Part 6, ranking the BLUE AFC South uniforms.

In part six, we cover the AFC South who must have drawn straws on who is left holding the short end of the blue stick.  Oh, and don’t know and don’t care if those are the correct uniforms for Houston. If you want to quibble over it, go look them up, but none will top below. 

Houston Texans

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Houston Texans Home Uniforms
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Houston Texans Away Uniforms

Stuart @StuTheUKBronco — A smart, patriotic and classy design to their uniform. Rocking a red, white and blue colour scheme i like the red trim on the jersey to go with the striped pants.

Jules @ABroncoNole –You can’t go too wrong with Navy blue. Almost all colors go with with it, so it’s tough to screw it up, unlike every QB they’ve ever had. The red is the best shade of red made, as an extra thumbs up. Really sharp in whatever combo they wear, except they have the same Denver diaper butt in the white bottoms, so I like their away much better, even if Watt’s butt is in the diaper. However, whatever JJ Watt wears, I’m going to like. What was I saying?Image result for houston texans 2016 jj watt




Jason @CaliOrange&Blue — Best in the division to me, love the logo, and the home colors look solid with the dark blue and red.

Graham @GrahamTiedtke–These one are not that appealing. The best part of the uniforms is some of the names on the back of the jersey. Not good. The red on their jerseys are appealing. That’s pretty much it.

Melody @ColoradoMelodyG-Instead of ‘Mess with the Bull, You Get the Horns’ every time I see this helmet logo I think ‘Mess with the Brock, You Lose Your Bucks$.’ Funny the team trying to have the state as name and mascot is the lesser Texas team in the NFL.

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18 Houston wins this by default. They aren’t the best by any means, but they utilize their options to keep a fresh look from week to week. Though their red/red combo reminds me of Uncle Jesse from The Dukes of Hazzard when he was chasing someone out of Daisy’s room at night.

Indianapolis Colts

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Indianapolis Colts Home Uniforms
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Indianapolis Colts Away Uniforms

Jason — A tried and true traditional uniform. Home looks way better than the white away though

Stuart — Very attractive uniform, strange that i like it so much as its so plain. The away is just opposite colours to the home colour scheme like there has been no thought process. Remember boys and girls that all colts grow up to be Broncos

Graham –For a team who had one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time, this ranking is pretty sad. Since their days as the Baltimore Colts, there really hasn’t been much of a difference in regards to their uniform. It’s great that the team has kept the horseshoe as their logo for so many years.

Jules–Eh. Only one thing saves them. Or two, first, that Blue is royal, a deep shade that isn’t boyish or an eyesore. Secondly, it’s one of the few that got it right back in the day. The away are, sigh and you know about the pant.

Melody–Thank you Irsay family for being so incompetent you assured the Broncos’ have two first ballot Hall of Fame Quarterbacks. Both have gloriously defined two eras, along with three beautiful Lombardi’s.  I’m thinking the Broncos’ wear your lucky horseshoe logo.  So, I’m gonna give your uniforms small credit for helping make the Broncos awesome. Keeping being you Colts!  I like how it works out for us in the end.

Kevin– If I didn’t have hatred for the owner, they could easily be #1. I like the striping and design, but until they change their helmets to his Walking Dead Dash Cam picture, they are dead last.

Jacksonville Jaguars

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Jacksonville Jaguars Home Uniform
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Jacksonville Jaguars Away Uniforms

Stuart — Fancy helmet design is their only plus. Mustard, teal, black and white don’t go together in my mind. I would like to see their helmet design to catch on throughout the NFL as it would brighten up many a poor uniform

Graham –The team’s helmet is my favourite part of their uniform. The two colours on it fade into each other. It’s a neat effect for a team who hasn’t been very effective for a very, very long time. The home jerseys are coolest. Black and teal go great together. Not quite like PB&J but it’s still a cool look.

Jason — Another meh uni to me, the black home ones are probably the best, but why they went to the 2-tone helmets I’ll never understand.

Jules–The best part of the Jaguars franchise is their uniforms and Jalen Ramsey. Now, if only they could play as good as they look. With that said, not as big of fan of the current ones since they went away from the teal green to this blue teal which borders too much on the line of Carolina and Tennessee’s ugly blue. They were the lone non-blue holdout. Now, they’re part of the herd.  Their bi-polar helmets need to go. As far as their numbers, I’m a fan, still block, with a border. Their alternate away with the black pants is tops. The regular all whites away are better than most because their numbers are big, they have wide stripes on the legs and wear black socks to break up all that white. And no diaper butt. Their alternate home with the black jerseys and white pants are top notch.

Melody–Ok, let’s talk about the proverbial elephant in the room here. Not only does this team lack any ferocity to honor their noble mascot, they actually have to make their stadium a carnival event to attract guests.  I’m calling their blue/green accent “pool pee” blue.  Enough said.

Kevin– If they had a black helmet or a gold helmet they’d be the best in the division. But with that Arena league looking crap they aren’t. They’ve been around since ’95… This is what their 4th? 5th? or 6th set? Trash

Tennessee Titans

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Tennessee Titans Home Uniforms
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Tennessee Titans Away Uniforms

Jules— call Seaside Sanitation. There isn’t one of their combos I like. What’s with that bizarre stripe over the top of the pads and down the sleeves? And the baby blue bottoms on grown men? Call Babies R Us and take them away. Who ever thought pairing these two blues together is a good idea? Buy them some color blind glasses. The darker blue is workable, but they drag it down with the baby blue and their helmets and ugly logo are among the worst in the league. TITANic fail. This isn’t even a team stuck with ugly colors like GB and Washington because of history or tradition. They can change these for the better, but instead keep hitting the iceberg over and over and over and over. Too bad their uniforms don’t sink.

Stuart really like the double blue and the higher shoulder numbers allowing for the sword decal to be shown on the sleeve. Pants are nice with the stripe and a nice opposite colour scheme for the away uniform.

Jason — A baby blue home jersey that doesn’t look terrible because of the dark pants and red accents, but the away jersey looks better to me. Still miss the Oilers though

Graham –The Titans have missed the playoffs every year since 2008. Don’t worry, Titans fans! Your future is bright. Okay, there’s no guarantee about that. What is bright, though, is the team’s uniform. Blue, blue blue. The dark blue on the jersey’s shoulders looks outstanding with the lighter blue taking over the rest of the jersey. I’ve got no complaints about the Titans uniforms whatsoever.

Melody–Such an irrelevant team for so long I have no visceral reaction to their uniforms.  Meh.

Kevin– I didn’t like the name when they moved from Houston. I read that “Copperheads” was the runner up and would have fit the region much better.. Maybe a black/gold/bronze look, but instead they went with a swing and a miss. When I think of the Titans, all I think about is Jeff Fisher and his 8-8 mullet.  Second place by default.

Worst to First. One vote per team

4–Titans (JD), Jags (SB, JW), Texans (GT), Colts (K)

3– Colts (JD, GT) Texans (SB), Titans (JW), Jaguars (K)

2–Titans (SB,K) Jags (JD, GT), Colts (JW)

1– Colts (SB) Titans (GT), Texans (JD, JW,K)

I refuse to rank them they are all the enemy (MG)

*editor note to self, never allow the guys to buy me clothes or home furnishings, especially our guys north of the border and across the sea lol*

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