Part 3: NFC East in our love/hate series of players.

It’s not until you start going through divisions do you realize some just have teams with few players to like. This is one of them. We ranked our top 3 players on our love/hate list and for the first time, we almost had a player we all agreed on.

Dallas Cowboys

Stuart @StuTheUKBronoco — Emmitt Smith – LOVE. My favourite non Bronco player of all time. Speed, power, agility, vision – the guy was a god!! DeMarcus Ware – LOVE A beast for the Cowboys, I still pinch myself everyday to know he wore the orange and blue of Denver. Co-MVP of Superbowl 50 and the way he has mentored Von Miller to greatness, is enough to enshrine him forever in the hall of fame. Add all his stats into the equation and he could be the best pass rusher ever. Randy Gregory – HATE How many chances does one man need to fulfil his dreams? Substance abuse, after substance, and I fear he could be another Josh Gordon.

Graham @GrahamTiedtke — Like: Dak Prescott. Love his playing style. I’m a big fan of the running quarterback and the fact that he can throw (unlike a certain former Broncos running QB) is a huge advantage and a lot of fun to witness. Love: Deion Sanders. Primetime is regarded as one of, if not THE, best Cornerback in NFL history. He finished his career with 53 interceptions and 10 touchdowns. His best season (INTs) came in 1993 with the Falcons, when he snagged 7 balls from the offense. Speaking of offense, he sometimes even lined up at wide receiver. Gotta love 2-way players, something we don’t see anymore in the NFL. Hate: Michael Irvin. Irvin played in the NFL before I was introduced to the game, but let’s talk about his post-NFL career. Everytime he appeared on tv, I have to mute it because he is just plain annoying. Sometime I can’t even understand him. His passion for the game shows, but that’s it. What’s the point of passion if no one understands what you’re saying?

Jason @CaliOrange&Blue –Dallas Cowgirls—Faves—Troy Aikman-Surprisingly one of the best announcers of the game now, he, to me at least, was a talented QB that didn’t really rub it in your face. Jay Novacek—One of my favorite tight ends of all time, him and Sharpe are kind of who I look towards when picturing a great tight end. Least fave—Michael Irwin-A coke head that was all too cocky, and is just too loud and annoying now on TV.

Jules @ABroncoNole— when you think, Wild, Wild West, you think Texas, right? So, why is Dallas in the east? Why not the West or even the south? Houston is AFC South. Figures a team like the Cowboys would b e ass backwards. Ok, moving on to their players. LOVE me some Emmitt Smith even though he was a stinkin’ gator. Which leads to Primetime 🍢 who played for the correct university. Deion Sanders was a one of a kind DB who played as brash as his mouth. He was a joy to watch! Love: Multi-SB winner, Bill Bates. Any DB who can play in the league 15 years is special. Plus, I know him. He’s a great guy who loves coaching kids better than pro players because they have no ego, play for the love of the game and want to be coached. His youngest son followed his footsteps to Tennessee, maybe he’ll play for Dallas, too. Lord knows they could use a good kid.

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18: Love/Like: Jason Witten, will go down as a top 5 TE, great player,  & leader.  Tony Romo , like Brett Favre, I love how he plays like a kid in the backyard. Far better than many give him credit for.  Thankfully he retired to put to rest all of the  Romo to Denver  rumors.    Hate/Dislike:  Danny White, Never liked him as a kid. I had a cousin who was a Cowboys fan so maybe that contributed to it.  Deion Sanders: My favorite punt of all time was against the Colts years ago. Madden/Summerall were talking about Deion this Deion that. ‘If I ever see the punters eyes’ blah blah blah.  Well Prime Time got walked down by Hunter Smith. Loved it. Just not a fan of mouthy players.

Shivadas @Shivadas — Ezekiel Elliot – Hate – I hate all midriff barers. Dez Bryant – Love/Hate – Something about these video game receivers in the NFC East. They got game…just can’t behave. Dak Prescott – Love – A real feel good story – gets a shot and never looks back. Doesn’t happen often in the NFL.

New York Giants

GrahamLike: Michael Strahan. There’s nothing to hate about Strahan, unless of course you’re an NFCE rival. Strahan easily fired his team up by his passion for the game and was a big part of the Giants’ 2007 Super Bowl team that beat the 18-0 Patriots. Strahan has had success post-playing career, having gigs in Live with Kelly and Michael, and talking football for FOX. Love: Victor Cruz. When he was a Giant, Cruz scored. When Cruz scored, he danced. Not only did he dance; he danced well. It was highly entertaining. His 3rd Salsa of the Day!! Hate: Phil Simms. Simms is just not good at calling games. He annoys the crap out of me, and seems to hate the Broncos. Can’t stand him.

JasonFavoritesMichael Strahan-Yeah, his sack record was obtained by Favre pulling a Peyton, but dude was still amazing when he was playing. Amani Toomer-This is only because whenever I said his name, I had Arnold Schwarzenegger in my head quoting “It’s not a tumor!”…Silly, yes, but that’s my head. Least faves—Phil Simms-I mean, c’mon…just look at him! A tool on and off the field, and his son sucked too.

Stuart — Michael Strahan – LOVE Love him just for his role in stopping the Pats from going undefeated. Loyal as the day is long he is a fantastic advert for a 4-3 defensive end. David Tyree – LOVE Best catch in history causing Brady to lose in a Superbowl .Osi Umenyiora – LOVE
Like Strahan, Osi was a fantastic defensive end who played on the same line in 07 and was very impactful.

JulesHate: Phil Simms. You know why. Love: Long before most Americans were born, Vince Lombardi was a Guard for the Giants. Since I don’t really like any of the teams in this division, I’m picking one of the greatest coaches to ever live as another, grasping at straws, player. Which leads to the next, which was Fran Tarkenton. Until the NFL became a pass happy league, Tark was the holder of numerous records, one of which lasted until 2016. Another tip of the hat to a HOF guy from yesteryear.

Kevin: Love/Like: Lawrence Taylor, A bad bad man. The best OLB to play the game. He had/has his demons that is for sure, but on the football field, he was amazing.  Eli Manning: The simple fact that he has a pair of rings  that could have belonged to the Patriots* is good enough for me. Comes from great stock.  Hate/Dislike: Phil Simms: Thankfully he’s off of the CBS game of the week.  Bye Phil.  Tiki Barber:  A mouthy, prissy punk. Pretty simple.

Shivadas: Odell Beckham Jr – Love/Hate – He’s in my video game catch club…but generally seems like an ass.
Brandon Marshall – Love –
Not quite video game territory but still top notch. Hope he finds some success on his winding road.
Travis Rudolph – Love –
Never quite hit high gear for the Seminoles. Hope he’s got another level.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jason — Faves—Randall Cunningham-Yes, I like him as Viking as well, but this former UNLV QB was very fun to watch, and an awesome dude away from the game as well. Brain Dawkins-Hard hitting safety that brought fire and intensity to every game he played. Then he finished his career in Denver, making me love him more. Donovan McNabb-Another QB that probably should have won a SB, he was quite talented and also fun to watch, barring his last year or so.

Stuart — Brian Dawkins – LOVE Absolute beast. Weapon X to his friends for his relentless aggression on the football field. He became the first player in history to record a sack, interception, forced fumble and a touchdown reception in the same game. Nnamdi Asomugha – HATE I can’t believe people thought he was better than Champ Bailey. Still makes me laugh now. Evan Mathis – LOVE
The best guard in football 2011,2012,2013 and second best in 2014 and he missed 7 games. He is a Superbowl winner and a former Bronco – good enough for me.

GrahamLike: Carson Wentz. The Eagles have had some pretty good quarterbacks for quite some time. It’s too early to tell, but Wentz could be better than the others. I’m an NDSU fan so I’ve been following Wentz’s career and he had an awesome rookie season. He’s the only reason I would watch the Eagles these days. Love: Brian Dawkins. Nicknamed “Weapon X”, Dawkins was a ballhawk. He intercepted quarterbacks 37 times in his long 16-year career, 2 of those with the Broncos (which makes it even better)! He should be in the hall of fame, no doubt about it. Hate: Riley Cooper. Racism is still a huge issue today, and Cooper didn’t do anything to change that, when he dropped racial slurs at somebody just a few years ago. There’s no need for that crap in the world.

Jules –It’s tough to pick anyone because quite frankly, there’s not a more annoying fan base in all of football. Extra cops are needed when they come to town. But, my son likes them for some strange reason, so I’m going with his favorites. Brian Dawkins. He rose above his fans and his spread Eagle move is iconic. Brian Westbrook. Donovan McNabb. All three together were part of a superstar team that should’ve beaten the nasty Patriots*. Maybe the rest of America would tolerate the fans more if they’d gotten the job done. I’m adding one more name: HATE: Michael Vick. This adopter of three Pit Bull mixes doesn’t need to say another word.

Kevin: Love/Like: Will have to go with Reggie White again. Dominating player.  Gone way too soon. Randall Cunningham: Fun to watch, dynamic QB   Hate/Dislike: Terrell Owens, another mouthy showboat. Me me me, a talented player, but has talked his way out of the Hall of Fame so far.  Eric Allen, decent player, horrible  on tv.

Shivadas: Darren Sproles – Love – Inspiration…you can do anything you put your mind to. He’s in the NFL at 5’6”!
LaGarrett Blount – Hate –
Never really liked him…and then he became a Patriot. Never coming back now.
Carson Wentz – Love –
Really wanna see the big fish in the little pond succeed in the big lake.

Washington Redskins

Jules— ok, I’m cheating on all three players. First is Champ Bailey. As a redskin, boo, but without the time with them, he wouldn’t have become a Bronco. Second is Joe Gibbs. His playing time was ok, but as a coach, he was aces. And he owns a NASCAR team, too. The guy is a winner who knows how to win and he’s a really nice guy. George Allen. Obviously, never saw him play for the redskins, but he was an innovator as a coach and I like to give a kudos to the men who changed the sport. He made Special Teams what they are and how defenses played, plus was anal about playbooks and Routes. He also was one of the most winningest coaches and two of the biggest names in the business learned under him: Dick Vermeil and Marv Levy.

JasonFaves–Mark Schlereth-he had a storied career winning two SBs with Denver, but before that he was a Redskin, and played damn well for them as well. Tough guy, played through pain and an astounding amount of surgeries. Clinton Portis-I loved seeing his post-game interviews, he always wore something crazy as hell. Brought fun to the game. Liked him as a Bronco, but we totally got the better end of THAT trade. London Fletcher-Fantastic linebacker for the ‘Skins, he played hard his career there, and seemed like he was always on the field, never missing any games really.

Stu— Mark Schlereth – LOVE Stink was an outstanding guard and a true warrior. Countless surgeries and yet he still beat the snot out of enough defenders to help TD to 2000 yards and become a double world champion. Shaun Taylor – LOVE RIP man! Taken far too soon and what a player he was. Rapidly making a name for himself on the football field due to his athletic ability is off the field issues were causing too many distractions. In 2006 at the pro bowl he hit Bills punter Brad Moorman with an immense hit that was far from pro bowl safe. Clinton Portis – LOVE
I loved Portis as a Bronco, still holds 18 franchise records and was involved in a lets be frank – a one sided trade with the Redskins for Champ Bailey.

GrahamLike: Clinton Portis. Portis is hilarious in interviews and was the same in press conferences. He dresses up in these crazy outfits and glasses. It makes me laugh every single time. He seems like someone you’d just love to hang out with. Love: Kirk Cousins. You Like That? No. I Love That! From that soundbite to his game, Cousins is hard not to like. After many, many years, the Redskins found their quarterback. His game impresses me because he doesn’t have much at wide receiver. Hate: RGIII. Sure, RGIII had a great rookie season, but never amounted to much after that. When he blew out his ACL, that’s when it all went downhill. I really thought he would come back from it, but he never did. From reports, it seemed like he was a coach killer. That really bothered me when former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan was in Washington.

Kevin: Love/Like: John Riggins: Another one at the table to go through countless beers. I’m sure he has a ton of stories. Tough, durable, one of the best power backs of all time.  Joe Jacoby: Underrated , should have been in Canton long before any other Hogg or recent lineman. Prototypical left tackle that changed what teams were looking for at the position. I’m sure he could kill a few beers too.    Hate/Dislike: It would be too easy to list Deion Sanders again, but he would fit, so Josh Norman will fit perfectly as a replacement He’s equally guilty when it comes to the issues with Odell Beckham Jr.  and other wide receivers. Joe Theismann the QB was okay. Joe Theismann the announcer was annoying.

Shivadas: Kirk Cousins – Love – Pay the man! I mean, he is getting paid a ton, so…Give the man a contract!
Dustin Hopkins – Love –
Seminole kicker faring a lot better than Roberto Aguayo.
Terrelle Pryor – Love –
I really like someone who will give it all they’ve got to make it to the big show, even if it means changing positions.


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