Edelman has replaced him in that role perfectly. I can’t stand them on and #fytb.

New York Jets

Stuart  — Nick Mangold – LOVE Fantastic lineman. A good center is worth his weight in gold in today’s NFL. D’Brickashaw FergusonLOVE I wanted Denver to take him instead of Clady. He would of looked so good in orange and blue. Sheldon Richardson – LOVE Another defensive lineman I could watch all day. Strong and smart is a deadly combination

Graham — Like: Don Maynard. The combination of Maynard and Namath looked unstoppable. Of course, they played decades before I was born but I would have loved seeing the combo ball out. Love: Joe Namath. Namath was a tough cookie. Sure, he has the reputation of being a showoff, but there’s no denying how awesome he was. He got beat up quite a lot and surgeries back in the 60’s and 70’s were a LOT different than they are now. Hate: Mark Sanchez. Ohhh, the butt fumbler. Sanchez led the Jets to the playoffs in his first couple seasons, but never truly lived up to the expectations of many, since being drafted 5th overall in 2009.

Jason  – Chad Pennington—I hated Chad just because he never was able to live up to his potential. He was a surprisingly good QB, but could never really dethrone the stupid P*triots. Eric Decker—I thought he was such a good Bronco, it was sad that we didn’t want to pay him, but keeping DT has been phenomenal. Decker was loved by the ladies and was a solid reliable weapon for the Jets
Curtis Martin—an extremely solid RB for the Jets, he had good speed and ran very well, smooth runner that was hard to take down.

Jules LOVE: Broadway Joe Namath. All these quarterbacks trying to be fly, he did it first. He was flashy, mouthy and dripped diamonds and females with abandon. My grandmother l000ved him. Saw film of him playing at Bama and he was incredible. Move over, Cam Newton.  Not a Jets fans, so LOVE; Brett Favre. Don’t @ me, he donned the jersey, good enough. Like Bobby Humphrey because he was drafted by the Broncos.

Kevin  Love/Like: Eric Decker, hated seeing him leave Denver throwing way two years that he and 18 had developed. Lucky to have Emmanuel Sanders fall in our lap as he gave KC the middle finger. Joe Namath, I never saw him play, but those that I know and respect that did say he was really good. But to have the intoxicated balls to tell Suzy Kolber that he wanted to kiss her on national TV will always be a funny moment and worthy of the legendary fur coat.    Hate/Dislike:  Mo Lewis, helped give birth to the Tom Brady* era with that hit on Drew Bledsoe, so screw him.  Keyshawn Johnson, another mouthy guy that is just too mouthy for his talent level. One of the joys of watching that Peyton Manning comeback in Tampa was the fact that Johnson was mic’ed up and he was seen running his mouth constantly throughout the game.  The look on his face at the end was priceless.  The funny thing is had Manning come out of Tennessee in ’97, he would have thrown Keyshawn the damn ball and Keyshawn would be in Canton. But that is a pipe dream at this point.


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