John Elway brings his best friend back into the fold.

Time to put the pitchforks down, Gary Kubiak is now back with the Broncos. He will be scouting the top 100 offensive players for Denver. He and his son, Klein, will be home based in Texas. Klein Scouts the southwest area.

“With as much experience as he has evaluating players, Gary’s going to be a tremendous resource for our personnel department,” Elway said. “He’ll primarily help on the college side and assist us in free agency as well. “Gary will be based out of his home in Texas while also making visits here throughout the year to participate in various personnel meetings.”

“It’s an honor for me to continue to be part of this great organization,” Kubiak said. “John and I talked long ago about any opportunity like this, and I’m very happy to be able to contribute on the personnel side.
“I said when I left that I still wanted to be involved in football. This gives me an opportunity to be involved with the game, and I’m excited to get to work.”

During his tenure for the Broncos, the following offensive players were drafted: Trevor Siemian, Devontae Booker, Connor McGovern, Andy Janovich, Ty Sambraillo, Jeff Heuerman, and Max Garcia.

Hmm, hurt, back-up, hurt, hurt, hurt, hurt and ok. Elway drafted Paxton Lynch which Gary didn’t use. Hopefully, the next batches come to Denver as healthy players who can last a season.

He also drafted guys to play in his old school West Coast Offense and not the Air Coryell type system being installed, which requires a different sort of player than he drafted in Denver, Houston or Baltimore.

Like drafting Kelly for $66,000 and hiring Steve Atwater, this seems more of a favor for a friend thing, than any need for them. Ok, that was the last dig. It’s great Elway is being a good guy and it also shows his new contract must give him considerable more power, which he’s using.

With that, the snarkiness is over and will assume we get some trade for Kelly, Atwater gets in the Hall of Fame (plus we get to see his face), and Kubiak learns to scout for another type of cat. Everyone wins, plus it wasn’t fun being so unhappy with a former player.

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