Papa loves Mambo, Mama loves Mambo, We all love Mambo

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado. Second round draft pick out of Florida State University, DeMarcus Walker, spoke to the press. Mamba Mode let it be known this was the longest time he’d been out of Florida and was appreciative of the players taking him under their wings. “Just getting people who are used to it around here and surrounding me with positive energy and love, that’s what I like and love the most and that’s why I look up to those vets, especially Von.”

Walker said he picked up the playbook fairly quickly and he just needed to focus on technique, plus, “shutting my mouth so I can to the vets”. “At first my head was spinning with the playbook but as soon as I figured it out it was just adjusting and adapting. That’s all I’ve been trying to do.”

The Florida boy admitted the altitude in Denver killed him during OTA’s, so he came back and worked with a trainer for two weeks. “That was the best thing I ever did.”

He’s focused on doing everything he can to help the team win games. He’s there to learn from the best and play football. “I made it through it. The grind and loving it, really just taking this serious. It’s a job. Coach Kollar, he gives us life lessons and I listen to those. I’m kind of used to them because I had an old-school coach my whole football career, from middle school, high school, to even college. Coach Kollar and his old school ways, I’m used to it, I didn’t even have to adjust to it.”

“Just being a part of this organization you can tell what they expect from you already. I’m just trying to help win games that’s all I want to do. I’m a winner, so any way I can help win and produce, I’m willing to do it.”

Walker opened up on why he’s extra thankful to his mom and bought her a house and a car. It seems she was going to get her tubes tied, but his grandmother said the Lord would bless her with a handsome boy. Even though she was with the doctor, she changed her mind. Walker was born after his grandmother passed, his mom was pregnant with him at the time.

“Coming up from where I’m from, I’ve been through the struggle, like every common athlete. Getting my mom out of the hood and getting her a car, that was the best thing I’ve done in my life because that women sacrificed and brought me into this world. She took care of me for 22 years. It’s time for me to take care of her now.”

You can watch most of the full presser here.

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