Vance Joseph meets the press and says a lot and not much, at all.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado.  As usual, Head Coach Vance Joseph talked a lot, but didn’t say much; however, he may have tipped his hand on what’s needed at QB.

He was asked about conservative play and taking chances.

“Go out and win the job. Football is a game of mistakes. You don’t want a guy being conservative, not wanting to make mistakes.”

He also said that time is a good thing because it gives them time to put their best foot forward. Not be based on one bad day. Continuing the long QB narrative, he said while they decide on the starter, it won’t stop the team from getting better and one quarterback will stand out.

Until then, tomorrow Trevor Siemian will begin with the first team, Friday Paxton Lynch will. However, he stressed that they will rotate “certain drills”…”inside of practice it might be Paxton 7-7 and Trevor doing move the ball.”

That was intriguing. What drills they do could say much more than words. Who does what with the ones makes a big difference as all drills aren’t equal. He said rotating QBs isn’t a big deal because every team rotates them ( he meant during TC when you have 90 guys, and still determining starters, not after they’re picked).

During this time, “everyone is going to play with Paxton and Trevor”.

He thinks the system is good for both guys and he’s not concerned with time, but it won’t be long because the decision time has already started. He stated that it was a good thing to have so many QB minds making the decision: Mike McCoy, Bill Musgrave, John Elway and himself, as he reminded everyone, he was once a QB, too.

As far as the rest of the offense, the QB competition shouldn’t “deter you from doing your job.” He says they’re used to rotating quarterbacks and it shouldn’t be a distraction.

Garett Bolles and Ty Sambraillo will both be on the first team tomorrow and he said about Bolles working for that starter spot, “He’s a first round guy for a reason.” Hmm. Imagine that, talent and draft position going hand and hand and wanting him to start.

He repeated what was announced yesterday that Jake Butt, Matt Paradis and Shaq Barrett are all three cleared for TC, drills and walk through….Jamaal Charles has been cleared for everything, but they won’t push him out or too hard beacause they want him for the whole season. “Our job is getting Jamaal healthy”.

He loves preseason games because they aren’t controlled like practice, so some do better in games than shorts…”average in shorts, but very, very good in pads and vice versa.”

Barrett is on NFI, he “could” play this season. CJ Anderson and Devontae Booker will take first team reps. They’re going to split the RBs into three teams. Will rotate JC in them all.

Joseph said CJ could be a bell cow and he’s in great shape. “Iron sharpens Iron” was his remark on the RBs pushingneach other. Staying healthy all year will be the question.  He stressed Andy Janovich is a FULL BACK and a ST player who’s an important piece of the team. That’s good to hear because a FB gives a team more options.

See the presser below.


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