Rookie Carlos Henderson spoke about where he might play and what it will take.

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Projected kick returner and slot receiver, Carlos Henderson, met with the media today. He had high praise for Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders and how hard they work. “They work nonstop and their work effort is nonstop.”

When asked about what he thinks are key to having a chance to play, he said being reliable. He needs to be in the right spot, at the right time, running the correct depth on his routes. You can read more here on what he means and why it’s so important. “Being consistent, that’s what makes you get on the field.”

Since Denver doesn’t have a slot at this time, they want he and Isaiah McKenzie to vie for that position. He was asked how it was going.  “I played slot my whole college career so I just moved to slot. There’s not really big adjustments. It’s just the same thing, just going out there and play football. At the end of the day, it’s just a game. I don’t think it’s anything too difficult. I’m just out there trying to help the team the best way I can.”

What was intriguing was his answer when asked if he could see time in the backfield. “I have no idea what they have in store for me. They haven’t told me yet but I’m just here every day learning the plays and doing what I have to do to put myself in a good position to go help the team and make plays for the team.” Hmm, that crafty Mike McCoy. Wonder what he’s cooking up?

He did admit that nothing about this playbook and what they used in college were similar. “I was in a whole different setting in college where I got signals and didn’t have to know different concepts and what everybody has to do so it’s different. It’s way different.There’s still a lot I have to learn but I’m learning. I’m getting better with the playbook as camp rolls on and things like that. I’m getting more familiar and just getting more comfortable lining up in the right spot and knowing what to do so I’m getting better with that. I still have a ways to go though.”

Brock Olivio has mentioned and was quite excited about having both Henderson and McKenzie as returners. Based on Henderson’s answer it’s clear he’d like to be the kick returner and McKenzie the punt returner. Olivo gives a detailed answer on the difference between the two here.

“I’m battling for a position in camp for kickoff returns. I’m back there getting reps right now but I’m battling for that spot right now to play kick return. I do feel I can help the team as a kick returner .” However, “Me and Isaiah push each other every day. Just like he wants me to be great, I want to see him be great. We didn’t come here for nothing. I like Isaiah as a really good player and a really good friend so yes, me and Isaiah do push each other to work hard every day.”

You can watch the full presser here.

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