AFC West. We saved the best for last in our 8 Part uniform series.

We all know who’s first, but read about who sucks the worst. This time, we’re not listing the teams in alphabetically order because I’m saving the best for last.

Kansas City Queefs

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Kansas City Chiefs Home Uniforms
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Kansas City Chiefs Away Uniforms

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18  — A classic NFL/AFL uniform that has connects to Len Dawson to Joe Montana to Trent Green to Alex Smith. Tradition rules, even if the Chiefs do not. Their red/red combo also reminds me of Uncle Jesse chasing some guy out of Daisy’s room with a double barrell shotgun. A lot of the dark/dark combos look like pajamas.

Jason @CaliOrange&Blue — Another super ugly jersey and color scheme. Nothing looks good here, gonna have to give a big L for them.

Melody @ColoradoMelodyG –The Chiefs wear the color of desperation plain and simple. Amazing how one fan base subscribes more merit to regular season wins than any other in the NFL.  I’m not sure they can claim Chiefs as their team name since they are consistently following others in the division.  Rather than a savage arrowhead logo, honestly the team should refer to the image below in the spirit of accuracy for a fitting team icon:


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Graham @GrahamTiedtke — The Chiefs uniforms are very boring to me. They’re in desperate need of a makeover. Maybe that will allow their receivers to catch touchdown passes. *blame the dink and dunk King –JD*

Stuart @StuTheUKBronco  — Everything about this organisation is awful. They are my marmite – love or hate. Love Broncos, hate Chiefs.

Jules @ABroncoNole — as a Seminole, I hate this tampon team with the fire of a 1,000 dragons on top of the hate I already have for them. A double layer of  venom. When Denver enters Whopperland and they start in on the STOLEN War Chant, I want to rip their tongues out and feed them to their BBQ hogs. This way they’re eating their own tongues when they waddle up to their concession stands. Screw them and their ugly ass uniforms.

Los Angeles Dolts

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Los Angeles Chargers Home Uniforms
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Los Angeles Away Uniforms

Jason — Los Angeles Chargers. It’s gonna be a rough 1st year typing that out, doesn’t look right at all. Speaking of not looking right, that would be the jerseys of the Chargers. Ugly blue and yellow and white garbage if you ask me. I respect Rivers, but he’s never going to win anything in those jerseys.

Melody –I guess the Broncos’ need their own Washington Generals, and lets face it, the pitiful Chargers fit the bill.  Unable to fill an actual NFL stadium, these poor saps have become the Park and Rec field laughing stock of the NFL.  Like the Generals, this team has more identities, colors and logo changes then I care to remember. Meh.

Kevin — This is a team that has a had a number of changes from year to year. They’ve bounced from Powder Blue, to Royal to Navy, and they all work at times. Their color rush nod to the Dan Fouts era was a nice look and it was fitting that Philip Rivers broke one of Fouts’ franchise mark for passing yards while wearing it.  It just sucks it came at the expense of the Broncos.

Graham — can summarize the Chargers uniform in one word: gross. They don’t do anything for me at all. Hate them. Powder blue just reminds me of their quarterback: a baby who needs its baby powder.

Stuart — Are they in LA, yet? Everything about this organisation is awful. They are my marmite – love or hate. Love Broncos, hate Chargers.

Jules — Their official uniforms are above are nice looking, and fairly close to their uniforms of old. Why they insist on the other versions with that powder blue and neon yellow crapfest is beyond logic, but since they’ve wasted Philip Rivers who says logic defines this team? He would have a bunch of rings if he played in Denver. Plus, we’d not even know who Brady* was.

Oakland Taters (they’re as dumb as spuds)

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Oakland Raiders Home Uniforms
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Oakland Raiders Away Uniforms

Kevin — Another traditional look that can connect George Blanda, to Kenny Stabler to Jim Plunkett to Rich Gannon to Derek Carr. You see the uniform and you know it’s the Raiders. Now whether any image is from Oakland, Los Angeles or eventually Las Vegas is the only question on the table. Solid uniforms.

Melody –I’m positively shocked not one of my peers has discussed the connection between Raiders’ uniforms and prison colors.  I thought this would be too cliched to even be repeated.  What cracks me up is that as fierce and menacing as the team and its’ fans try to imagine themselves as the Darth Vaders/gangsters/villains of the NFL in mascot and uniform, isn’t it all a silly game of dress up more fitting of a bad costume party?  I think any meaningful villainy and menace was buried with Al Davis.  Faded history with faded impact in color scheme and logo. Another meh from me.

Image result for raiders memes

Graham — As a rival to the Raiders, it’s pretty hard to admit that these uniforms aren’t bad. The silver helmet is a great look. Black jerseys with white pants is a good match. The away uniforms are boring to me. They lack “oomph”.

Stuart — Are they in Vegas yet? Everything about this organisation is awful. They are my marmite – love or hate. Love Broncos, hate Raiders

Jules — I know I should hate this team with the fire of 2,000 dragons, but their uniforms kick some serious KISS ass. Don’t hate me, but I love them on so many levels. Black and silver,  fills a lot of my closet. Second, one of the few whose look hasn’t changed except minor tweaks. They work, they’re classic, timeless, like the little black dress. Love everything from their helmets, logos and cleats and all in between. All wasted on a franchise conceived in the bowels of hell, which is where I want them to go.

Jason — really, REALLY hate to even talk about the Raiders, but I do have to give it up to the black and silver home jerseys that they’ve worn for forever. Hard to fix something that isn’t broken. I’ve vomited in my mouth every single letter in this so I’m going to stop typing now…


USA Today Sports
Denver Broncos Home Uniforms
Denver Broncos Away Uniforms

Melody –And the heavens parted, and God created the Orange Crush and it was GOOD.  With the love and passion only a childhood first love can inspire, Broncos’ orange, white and blue causes a squeezing of love and pride in my chest every time I see our colors.  Anyone in these noble uniforms is my tribe.  New and old logos and colors I adore you all–I will ride or die as a proud Broncos’ fan until my last breath.  And because I am a girl, I will finish by saying P.S. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our sparkly, pretty and astounding accessories.


Image result for broncos memes

Kevin — I’m not a fan of the current look, I didn’t care for them in 1997, I don’t care for them 20 years later.  I like the Craig Morton/John Elway/Orange Crush look of the 70’s/80’s far better than the current set. The best the Broncos have looked from a uniform perspective came in 1994 when the NFL celebrated it’s 75th anniversary with every team wearing throwbacks. A lot of good looking uniforms that year. Will likely see something similar in 2019 when the NFL celebrates it’s 100th anniversary.  Maybe they will wear the same throwbacks again. Love the look shown on the front/back of the John Elway card. Throw in a Blue version, or the same logo/stripe with a blue helmet. Can’t go wrong.

Graham — The Broncos have been exceptionally successful under the ownership of Pat Bowlen. They have also had the greatest uniforms in the entire NFL. Their home uniforms are my favourite because they’re orange and have the blue strip down the sides. The away uniforms are still neat and I wouldn’t change a thing about them.

Stuart — Nothing to hate or dislike about the best uniforms in the NFL. Yes, other teams have amazing one off or alternative uniforms, but the Broncos have all 3 collectively as good as each other. No solid colours, no plain pants, no silly helmets and gimmicky lettering or numbers. They even have the nicest color rush uniform with the throwback, and in my opinion best helmet design ever. I love my team regardless of score, player, personnel or coaches and of course, what uniform they wear. However, they just happen to have the best uniforms in the league.

Jules— because they’re ours, I’m ranking them first, but if they played elsewhere, eh. Their alternate all Navy, with the Orange accents is the only one I love, love, love.

Denver Broncos alternate home uniform

Not an Orange fan, and despise their white pants. They’re like a cross of a diaper and a sumo wrestler butt shot. Doesn’t Nike have eyes? I do like the swooshes throughout the uniforms, love their helmets. The numbers are big and blocky which is a plus. They’re sharp looking Uniforms overall, it’s just that orange is a beige, can’t love, can’t hate. With that said, they’re my favorite because their ours.

Donte @FirstDownDonteBroncos uniforms rule, home and away and all others suck. End of story.

Jason –# 1 of all time, near and dear to my heart. My all-time favorite jersey combination was the home blue jersey and white pants combination we won our 1st Super Bowl with. 2nd favorite is our old orange tops with white pants we also wore at home, that shade of orange way cooler than the present-day orange. Love every logo we’ve used, but our modern-day logo is just a hair above the old D logo.

Rankings: 4) Denver Broncos home jerseys 1980-1996 (when we switched to orange tops/white pants with D logo)
3) Denver Broncos home jerseys 2012-present (orange became home jersey color again, new horse logo)
2) Denver Broncos away jerseys 1997-present (white tops with white pants, new horse logo)
1) Denver Broncos home jerseys 1997-2011 (navy jersey with white pants, new horse logo)


4 –2  Screw them all


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