NFC South, Part 5 of ranking uniforms. A bird, a flower, a cat and skull & crossbones. A varied bunch.

Unlike the other divisions, this one has mostly winners. A good break from the long list of eyesores we’ve been subjected to. None are dreadful, with a couple real winners. The division with the best (right now) quarterbacks, also has the best uniforms. Note, the Panthers black are supposed to be their home uniform; however, they don’t wear them at home, very often. One of teams that seem to pick on a whim. They wore five different ones in 2016.

Atlanta Falcons

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Atlanta Falcons Home Uniforms
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Atlanta Falcons Away Uniforms

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18 — Not a fan. Had they not shit the bed in the 2nd half of the Super Bowl, I might bump them up a bit, but they did. The Vick era uniforms were better than these and they were at the best when Steve Bartkowski was running the Falcons offense. These are horrid.

Jason @CaliOrange&Blue — The dirty birds have a decent color scheme, especially their home unis. They’ve already suffered enough, giving up a 28-3 lead to lose to the P*triots, so piling on for their jersey selection seems a bit harsh. The falcon on the helmet is ok, but their away white unis remind me of an arena football league jersey.

Donte @FirstDownDonte — The Falcons are my top in this division. I like their colors of red, white and black. Their uniforms are classic, just like ketchup.

Graham @GrahamTiedtke — The Falcons’ uniforms are great. As a Canadian, I can appreciate , the combination of red and white. However, the more red, the better. The helmet is the best part: solid black helmet with their red logo.

Stuart @StuTheUKBronco –I don’t like black but the colour scheme and details on both jersey and pants is fantastic. I like their away jersey with the red numbers. The Falcon helmet is one of the better looking lids in the NFL.

Melody @ColoradoMelodyG –Well, considering their logo looks more like Aztec art than a bird its a total fail from me.  Falcons are fierce creatures and this team’s SB 51 play to me doesn’t cut it. Don’t deserve the team mascot, logo, nada.  From every non-Patriot fan alive, the team’s new logo is posted below–the crying Toucan:


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Jules @ABroncoNole — This is a good looking red. Combined with black and white and we have a winner. Plus, no diaper butt panel. I love the black “throwback” uniforms.Image result for 2016 atlanta falcons  The away all white aren’t bad. The numbers are good, plain socks are a plus, but they need a bigger stripe down the side to break up looking a little KKKish, which why I’m not a fan of all white uniforms. They should wear black or red pants with the white jerseys and we’d have a win across the board. Their helmets rank in the top 5. As far as a team, they’re DEAD TO ME! You had one stinkin’ job. keep your lead.

Carolina Panthers

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Carolina Panthers Home Uniforms
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Carolina Panthers Home Uniforms, Part B
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Carolina Panthers Away Uniforms

Graham — It’s not that the Panthers uniforms are bad. It’s that they don’t look as good as the other three NFC South teams. Their home jerseys are better than their away jerseys, but they don’t do much for me. I wouldn’t be mad if they had a makeover at some point. Hey Panthers, jump on that. It won’t make up for not jumping on a fumbled football, but it’s going to have to do.

Kevin — Maybe I’m biased because I live in North Carolina, and it was a neat idea to make the logo resemble the outline of North & South Carolina, but I remember when the Panthers were born, and these uniforms are far nicer than what they showed in the paper early on.  It looked more like a black/silver Jaguars hybrid. That, and the fact that them using black/silver pissed Al Davis & the Raiders off thinking they were the only team that could have such colors. Can’t go wrong with that. #fuor  or is that #fulvr

Donte — I am big fan of Cam Newton, but not his teams colors. Their blue reminds me of the Smurfs. When they are in black it’s not so bad. The Logo keeps them from being my last pick in the division.

Stuart — My wife had Carolina Panther blue as the colour for her bridesmaid dresses and its a fantastic shade of blue. Too much black for me although the Panthers are another team with good colour scheme

Jason — Another team with a baby blue in their color scheme, I just cannot take them seriously. And that “roaring” panther on the helmet brings back images of that “rapping” Panthers fan before the Super Bowl. What…a…joke.

Melody –Well, I love them.  I’m naming their color “When arrogance and the national sports media completely make out with each other and declare a victor before the game is played” Blue.  I see these uniforms and associate them with the glory of the Orange Crush grinding said uniforms into the ground.  Also fitting because their blue represents the air between delicious turnover balls being lifted multiple times into the hands of the glorious Broncos.

Jules — The one miss in the group. Stop putting grown men in nursery colors. Their version B Blue home uniforms needs to be dark. The away aren’t too bad though because their all white have a shiny sheen and the stripes on the side help break them up, no diaper butt, and they use big numbers. A plus for any uniform. I love black uniforms; however, these can be put in the miss category with the Bengals. Not as bad as the halloween, though, but both have crap helmets. That panther logo looks a pile of crap sitting there, crap with teeth.

New Orleans Saints

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New Orleans Saints Home Uniforms
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New Orleans Saints Away Uniforms

Melody –Who dat?  Who cares? And a fluer-de-lis as your logo?  This is frankly embarrassing for any NFL gladiators.

Donte — like the Saints but their uniforms are meh. Not bad, but not great. I do like Drew Brees and their former player Steve Gleason so it helps. If you have a chance try and catch the documentary on Steve Gleason, it’s excellent!

Stuart— Bringing up the rear like a tired race horse ready for retirement are the Saints. Black and gold are a big thumbs down from me. There is nothing nice about this uniform.

Jules— Once again, Stu and I disagree lol. Must be the British thing. Maybe because over there, soccer uniform colors are very different from real football. Those guys wear shirts and t-shirts. Love black! Very few in the league get them wrong (looking at you Cincinnati). Black and teal, black and purple, black and metal gold, Saints, you had me at black. Dark colors,and combined with white, are a win. Masculine and striking. The fleur de lis, Mark of royalty, is the “crowning” glory. Top 5. The away uniforms are better than most teams’ homes. Not to mention, if you’re going to use a color in the yellow family, this is the only one that works. The 24 carat one.

Kevin — They would likely get a first place vote if it wasn’t for that horrid collar. Denver had it in 2012 when Nike took over, but they fixed that in 2013.  Otherwise they are great. Simple design. A good looking uniform.

Graham — There’s not really much to the Saints uniforms. That doesn’t mean they’re bad, though. Sometimes simplicity is the key. Black and gold is a fun look. The black jersey with the gold helmet is the better look as opposed to the white jersey and gold helmet.

Jason — No longer the Aints, the Saints unis are pretty classy, the muted gold color looks good and it doesn’t assault the retinas. And fans don’t have to wear paper bags over their heads to go watch them play anymore!

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Home Uniforms


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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Away Uniforms

Melody –Such an irrelevant team for so long I have no visceral reaction to their uniforms.  Meh.

Jason — Not be confused with red and black, the Bucs sport red and PEWTER. Ahh, so much different. Even their numbers look the same. Hey, at least they don’t wear the creamsicles and effeminate pirate uniforms anymore, right? That being said, I dig the flag logo to be honest.

Jules— like the Ravens and others, their ugly numbers bring them down a notch. Square numbers, with a shadow are always a win, stop with the cutesy. With that said, far superior to that God-awful Orange they used to wear, the winking pirate with the knife in his mouth. Year after year of fails. Their pewter helmets are the biggest win, not a fan of brownish pewter pants with the dark red. Don not like the gold accents on the homes. White would’ve helped break up all that brown and red. SB 53, when Lynch beats Jaboo, will be a horrid clash of colors.

Graham — The Bucs have had some awful seasons in the past. They have been called the “Yucks” in the past. But their uniforms are far from “yuck”. The home jersey looks great along with their pewter helmet. I’m less impressed by their away jersey, but I have nothing to complain about in regards to them.

Stuart — love these uniforms despite the black in them. The numbers are different from the norm and they seem to have stumbled across a winning formula that their Florida colleagues in Miami could learn a few lessons from. The flair on the pants looks great as does the shoulders being different to the solid main colour.

Kevin — Instead of ordering them from Jones & Thomas Sporting Goods, they look like they ordered them from Party City. Maybe I’m in a minority, but I actually liked the Tampa Creamsicle uniforms that they had when they were 0 for ’76 up until the early years of the Sapp/Brooks/Lynch era. Oh, and the guy on the helmet even reminds me of someone. I can’t quite place it.   This current set looks like an Alarm clock stuck to a clown costume. Maybe if the red was was placed with their orange  and they had better #’s, they would be ranked higher.

Donte — The Pirate logo is too cool for school. I also love how they shoot off cannon’s during their home games. Red and black is fitting for such a young team with a lot of upside. I hope they do well this season.

Worst to First ranking. 1 vote per team

4– Panthers (GT, DC, JW, JD), Saints (SB), Tampa & Falcons (K)

3– Tampa (JD, JW), Saints (GT, DC), Falcons (SB,) No 3rd place vote (K)

2– Falcons (JW, GT, JD), Panthers (SB), Saints (K), Buccaneers (DC)

1– Saints (DC, JD, JW), Tampa (GT, SB) Panthers (K)

I refuse to rank them they are all the enemy (MG)

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