We rank the NFC North uniforms. Cheeseheads beware.

Like this division, three are good, but one is bad. We disagree on which is the retina burning, reject, though. We take a look at the NFCN and delve into the importance of pretty uniforms…or not. NFCE , AFCE.

Chicago Bears

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Chicago Bears Home Uniforms
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Chicago Bears Away Uniforms (Hi, Mitch!)

Kevin @ALLTHINGS18 —  A classic uniform that has been around since long before “Sweetness”. Timeless.   Top 10 NFL uniform.

Jason @CaliOrange&Blue — Why must they have such a close resemblance to the Broncos colors? Makes it hard when perusing the racks at the sports shops… The blue topped jerseys with the orange stripes looks good in my book, the away unis are a mess of white with some bad highlights, and the alternate orange jersey is absolutely horrible on them.

Graham @GrahamTiedtke — Devin Hester, you are RIDICULOUS. No, wait. Bears jerseys, you are RIDICULOUS! These jerseys are almost as bad as the team’s 2016 season: a failure.

Jules @ABroncoNole — Da Bears uniforms without Jay Cutler got a whole lot better looking. These are functional, traditional, good contrast between the Navy and white. I’m a big fan of Navy blue (Go Navy!) and orange together, (gee, can’t guess why), so they get a thumbs up. If they had white pants without the diaper look, I’d put them over the Vikings. As far as the away, the Navy pants are a go, but something got lost in translation on the white jerseys.

Stuart @StuTheUKBronco — A brilliant colour combination of blue, orange and white. I like the sleeves and their orange pants. The jersey looks a lot better when orange is featured more. This makes the alternative jersey with orange numbers and letters more attractive than the home version with orange replaced with white.

Melody @ColoradoMelodyG –Meh.  No fearsome Grizzly–the Bears are a toothless circus animal.  Uninspired.

Detroit Lions

Detroit Lions 2017 Uniforms

Jason — Of the 4 teams, it’s so easy to think of the Lions as the cellar dwellers of the NFC North, because of their overall ineptitude. One spot they may have gotten it right is in their jerseys, especially the brand-spanking-new ones they’re set to wear this season. I dig the Lion on the arms, the lion on the helmet is cool, and the color scheme fits well. They seem to have updated the blue on the new jerseys, and the away white looks sharp and crisp with the highlights.

Graham — The Lions haven’t won a playoff game in 25 years, so I’m giving them this victory, barely edging out the Packers. Their Honolulu Blue jerseys are great to look at. They really are one of a kind. The away jerseys are less exciting, but are still neat.

Jules— The blue is ugh. Not as bad as the Chargers, but close. This baby blue belongs on a powder puff team. Turn down the volume a tad and these would be better. The Lions logo though is where it’s at, plus their silver pants work, unlike Dallas. The home appear better than the aways because no man should wear those color pants. Change the blue on these uniforms and they’d get an ‘A’, right now, they’re an ‘E’, for effort. As an aside, someone forgot to tell them to wear some undies. Time for some Photoshop for the little guys.

Stuart –Another team with colours that go together. Much like the Cowboys, the Lions have the same traditional look to their uniforms that have been around since the 70’s. I’m not a fan of silver and hate the pants/ helmets, but the away jersey is a very nice looking.

Melody–The color of a one year old boy’s romper.  Not exactly the colors to wear into battle.  Wimpy.

Kevin — New uniforms for ’17. They are an improvement over what they’ve been wearing even though they are fairly close. The throwback above worn by Matthew Stafford is #50shadesofBarrySanders and simply a great uniform.

Green Bay Packers

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Green Bay Packers Home Uniforms
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Green Bay Packers Away Uniforms

Jason — Man, they have some ugly uniforms across the board. I thought AFC East was bad, but this just may have the ugliest jerseys across the board for any division in the NFL. If I had to pick one I liked, I’d pick the alternate jersey that the Pack wear, a decent throwback. Home unis are a mess of green and cheese, and the white top with cheesy pants that they wear away is pretty gross, too.

Graham — These uniforms are pleasant to look at. If somebody wore green and gold clothing that isn’t Packers gear, they probably would get a lot of stares. However, in this case, the colours are historic.

Jules–OMG, the Redskins and Packers uniforms were created by the same color blind person. Or as a punishment against their opponents. Ghastly. Ghastly when Lombardi was there, ghastly with Holgrem. Some traditional unis are good, these baby diarrhea aren’t it. In a former life, the trade-off for Rodgers’ talent was being drafted to this team, forced to forever be linked to this dreadful color combo.

Stuart — hate these uniforms. I despise green and the yellow pants shouldn’t be put together.

Melody — I’m assuming these uniforms and colors were the product of someone snorting some cheese dust in negative 40 degrees.  Yuck.

Kevin —  Another classic uniform that dates to the days of Bart Starr, with the only difference being a minor sleeve change at some point during the Favre era.  Bart Starr, Brett Favre and Aaron Rodgers, without much change from the 15 to the 4 to the 12. Their throwbacks are nice too.

Minnesota Vikings

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Minnesota Vikings Home Uniforms
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Minnesota Vikings Away Uniforms

Jason — The Purple People Eaters have actually gotten better with age as they’ve gotten simpler. The home unis of purple with some gold/yellow highlights are probably the best, especially with the white pants, while the away unis are decent and the purple numbers do well to distinguish them. Plus their font and helmet logo are decent as well.

Graham —  Not a fan. They are U-G-L-Y! Vikings fans, you better look away after losing the one player who actually looked good in these uniforms in quite some time.

Jules — while not a fan of yellow with purple, they use it sparsely, so it’s not an eyesore. These are a top uniform because the royal purple helmets with the matt finish and Ram horns on the side are dope. Plus, their uniforms are simple, relying on the color to be their signature, rather than a bunch of cutesy crap. Not to mention, here’s another uniform that hasn’t changed much over the decades, sticking close to tradition, because they got it right.

Stuart —  love these uniforms. Fully colour co-ordinated and nice shades of each colour on each respective uniform. When away pants are matched with home jersey, as a combo, it’s easily top 10. The white trim, name and numbers make it very smart.

Melody — to quote the unofficial Vikings song  “A one-eyed, one-horned, flyin’ purple people eater
Sure looks strange to me (one eye?).”  Enough said.

Kevin — While they are an improvement over their previous set, they can’t compete with what they wore in the 70’s & 80’s.

Worst to First

4–Packers (JD, JW, SB), Bears (GT) Vikings (K)

3– Lions (JD, SB, K), Vikings (GT), Bears (JW)

2– Bears (JD, SB), Packers (GT, K), Vikings (JW)

1– Vikings (SB, JD), Lions (GT, JW) Bears (K)

I refuse to rank them they are all the enemy (MG)

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