Word of the Day: Under, as in Over/Under + a guide to the basics of NFL Gambling 101

The word of the day is, Under, as in Over/Under. A term you might hear in a sports bar, talk radio or even in on TV. It’s a gambling term.

Each football game has a pointspread. Each football game has an Over/Under. Most football games have a moneyline.

Let’s take a look at week 1 2017:

NFL Gambling 101

Using week 1 as an example, let’s go through the terms

  • Point Spread: the week 1 Chargers/Broncos game in Denver currently has the point spread of 3.5
  • Favorite: The Broncos are currently the Favorite by 3.5. The -3.5 signifies the Broncos are the Favorite. If you place that bet, then the Broncos have to win by 4 points, or you lose. Denver wins 24-20, you win. Only win by 24-21? You lose.
  • Underdog: The Chargers are currently the Underdog by 3.5 points.  The +3.5 signifies the Chargers are the underdog.  If you select LA and the 3.5 points and Denver wins by 3,  24-21 then you win. You have a 3.5 point cushion. If Denver wins by 4 or more, then you lose the bet.
  • -110 You see that by both the +3.5 and the -3.5. What that means is to win $100.00 You would have to bet $110.00 and you would take home $210.00.  To win $1000.00, you would have to bet $1100.00.  Based on the -110. If you bet $100.00 and won, your return would be $90.91, and your would take home would be $190.91.
  • Moneyline: The moneyline does not involve a spread. You pick the winner, but it comes with adjusted odds. Since Denver is a 3.5 point favorite if you simply pick them to win, you would have to bet/lay $190.00 to win $100.00. -190 means you have to lay/bet that to win $100.00.  Easier accomplishment/less reward. If you are beyond a shadow of a doubt certain that the Chargers are going to win, then you are better off putting $100.00 on the money line, and if they win, you would collect $165.00.   +165.00 means if you bet $100.00, your return is $165.00. Tougher accomplishment thus, bigger reward.
  • Over 44: If you select Over 44 then you are betting that the Broncos/Chargers combine to score more than 44 points. If it’s 24-20, it’s considered a push.  In this instanceyou neither win nor lose and you are returned your stake.  A 24-21 contest, no matter who wins, would mean you won the bet. In this case it’s -110.00 again, so to win $100.00, you would have to bet $110.00. To win $50.00, you would have to bet $55.00.
  • Under 44: If you feel that it is going to be a defensive battle or that the offenses under two new first year head coaches might struggle, then you might want to make this bet. Again, 24-20 is a push. 24-21 means you lose. 20-17 or any other combination 43 points or less, means you win the beat. 45+ means you lose.  It’s again -110.00.

Those are the basics from  a single game.  It can get more complicated, it might be revisited with another selection of terms at some point.  But the #1 rule to gambling is do not risk anything that you cannot afford to lose.

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