Phrase of the Day: Off Tackle Plays

The phrase of the day is “off tackle plays”. They are running plays where the running back runs with the ball outside of the Tackle and in between the Tight End, if a TE is in position on the LOS. If the TE is not tight next to the Tackle, then the RB just runs off the Tackle’s outside hip.

The graphic above shows 5 different off-tackle plays from various formations and personnel groupings.

  1. 2TE/2WR Ace set The TE on the right slightly split out.
  2. 2TE/2WR with the 2TE in a double wing position.
  3. Double Tight I , The Fullback goes opposite side as a slight form of misdirection, but he can go play side as well.
  4. 3WR  with Twins Left Pistol
  5. 4WR Shotgun Trips Left

On each of the 5 variations the QB has the ability to pull the ball back and turn it into a Play-Action-Pass, which will be addressed in greater detail in an upcoming post.

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