Part 7, the disfunctional NFC West. We rank their uniforms.

As usual, opinions were all over the place in our ranking of the lesser West division. *warning, explicit language used*

Arizona Cardinals

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Arizona Cardinals Home Uniforms
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Arizona Cardinals Away Uniforms

Jules @ABroncoNole  — The Falcons, er, I mean the Cardinals, have white helmets and an ugly bird, other than that, what’s to say that wasn’t covered in Atlanta? Don’t know who copied who and don’t care. After missing on drafting Paxton Lynch and Patrick Mahones, they’ll continue to miss on wins until they get a QB. Their one save is no diaper butt. Best looking white pants in the league.

Stuart @StuTheUKBronco — Like many other teams, a bland home jersey and saved by their away jersey. I like the white and red mix on the shoulders and the stripe down the pants. The helmets aren’t ugly either.

Jason @CaliOrange&Blue — nice uniforms here, home looks great, much better than past uniforms as well. Modern take with a cool logo.

Graham @GrahamTiedtke— Other than the stripe going down the pants of these uniforms, the best part of the team’s wardrobe is some of the players who have to wear them. Very unexciting to look at.

Melody @ColoradoMelodyG-Lameness prevails here on multiple levels.  First, Cardinals are seed eating birds–no ferocity whatsoever.  Who wants to go into battle with a cardinal?  Red Tweetie Birds is more like it.  Secondly, the only thing going is that the team’s uniform red is actually a color on the Pantone scale, but I’m not sure that’s exactly something to brag about.

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18 — I could have copied and pasted my comments about the Falcons. These look like a costume more than a uniform.  They are ugly.  Even their plain Penn State-esque uniforms from the 70’s are better than these.

Los Angeles Rams

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Los Angeles Rams Home Uniforms
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Los Angeles Rams Away Uniforms

Jules — Go Navy, Beat Army! Oh, wait. Hey, if it works, use it. Was so glad when the Rams dropped their hideous yellow and went back to their Navy blue and white look from the early days. No matter how they mix and match their Navy, white and gold uniforms, they’ll all wins. Minus the butt panel on the whites. Yes, I’m a broken record. However, they did keep the retina burning blue and yellow for their alternates. In the official uniforms, combined with their logo, and helmets they are wins. A++. They look like grown men, now if they could just play like them.

Stuart — After the cowboy’s alternative uniform, the Rams yellow and blue throwback from the throwback series is one of my favourite jerseys. Their usual jersey home and away is pretty poor. White, gold and navy clash too much for my liking, however the away jersey design is smart. Poor colour choices but smart all the same.

Jason — wow…don’t even know what they’re trying to do anymore. They lost a ton moving from St Louis and seemed to lose their fashion sense along the way.

Graham  — From LA to St. Louis and back to LA. The Rams have not been successful for as long as I can remember Their blue jerseys are the pretty neat. The best part of the entire uniform is their blue home jersey, followed by their helmet. I don’t think much about their away uniforms.

Melody–I agree with Kevin that at least the team should have gone back to some of their original Rams attire with the move. Uniforms look rather generic and boring which I suppose fits their play for the last million years or so.

Kevin — Entering last year they had a great chance to return their uniforms to variations of what they looked like when they played in Los Angeles the first go around. When they do finally overhaul them and leave the crap show above in St. Louis, if they don’t return to the Deacon Jones/Eric Dickerson versions, or something close, they might as well pack up and move to El Paso.   Otherwise they will simply suck.  If they return to those, then they would be ranked over the 49ers.

San Francisco 49’ers

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San Francisco 49’ers Home Uniforms
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San Francisco 49’ers Away Uniforms

Jules — Why do so many teams like these Burger King colors? Are they thinking about Whoopers and hope for a beefy season? All combos are hideous. They were back during the Montana era and a game I refuse to acknowledge, and still are. Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce; special orders don’t upset us. Is it dinner, yet?

Stuart — Red, gold and white. All these colours should make a good colour scheme and they do. Very iconic yet solid colours so you could be looking at another team in all honesty. The pants are awful as are the helmets, however their away jersey is very smart.

Jason — Tried and true traditional colors, home uniform is probably my favorites in this division. Hope their new regime can dismantle the stupid Sea-chickens soon.

Graham — By far the best uniform in the NFC West. The 49ers have worn the great combination of a gold helmet and red jersey for many years and they shouldn’t ever change them. They are absolutely great!

Melody–Super Bowl XXIV.  Those of you too young to remember, or newer to Broncos fandom may not realize our worst SB loss was actually to these Burger King Buffoons (to steal the description from Julie).  Hate them with the fire of a thousand suns.

Kevin — When they went back to the Montana/Young/Rice era they made a great decision. These are a huge improvement over the Terrell Owens/Jeff Garcia versions. They might suck on the field, but they at least look like the 49ers again.

Seattle Seahawks

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Seattle Seahawks Away Uniforms
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Seattle Seahawks Away Uniforms

Jules — I shouldn’t like these and in five years they’ll be outdated, but they’re so out there, I love them. Hate their team with a burning passion, but not their uniforms.

Stuart — Being in close proximity to Nike and the Oregon Ducks, the Seahawks are more than likely test subjects for what will work within the NFL fanbase vs college fanbase. As both teams jersey are similar it’s safe to say they should have decent uniforms. Their home jersey is amazing and the away is colour swapped yet equally amazing. I’ll get grief for this but they have the best set of uniforms in the NFL behind Denver.

Jason — ugly ugly mix of colors here. Tried too hard to be like the Oregon Ducks in my opinion.

Graham — I’m sort of conflicted on these uniforms. They are alright, until I remember Super Bowl 48. The colour scheme is cool.

Melody–Excuse my foul/fowl language below but I have nothing but contempt for the fancy pants preening neon nightmares that call themselves the Seahawks,  And their fan base is as obnoxious as their team attempting to be hip in more modern colors.  SB 48 salt is real folks.  (word to one of my new favorite twitter accounts @EffinBirds for the illustration)


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Kevin — For modern looking uniforms these aren’t so bad. I’m not a fan of the team by any level of the word, but I can respect how they incorporate their “12th man” mantra into the design on the pants and the collar that you can’t see.  They utilize numerous combinations that they mix and match in various ways.

Worst to First. One vote per team

4– Cardinals (K, GT, SB), SF (JD), Rams (JW)

3– Seahawks (K, JW, GT), Cardinals (JD), SF (SB)

2– Rams (K, SB, GT), Seahawks (JD), Cardinals (JW)

1– 49ers (K, GT, JW), Rams (JD), Seahawks (SB)

I refuse to rank them they are all the enemy (MG)


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