John Elway drops a bomb on the Dan Patrick Show.

On Friday, John Elway gave a phone interview with Dan Patrick. As most Bronco fans know, The Duke doesn’t do a lot of interviews. When he does, it’s for a purpose. He wants a message out there. Boy, did he deliver one.

It’s tough to interpret what he said as anything other than a trash on the previous offensive coaching staff and a high five to Paxton Lynch.

He said as a GM you draft the best QB talent you can get. Then, you get coaches to work with his talents. Fit the scheme to him. He said a QB must have a system for him in order to succeed. He implied that Gary was let go because he refused to change.

By all accounts, Lynch and Trevor have opposite strengths. If you hire coaches to fit your quarterback’s talent, and two are vastly different, someone is the winner, here. The one Elway drafted as his one. Remember, Elway was THE one.

It would take a big leap to assume he meant both Lynch and Siemian since Gary Kubiak told Sports Illustrated he saw Siemian play a game on TV and it was he who wanted him. Plus, the best talent you can get is one from the first round.

Listen closely to what Dan asks/says about Elway wanting a QB like him. Elway doesn’t deny or correct him. Clearly by selecting Lynch, that’s who sees as a fit. Which was backed up during the preseason when he didn’t deny he saw Lynch in himself.

7 has now, in his own way, just said it all. He’s all in on Lynch and has been since he replaced the previous staff. A current staff that has continually said they will do what their players do best.

“We’re trying to figure out what we do best, and then when we get ready to play a game at the opener, we’ll figure out what those players do best.”

One plus one…or rather one and two is 12 and that’s the message. He drafted a talent, and hired coaches to fit that talent. Only one guy is starting, so he’s not talking about fitting to both.

The PR train is moving, so don’t be surprised if a starter is named quite early in training camp.

Mike McCoy on Paxton Lynch, “He’s a very talented player. He can throw. He can make every throw that we’re asking him to make and that he needs to make to win a football game and move the ball up and down the field. He’s very athletic and you love his size with his ability to sit in the pocket and see the whole field. He’s just poised in the pocket and throw those comebacks and out-route effortlessly.”

Here is the link for what he had to say about quarterbacks.

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