Denver inks GM John Elway to new 5-year deal through 2021 NFL Season

ENGLEWOOD, Colorado.  John Elway and the Denver Broncos have agreed to a brand-spanking new five year contract. This ties Elway and the Broncos through the 2021 football season. Details to come on exact numbers, but assume that this will make Elway the highest paid general manager in the league, which currently stands at $3.75 million for John Schneider of the Seattle Seahawks. Congrats to the Duke and the Broncos for getting this deal done now and removing the haze of any doubt or uncertainty between the two sides.

“We’re pleased to reach an agreement on a five-year contract with John to continue leading our football operations,” Ellis said. “During these last six seasons, John’s clearly established himself as one of the best general managers in all of sports. He’s demonstrated impressive football instincts, a strong business acumen and a consistent ability to build competitive teams. “There’s no doubt John means a great deal to the Broncos, our fans and the entire community. It was important for us to reach this long-term agreement, and we’re all excited to now turn our full attention toward the 2017 season.”


The contract between the Broncos and Elway will no doubt bring a higher guaranteed dollar amount with it, there has to be more given alongside it.  Elway could take the success he’s had and run any number of franchises that are desperate enough to pay him a huge dollar figure to take over their teams. It’s tough not to believe Elway will also get an increase in power along with the money that the Broncos will be paying him.  A stake in the team, is not outside the realm of possibility, especially with the ownership still up in the air and ran by the trust set up after Mr. B’s health began declining.

John Elway took the position of vice president of football operations following the 2010 season, and then extended his contract in February of 2014 to include the title of general manager when his original three-year contract was set to expire.  Elway has gone on to earn every bit of that contract extension.  In his time as executive with the Broncos, he has been the only general manager to acquire or extend the contracts of 16 players, all of whom have added up to 32 Pro Bowl selections, highest in the league in that span, consisting of players from the draft, from unrestricted free agency, or from college free agency.

Under his watch, the Broncos have won the second most games in the AFC at 73, while totaling five AFC West Division titles, and also appearing in two Super Bowls (48 and 50), Super Bowl 50 being won by the Broncos in 2015.

This move by the Broncos wraps up one of the biggest questions marks leading into the 2017-18 season, and almost guarantees at least five more winning seasons.

Stay tuned to for further details.

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