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We debate who has the most hideous and some eye opening hardware tossed on the field.

Source: AFC East. Is there a more putrid division? We rank their uniforms. • Denver Broncos Zone


When the extra beef is needed, you try these.  A Jumbo set is an offensive formation that is usually a short yardage/goal line formation where extra TEs or Lineman are brought in to beef up the front line.

Source: Phrase of the Day is Jumbo Sets & Heavy Sets • Denver Broncos Zone


Trevor Siemian (13) and Paxton Lynch (12) will compete for the Broncos' starting quarterback job. (AP)The NFL season is inching closer. Through July, Shutdown Corner will examine three big questions for each NFL team as it heads to training camp.

Source: Denver Broncos training camp: Three questions facing the team


Cardinals coach Bruce Arians has revealed that he was diagnosed with renal cell carcinoma, the most common type of kidney cancer, during the 2016 season. Arians writes in his new book that he got the diagnosis in December and decided to coach the rest of the season. He had surgery to remove the cancer in…

Source: Bruce Arians reveals he had kidney cancer during the 2016 season | ProFootballTalk


player photoIt doesn’t sound like Calvin Johnson liked playing for the Lions.  The former Lions receiver…added that staying in Detroit and playing for a team that never competes to win Super Bowls would’ve been the “definition of insanity.”

Source: Calvin Johnson says he was ‘stuck’ in Detroit, Lions had no chance at Super Bowl –


Joe Montana has his opinions. (Getty)Joe Montana, one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history, on Tuesday discussed the saga of fellow ex-49er Kaepernick, one of the most famous quarterbacks in recent NFL history. Why, Montana was asked, isn’t Kaepernick signed with any team? And Montana gave the answer of sports media folks’ dreams.

Source: Joe Montana: Colin Kaepernick isn’t in the NFL for the same reason Tim Tebow isn’t


Clay Matthews is going to miss Jay Cutler. The Packers linebacker knows he has more sacks against Cutler than any other quarterback. Matthews, who has 72.5 sacks in eight seasons, sacked the former Bears quarterback 8.5 times. “Listen, I always enjoyed playing against Jay,” Matthews said on the Rich Eisen Show on NFL Network. “Obviously,…

Source: Clay Matthews hopes next Bears QB as “willing” as Jay Cutler to help him pad sack totals | ProFootballTalk

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