We list our top three players, past or present, we hate/love for each NFCN team.

Every team has polarizing players. Love em or hate em. Some have players who have bounced around and a few teams have bounced around. For the sake of simplicity, we’re sticking with the NAME of the team. Sorry Oilers.

Chicago Bears

Chicago Bears

Stuart @StuTheUKBronco — Devin Hester – LOVE/HATE. The NFL has no specialised returners in the hall of fame. That changes the second Devin Hester becomes eligible. Drafted in 2006 as a cornerback Hester quickly lit the Bears training camp alight with his return skills. His list of records is impressive, but I’ll always remember him for 2 games. Superbowl XLI vs the Colts. The first time in history the opening kickoff was returned for a touchdown and it was amazing to watch him glide across the rain sodden turf. The second game was against the Broncos. November 25th 2007 Bronco punter Todd Sauerbraun declared he was going to kick at Hester whenever he had the chance as he wasn’t scared. 2 return touchdowns later and a 37-34 OT win and it was Hester who had the last laugh.
Brian Urlacher – LOVE Urlacher was my favourite non Bronco for a couple of years because he was just everywhere on the field and seemed like he was on a 2 man defense the whole 2 years I watched him closely. Your middle linebacker is the defensive captain and Urlacher was more than that to the Bears. He was Mr Bear, if they needed a stop Urlacher was there. He could read opposing offenses as quick as the Quarterback and players like Urlacher made me fall in love with defense over offense.
Jay Cutler – HATE. Drafted in 2006 by the Broncos and I was very excited. I bought his jersey and really thought he was the answer to the Quarterback position, but he cried and whinged his way out of Denver to his childhood supported Chicago Bears where he signed a massive contract and took the Bears nowhere. It got to the point where I loved seeing him get intercepted and sacked over and over again and his pouting litt

Jules @ABroncoNoleLove: Dit ka of Da Bears. A TE back in the day and an even better coach. His meltdowns on the sideline were epic. Fiery old coot, bless his heart. Love, Hard to have a list without His Sweetness, Walter Payton. Not only did he play like his hair on fire, but he drove race cars for fun. Love, Gale Sayers because I’m a girl, ok and Brian’s Song will always get me. Must add, this team has had so many great players, it’s tough to choose. I’d like to add the entire team who beat NE*.

Jason @CaliOrange&BlueLove: Walter Payton, Michael Singletary and Refrigerator Perry because of the 85 team.

Graham Tiedtke — Like: Brian Urlacher. Love the name. His nickname should have been “Grrrrlacher” due to the fact that he was a Bear. He was a dominant player in his day. Love: Walter Payton. This seems like the easy choice, but if you have ever seen Sweetness play, or have watched highlights, you would probably have to agree. Everytime there’s a “Best running backs of all-time” countdown, you better believe Payton is at the top. Hate: Jay Cutler. Yeah, I liked him as a Bronco, but when he whined about coaching changes and didn’t get along with coach Josh McDaniels, that’s when I started to dislike him. Even as a Chicago Bear, he continued to whine. While never winning a playoff game as a Bronco, he didn’t do much better as a Bear, going 1-1 in the playoffs.

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18Love/Like: Walter Payton, Sweetness, gone way too soon. Magical on the football field. The second best back I’ve ever seen play the game (see below). Jim McMahon, 🎶the punky QB known as McMahon🎶. He didn’t give two shits about who he pissed off. I normally don’t care for that, but the ’85 Bears crosses with ’85 Kevin which means I was 13, so maybe that’s why I liked him.  Hate/Dislike: Hate’s a strong term for most of these guys. I’m sure it fits at some points, but for the most of them it’s a strong dislike.  Jeff Fisher, I didn’t like him as a coach, and I don’t like him when I see highlights of him playing with the Bears.  Dick Butkus, I’m in a minority, but I think he’s one of the most overrated players in the history of the game. He couldn’t play today. He’d be driving for UPS or FedEx. They talk of toughness, but he didn’t want any of Joe Greene when they crossed paths once. But, who in their right mind would.

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions

StuartLOVE I absolutely love Calvin ‘ Megatron ‘ Johnson. I’ve been an NFL fan since Superbowl 32 and there isn’t a wide receiver I’d take ahead of Megatron in the last 19 years. Size, speed, power, agility, you name it he had it. Double teamed every play and on occasion triple teamed Megatron took the team on his shoulders and like Barry Sanders before him the weight broke him. With a team destined to never progress and often in garbage time Stafford would just hang a ball up for Megatron knowing 8/10 times regardless of any defender covering him he would come down with the ball.
HATE/Love – Ndamukong Suh is a strange choice I’m sure. From a 10.5 sack Defensive rookie of the year performance in his first season to stamping on Aaron Rodgers on purpose, Suh polarized fans all across the world. On his play as a defensive tackle, the guy is a beast and definitely a guy I love to watch. Often double teamed he allows the other defenders the luxury of single coverage helping them blitz, stop the run check play-action and that is massive in a defensive scheme. On the hate scale – nobody likes dirty players. When he stomped on Rodgers ankle I thought ‘what an idiot you’re better than that!” and then he started claiming it was accidental which made me more angry. Own up take your licks and more on with your career. Titus Young – HATE The former Boise State Bronco was one of my favourite college players as I’m a Boise fan. I was very excited for him going into the draft and when he went to the Lions I was looking forward to him lining up opposite Megatron. I really thought his immaturity and off the field issues would disappear when he was drafted – how wrong I was. I watched him play the Broncos as he went 4 receptions and 66 yards plus his 1st professional touchdown. As the season wore on his behaviour deteriorated which led to penalties, arguments with coaches and then the final straw of him sucker-punching team-mate Louis Delmas. He refused all help from the league for mental issues before a string of arrests led him in 2016 to a 4 year jail sentence for assault with a deadly weapon.

Jules Love: My father was a Lions fan before a Dolphins, and he loved Barry Sanders. He had boxes of tape on every game he played in and would rewatch them. If you’ve ever been to Detroit, he’s their Peyton Manning. Murals everywhere. Love. Calvin Megatron Johnson. Besides being a WR king, he’s smoking hot. LoveBilly Sims. Also thanks to dad, know who he is. He was actually more fun to watch then Sanders because he had a bold attitude.

JasonLove: Barry Sanders was incredible and should have won a couple SBs, Matt Prater is an all time fave of mine and Calvin Johnson was a beast.

Graham — Like: Barry Sanders. There are two words I would use to describe Barry Sanders: electrifying and dynamic. The greatest cutter in the world. It really is a shame that I never got to see him play. I can only go off of highlights, but that’s enough for me. Love: Megatron. Probably THE greatest receiver I have had the privilege of watching live. Every year I didn’t have him on my fantasy football team (which actually was every year), I feared playing against him. The one thing I didn’t like was when he pulled a Barry Sanders and retired early in his career. Hate: Ndamukong Suh. Sure, he is a fierce player. He is also an extremely dirty player. For me, there’s no reason to like the guy at all; well, except if you’re a Lion or Dolphin fan.

Kevin —  Love/Like: Who doesn’t love Barry Sanders? He’s the best back I’ve ever seen play the game (gets the edge over Payton because I saw more of him).  Herman Moore was one of the most underrated WRs this game has seen, never had a QB.  Hate/Dislike: The Chris Spielman has always rubbed me the wrong way, and Ndamukong Suh is just dirty.

Green Bay Packers

Green Bay Packers

StuartLOVEClay Mathews – Another linebacker with admirable movement across a football field and just outstanding instincts. I can imagine running backs crying into their shoulder pads after every hit. I don’t know what else to say other than the guy to me is in the top 5 outside linebackers since 1997.
HATEJavon Walker started off as a player I liked and then he signed for the Broncos and it turned to really liking him with me getting his jersey. What I really hated was him going to the Raiders after sitting next to Darrent Williams as he was gunned down in the limo. He then wore his hair in the style of D-Will out of respect. Upon release from the Broncos in February 2008, he almost immediately signed with the most disgusting team in the entire league, the Oakland Raiders. This didn’t sit well with me at all and I have not wore his jersey since 4th march 2008. I respect loyalty regardless of team the guy played for, but to leave for a rival really annoys me. Fans have your shirt, cheered your name and you kick them in the nuts for a pay check from your rival team will never ever sit well with me.
Nick Collins – LOVE His 3 year stretch from 2008 – 2010 I don’t think there was a better safety in football. Fearless run defender and very good coverage skills allowing for 17 interceptions and 3 TDs in the 3 year stretch. I think it would be a massive struggle to find any safety with those numbers since.

JulesLove: Brett Favre is one of my all time favorite players of any team, ever. Southern, bold, gunslinger who played kicking and screaming. His bad cameo in, “There’s Something About Mary”, doesn’t dampen my love or his sexting. Love: Ray Nitschke. Not only was he a terror on the field, but he was a Guard in the greatest football movie ever made, “The Longest Yard”. Hate: Darren Sharper, ya freaking rapist, scum sucking POS.

JasonLoveBrett Favre, Sterling Sharpe and Clay Mathews. because Favre was so fun to watch, Sharpe excellent but hurt too soon, and Clay Matthews is also fun to watch.

Graham — Like: Charles Woodson. Watching Charles Woodson play, you can just see the passion and hard work the guy put in his game. There were so many times I watched him and thought, “wow!” Love: Aaron Rodgers. Another player who puts in a ton of work to master his game. I’m no Packers fan, but, I always find myself searching for the Packers go-to channel for one player and one player only: Aaron Rodgers. Hate: Brett Favre. Or do I? Or don’t I? Yeah, I do. From retiring to unretiring countless times and signing with the rival Vikings a couple years after his Packers departure, I really can’t say I like the guy.

Kevin — Love/Like: Reggie White, tremendous player and talent. Left this world way too early. Brett Favre, the night he played on MNF following his father’s passing is one of the greatest sporting moments I’ve watched in my life.  I love how he played the game like a little kid in the backyard, though I lost a lot of respect for him when he was sending pictures of little Brett after his beautiful wife was battling breast cancer.  Hate/Dislike: Desmond Howard, quite frankly I don’t think he deserved the SBMVP . Charles Woodson, him having a Heistman trophy in his possession is one of the biggest sports crimes in the history of sports.

Minnesota Vikings

Minnesota Vikings

Stuart – Harrison Smith – LOVE. Currently my favourite safety in football. Another safety who will do the dirty work in the trenches as well as cover tight ends and slot receivers. A member of the new brand of safety allowing him to slide down and be big enough to be a linebacker but also fast enough to be a defensive back playing multiple formations.
Xavier Rhodes – LOVE: 3rd best corner in football in my opinion. Joe Woods was his DB coach when he was drafted in 2013 and he has gone from strength to strength. Unlike some high profile corners Rhodes travels all over the field with the number 1 receiver and more often than not wins out in man coverage. Electric acceleration and covering speed to go along with instinct and good knowledge make for a deadly combination to any passing attack.
Kevin Williams – LOVE What’s not to love about Kevin Williams? Played as a nose tackle and a defensive tackle in a 4-3 and just destroyed offensive lines. Williams was one of the first guys that I watched and thought 2 guys can’t cope, send some more help!! Every defensive line needs a Kevin Williams to allow the rest of the line to do whats it paid to do.

Jules—  Hate: Adrian Peterson. You know why. Love: Brett Favre. When he flipped GB the bird, he did it in epic fashion signing with their hated rival. Love: it will be Dalvin Cook. Yes, I am an FSUstan and proud of it. For now, it’s fellow ‘Nole, Xavier Rhodes who’s a top notch cover CB. He’d fit seamlessly into the NFZ, if we ever get a chance to snap him up, I’d lose my mind.

JasonLOVE: Randy Moss, Cris Carter and Randall Cunningham. Best 2 WRs they’ve had, and Cunningham was a UNLV product.

Graham Like: Harrison Smith – such a hard hitting safety, one of the best in the league today. Probably the Vikings’ best defensive player today. Love: John Randle. Watching highlights of John Randle, it would be a shocker if there weren’t soundbites to them. Randle was hilarious because of his loud mouth, while also being a great asset to the Vikings defense. Hate: Adrian Peterson. I mean, there’s no room for child beaters on the like/love section. Just can’t do it. Yeah he was the best running back in his prime, but I can’t overlook the off-field issues.

Kevin —  Love/Like:  Dennis Green, Fiery coach, funny guy, underrated offensive mind, another gone too soon. Randy Moss, Amazing talent but I’ve said for years if he had half of Steve Smith’s heart/drive he could have given Jerry Rice a run for his money.  Hate/Dislike: Cris Carter, just a mouth-running fool.  He could catch a football, but runs his mouth more than he ran routes.  Chris Kluwe, just an ignorant moron and I’m being kind.

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