2-Digit Personnel Chart & Abbreviations

At times, you will hear commentators or analysts during games or on shows on ESPN/NFLN, refer to a 12 set, a 13 set. It is a form of short-hand in the football world that communicates the Personnel Package for the offense.

Pat Kirwan is noted as one of the people that helped create it in one of his books.  Some posts/articles that are written here, have spelled out 12 set as ACE 2TE/2WR, others have referred to it as a 12 set, so this serves as a reference point. We will attempt to look at it but, it will also be listed in our FB101/Glossary.

As you can see, some terms (Heavy/Jumbo/Double Tight), etc show up in multiple groupings and that is because the concept is used in multiple groupings.


General Football Abbreviations that are used in posts and graphics:


  • 4 4th wide receiver
  • 5 5th wide receiver
  • C Center
  • FB Full Back
  • FL Flanker
  • G Guard
  • H H-Back
  • HB Half Back
  • LG Left Guard
  • LT Left Tackle
  • OL Offensive Line
  • QB Quarterback
  • QB1 Starting Quarterback
  • QB2 Backup Quarterback
  • RB Running Back
  • RG Right Guard
  • RT Right Tackle
  • SE Split End
  • T Tackle
  • TB Tail Back
  • TE Tight End
  • WR Wide Receiver
  • X outside Receiver
  • Y Slot Receiver/known as TE in some circles
  • Z Outside receiver


  • CB Cornerbacks
  • D Dime Back
  • DB Defensive Backs
  • DE Defensive End
  • DL Defensive Lineman
  • DT Defensive Tackle
  • E Edge Rusher/OLB
  • ILB Inside Linebackers
  • LB Linebackers
  • LCB Left Cornerback
  • LDE Left Defensive End
  • M Mike Linebacker
  • N Nickel Back
  • NT Nose Tackle
  • OLB Outside Linebacker
  • RCB Right Cornerback
  • RDE Right Defensive End
  • S Sam Linebacker
  • W Will Linebacker

General Terms

  • EMOLOS End Man on Line of Scrimmage
  • IG Intentional Grounding
  • IR Injured Reserve
  • IR-RD Injured Reserve Designated to Return
  • LOS Line of Scrimmage
  • NFIL Non-Football Injury List
  • OPI Offensive Pass Interference
  • PAP Play-Action Pass
  • PAT Point After Touchdown
  • PI Pass Interference
  • PUP Physically Unable To Perform
  • WCO West Coast Offense

Special Teams

  • G Gunner
  • H Holder
  • K Place Kicker
  • KR Kick Returner
  • LS Long Snapper
  • P Punter
  • PR Punter Returner
  • UB Upbacks


  • GM General Manager
  • HC Head Coach
  • OC Offensive Coordinator
  • DC Defensive Coordinator
  • STC Special Teams Coordinator
  • QBC Quarterbacks Coach
  • RBC Running Backs Coach
  • TEC Tight Ends Coach
  • OLC Offensive Line Coach
  • DLC Defensive Line Coach
  • LBC Linebackers Coach
  • DBC Defensive Backs Coach

Nicknames (Coming Soon)


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