John Elway: “Our goal and mission has not changed, and that’s to compete for world championships.”

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. First off, must say that John Elway looked rested which is good to see as we enter a new season. Glad to see his promotion is good for his health. Speaking of which, The Denver Broncos,  have promoted him to President of Football Operations/General Manager. Which is no shocker, who actually believed it was just about money? Power, people was what he wanted.

“We’re football first here at the Broncos and obviously John is our leader of the team,” Ellis said at the team’s annual training camp Media BBQ. “I think he is definitely deserving of this title elevation. It’s really a recognition that he deserves for all that he does and all that he has done for this team over the years since he arrived here in 1984.”

Ok, moving on to football stuff. He said nothing has changed, his goal is to win World Championships. As an aside, don’t you love how he always says, World Championship and rarely, Super Bowl? One day, wonder if he’ll slip and say, World Domination? “Our goal and mission has not changed, and that’s to compete for world championships.”

He said he feels good about the quarterback position because they are in a better spot than they were last season because Trevor Simian has a year under his belt and Paxton Lynch got a couple games under his belt, too. As far as having this issue unsettled he said, “There’s always one thing in this league—the one thing that I understand and learn to understand is that there is always going to be an issue somewhere on your football team. Because of the way it’s set up with all the teams in the battle all the time, there is always going to be an issue that you’re going to have to take care of. That’s why [you have to be] flexible, continue to work hard and make sure to take care of every spot on the football team.”

A week or so ago on the Dan Patrick show, he was not very kind about the previous coaching staff, but today he walked back on the comment, by saying, “I don’t want to say anything against the previous staff. The previous staff won a World Championship.” He did say he’s really excited about what Mike McCoy can do and what Billy Musgrave can do with the quarterbacks. He thinks they’re a good combo.  “I’m excited with what we’re going to do offensively. I think we’re going to be better offensively. If you look at where we were last year, I think there’s only one way for us to go, and that’s to continue to get better. Especially with two young quarterbacks with another year under their belts, I’m optimistic with what we can do offensively.”

He said he’ll weigh in on the quarterback position, but it’ll be Vance’s choice. Right, because for the first time in his tenure, he’s weighing in on picking the quarterback, but it’s really Vance’s decision? If that was the case, why have a say at all? Why have both listed a group decision, if it’s all on Vance like Kubiak had? You can bet that if Siemian starts, Elway sees a problem with Lynch and if he, McCoy and Musgrave want Lynch and VJ doesn’t, he will be over ruled. He doesn’t have the same power as most HCs, yet.

Then he adds this tidbit which ties into what VJ said about the quarterbacks and drills, “I believe the quarterback position is going to be seen by everyone. To me, it’s going to show up. That’s why as we get into training camp and get into games, we’ll see how they react. Those things usually show up themselves.” If they pick a quarterback before the first preseason game, you can be sure they will have the guy doing the drills they want in front the media.

Many of us think Elway wanted to keep Kubiak as a HC, as long as he fired his staff and hired a play calling OC. That it wasn’t just about health, (which was an issue, too) because if he thought the last system was good, he’d have brought in an OC who ran a WCO. He’d have kept Greg Knapp, too and doing that would have relieved a lot of stress on his plate.  Now he gets to have his bestie without using his offensive system, plus gave Gary six months to get over being ticked off.  “When Gary left here—I never planned on him leaving anyways—he never really left. He just had to get some separation. When we talked about what he wanted to do as far as stepping down as a head coach, I talked to him about coming back in some kind of capacity. Gary is a very bright football man, and he can bring a lot to us. That’s why I’m excited he is going to come back. He’s a great evaluator. He’s a big bonus for us on the personnel side.”

Elway then went on to say what really matters, the other issues that need to be addressed. The OL, RB, and DL. On the defensive line, we have to get better. We have to stop the run. We have to do a better job of getting to the run. I think we have a chance to do that. I think we got better on the defensive line. I’m excited to see what  Joe Woods can do with the defense.”

He nailed one thing on target, he thinks Denver being rankled 24th will be good incentive because the whole team feels they have a chance to be a really good football team. Personally, I’m thrilled he smacked down like a bug the stupid talk about SB windows. BOOM!

“No. I don’t believe in windows. You’re telling me we can take a couple years off if our window closes on the defensive side? Everyone talks about those windows, but I don’t because we’re trying to do it every year. Obviously in my position, I have to look two, three and four years out, but our goal has not changed. It’s to be competitive year in and year out. I don’t look at windows. We’re trying to be as good as we can each year.”

Shaq is on NFI. He’s going to start working the first of August with the trainers and start getting him working that way to see the progress. The prognosis of his return is better than then whey first heard of the injury, which he could have been out for the whole year. They’re looking at sometime in September. Jake just depends on how fast he can come off that ACL , they’re hoping that four to six weeks into it he can come back. As a reminder, neither of these guys can practice, yet.

Elway was happy with Will Parks and  Justin Simmons “Justin had a tremendous spring. He showed his ball skills, made a lot of plays on balls and had a lot of interceptions. Will came in and played looking like he had a year under his belt. That’s a good thing. We have some depth in the secondary and those guys are going to help, not only defensively, but be big contributors on special teams.”

Bronco fans and this offense needs Jeff Heuerman and A.J. Derby to step it up, let’s hope it is the year they both do. “This is the year. Jeff had a good year. We’re waiting for him to take that big step because we drafted him third round a couple years ago, and obviously he tore the ACL in minicamp the first year. We’re looking at this year as Jeff’s coming out year. Like I said, he had a good spring. Hopefully he makes that big jump. A.J. got here halfway through the year last year, so we’ve got expectations for him, too. We’re continuing to work on that position and get better. Those young guys have to take a big step for us and I think they’re ready to do that.”

See the full presser below.

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